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Lap Report Sample

Lap Report Sample

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Published by askmeagain
Nagarjuna College Practical Lab Report Sample
Nagarjuna College Practical Lab Report Sample

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Published by: askmeagain on Sep 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nagarjuna College
Information Technology
Lab1: The AND, OR Gates
Submitted By:Checked by:Name:Roll No:Class: (Teachers Name)Date:
1/9______________________________________________________________________________________________Nagarjuna College of Information TechnologyBy Program Officer
Digital Logic Lab ManualLab1: The AND, OR Gates
To investigate AND, OR gate operation.To study some fundamental laws of Boolean Algebra.To become familiar with logic circuits.
This is the introductory laboratory session, to allow you to becomefamiliar with very basic digital circuits and the equipment that you willuse for the remainder of the experiments.Before you even attempt this laboratory,
you must have read
the labmanual. This details how you will connect components together on thebreadboard and how the inner connections of the breadboard arestructured. It also details laboratory safety information. Thedemonstrator may quiz you on your knowledge of the LaboratoryManual.
The equipment you require is as follows:Your lab notebookYour own lab kit (bought from the technicians).Power supply, Digital voltmeter (available at the desks)Collect hook-up wire and ICs from demonstrator (74LS08 and 74LS32)
Pre-Lab Requirements
There are several tasks that you must perform
to setting thislaboratory:1. Read the laboratory assignment in full.2. Draw up the truth tables for a 2-input AND and a 2-input OR gate.3. Explain the Boolean algebra Associative, Commutative andDistributive Laws.4. Derive a Truth-Table for the function F=AB+CD.
2/9______________________________________________________________________________________________Nagarjuna College of Information TechnologyBy Program Officer
Useful Chip Diagrams:
7408(AND) 7432(OR)
Section 1: AND Gate Implementation
(a) Connect one of the 2-input AND gates (74LS08) as shown in Figure1. Remember to power the Vcc and GND terminals of the chip.Remember also to leave the power supply off, until you are sure thatyour circuit is wired correctly.
Figure 1:
The 2-input AND gate.(b) Vary the inputs A and B (i.e. 0 and +5V) to obtain all the possiblecombinations and complete the truth table (as below) for the ANDgate. Measure the output F using a Digital Voltmeter. Give the exactvoltages that you obtained for each state of the gate.
ABFV (actual voltage)
3/9______________________________________________________________________________________________Nagarjuna College of Information TechnologyBy Program Officer

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