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Published by husna-kh

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Published by: husna-kh on Jul 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sit on floor, legs straight out in front, feet together, backs of knees touching the floor. Veryslowly reach forward from the waist as far as is comfortable, clasping the calves, and keeping the spine and neck long.Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
14) WAISTLINE FIRMER To tone and strengthen inside and outside thighs, back and abdomen.a.
From legs together position, slowly raise top leg as far as youcan. Hold for count of 5, then slowly lower. Repeat 5 times.
Keeping legs together, slowly raise them. Hold for count of 5then slowly lower. Repeat 5 times. Turn over and repeat both movements, 5 times each.
15) INNER THIGH STRETCHTo stretch out the groin area.
Sit with the soles of your feet together and as close to you as is comfortable. Keep your backstraight. Hold your ankles and press your knees downwards. Hold for 10 seconds then release. Repeat 3 times.
16) LOWER BACK STRETCHTo stretch out the lower back, and inside and back of thighs.
The Fitness Do's & Don'ts
Do'sDon'tsDO Start Off Moderately
Work your way into a routine. Goingoverboard after a long respite fromexercise may result in injury, or at leastdisappointment. Your workout shouldn'tdo either, so build up from a moderatebeginning.
DON'T Over-Exercise
For maximum benefit at minimum injuryrisk, the body needs to rest and recover.At least a 24-hour rest after heavymuscle strain is advised. Stagger workouts between heavy and lightstrain. For example, you can alternate aweight training routine with biking.
DO Warm Up and Cool Down
A low-impact warm-up before anyexercise is essential. It warms themuscles, makes them more limber andeasier to stretch, which results in abetter workout. It also helps to preventinjury.
DON'T Push an Injury
Listen to your body. If you feel pain,stop. Muscle and joint pain can meanmany things pushing a small hurt canlead to big problems later on. If painpersists more than a few days, see adoctor.
DO Stretch
 Flexibility is one of the most importantfactors of fitness. Stretching before,during and after a workout will result inbetter performance, good posture, fewer injuries, and overall better fitness.
DON'T Get Bored
Don't get bored with your workout. New

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