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Published by Angela

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Published by: Angela on Sep 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2nd Bachillerato Vocabulary: Bullying
Ángela Ruiz 2010-11
ABUSEncruel or violent treatment of someoneATTACK nan act of violence that is intended to hurt a person or damage a placeBEAT UP vgive a beating to; subject to a beating, either as a punishment or as an act of aggressionBEHAVEvto do things that are good, bad, sensible etcBEHAVE YOURSELFvto not do things that annoy or offend peopleBEHAVIOURnthe things that a person or animal does (good / bad behaviour)BULLY vto threaten to hurt someone or frighten them, especially someone smaller or weakerBULLYnsomeone who uses their strength or power to frighten or hurt someone who isweakerBULLYINGnthe act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do somethingBRAVEadjdealing with danger, pain, or difficult situations with courage and confidenceBYSTANDERsomeone who watches what is happening without taking partCALL NAMESvwhen people use unpleasant words to describe someone in order to insult or upsetthemCOWARDadjsomeone who is not at all brave:DECEIVEvto make someone believe something that is not trueEXTORTIONvobtain something by forceFAULTna mistake in the way that something was madeHARASSto make someone's life unpleasant, for example by frequently saying offensive thingsto them or threatening themHITvto touch someone or something quickly and hard with your hand, a stick etcHURTvto injure yourself or someone elseINSECURITYnnot feeling at all confident about yourself, your abilities, or your relationships withpeopleINTIMIDATEvto frighten or threaten someone into making them do what you wantLOOK AWAYvto turn ones side awayLOUSYadjvery bad, stinkingMILD adjnot seriousMAKE FUNvridiculePANICna sudden strong feeling of fear or nervousness that makes you unable to think clearlyor behave sensiblyPRETENDvto behave as if something is true when in fact you know it is not, in order to deceivepeople or for funQUIETadjnot making much noise, or making no noise at allRESPECTnwhen you regard something or someone as important and are careful not to harmthem, treat them rudely etcSCAREvto make someone feel frightenedSCAREDadjfrightened of something, or nervous about somethingSHYadjnervous and embarrassed about meeting and speaking to other people, especiallypeople you do not knowSHUNvto deliberately avoid someone or somethingSPREADRUMOURSvto extend some information from one person to another which may not be trueSTAND BYvnot act or do anything TARGETnsomething that you are trying to achieve, such as a total, an amount, or a time TEASEvto laugh at someone and make jokes in order to have fun by embarrassing them,either in a friendly way or in an unkind way TOLERATEvto be able to accept something unpleasant or difficult, even though you do not like it TRUSTvto believe that someone is honest or will not do anything bad or wrongVICTIMnsomeone who has been attacked, robbed, or murdered
I shall remember forever and will never forget Monday: my money was taken.Tuesday: names called.Wednesday: my uniform torn.Thursday: my body pouring with blood.Friday: it’s ended.Saturday: freedom.
 The final diary pages of thirteen-year-old Vijay Singh.He was found hanging from the banister rail at home.

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