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nypirg 2010 Gov Cand Donation History

nypirg 2010 Gov Cand Donation History

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Published by Celeste Katz

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Published by: Celeste Katz on Sep 24, 2010
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Friday, September 24, 2010 Bill Mahoney 518 817-3738
The campaign contributions made by gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino have been the focus of anumber of recent articles and advertisements. In terms of ensuring a full picture, we have examineddonations made by Andrew Cuomo as well. Over the 11 years between 1999 and 2009, Carl Paladinoand his businesses donated $463,123.26 to state and local candidates and party committees. Hiscontributions have been divided fairly evenly between the parties. Andrew Cuomo donated $22,100 forthe same period.
arl Paladino’s contributions.
Overall, the majority of Mr. Paladino’s contributions went to Republicans.
(See table starting on page 4for a complete
listing of Mr. Paladino’s contributions.)
Party Total Contributions Total $
Dem 523 $190,733.98GOP 382 $244,945.28Judicial candidates; others 107 $27,444.00Over the past decade, the total money he has given annually has increased slightly. The number of candidates on the receiving end of this money increased dramatically.
Year Checks Written $ Given
1999 30 $10,950.002000 59 $14,650.002001 48 $21,440.002002 60 $56,250.002003 30 $13,448.002004 73 $23,324.002005 54 $16,850.002006 151 $65,566.982007 204 $107,274.002008 213 $93,470.282009 90 $39,900.00
Total 1,012 $463,123.26
Over the years, there has been noticeable shift in the status of the candidates receiving checks from Mr.Paladino. In the early part of the decade, he generally supported incumbents. By 2008, however, most
of his money was going to challengers and candidates for open seats. This is especially noticeable withcandidates for the state Legislature. In 2000 and 2002, he heavily backed candidates such asAssemblyman Hoyt and Senators Volker and Stachowski. By the 2008 election cycle, he was fundingtheir opponents.
Election Cycle $ to Incumbent State Legs. $ to non-Incumbents2000
$5,950.00 $625.00
$5,800.00 $1,090.00
$2,825.00 $2,550.00
$7,225.00 $6,750.00
$6,025.00 $20,246.28
Mr. Paladino’s contributions have gone to can
didates at every level of office:
Type of Candidate Receiving $ Total $Total $ toDemsTotal $ toReps.Total CommitteesReceiving $
$8,100.00 $19,900.0011US Senate
$6,700.00 $2,000.004House
$8,850.00 $28,975.008State Legislative Candidate
$30,715.00 $30,021.2840National Party
$7,700.002State Assm Campaign Committee
$450.00 $3,050.002Local Party
$12,050.00 $38,900.008Pataki
$10,000.001Other Statewide
$23,260.50 $8,750.009Local Candidate
$70,950.00 $45,649.0051Judicial
4Presidential candidates that Mr. Paladino has financially supported include former President Bush,former Vice President Gore, for House Minority Leader Gephardt, US Senator Kerry, US Secretary of State Clinton, Senator McCain, and former New York City Mayor Giuliani. Records from before theperiod this review indicate that Mr. Paladino financially supported former Presidential candidate Dole.Of the 40 state legislative candidates that reported receiving contributions from Mr. Paladino, formerstate Senator Martin Connor and Assemblymember William Boyland are the only two from districts eastof Rochester. Mel Martinez (US Senator from Florida) is the only Congressional candidate not from NewYork State that received a Paladino contribution.Mr. Paladino has backed multiple candidates in the same race. One example is the 2007 Erie CountyExecutive race, in which Mr. Paladino gave regular donations to different candidates for that office.
Recipient Number of contributions Total donated
COLLINS FOR OUR FUTURE (R) 21 $20,400.00FRIENDS OF JIM KEANE (D) 14 $6,700.00FRIENDS OF PAUL CLARK (D) 15 $23,500.00Notably, current political ally Chris Collins was not the top recipient. As soon as Mr. Collins won thegeneral election, however, he began to receive bimonthly checks from Paladino LLCs.The Erie County Democratic Committee pays rent to his 3279 Group (this shows up in their filings). On
5/24/06, David Paterson sent a check for $425 addressed to a Lauren Pastwick and mailed to Paladino’s
Mr. Paladino’s campa
ign contributions used in this analysis either came directly from himself or from 17different corporations and partnerships that the New York Department of State reports are under his control:1093 GROUP, LLC MICHIGAN/SENECA GROUP, INC.2468 GROUP, INC. MOHAWK GROUP LLP8297 GROUP, LLC MT GROUP9274 GROUP, INC. NIAGARA GROUP LLPCarl P. Paladino, Att. At Law Paladino, Cavan & QuinlivanELLICOTT DEVELOPMENT CO. SENECA STREET PROPERTIES, INC.FIRST STREET GROUP, LLC SLADE GROUP, LLCJEFFERSON-UTICA GROUP, INC. SWAN GROUP LLPJP GROUP, LLC.
Andrew Cuomo’s contributions.
Andrew Cuomo has made personal campaign contributions over the years.
Recipient Amount Date
Cornelius Tallon (Assembly candidate) $500 10/31/2002Democratic Rural Conference of New York State $1,140 6/2/2003Working Families Party, Inc. $5,000 6/13/2003Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (federal) $1,000 10/28/2004Brian Higgins $500 10/29/2004Kirsten Gillibrand $1,000 3/30/2006Chautaqua County Demorcratic Committee $200 6/20/2006New York State Democratic Committee $12,760 9/5/2008

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