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Personality Traits

Personality Traits

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Published by Siraj Siddiqui

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Published by: Siraj Siddiqui on Sep 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The table below shows various traits that make up a human being. They are the traits of human consciousness; or perhaps we can call them the endowments of human character, orsimply character or personality traits.They are grouped within the categories of anindividual's (1) attitudes, (2) miscellaneous attributes, (3) socialendowments, and (4) skills.Each trait is shown in two ways; how it manifests in a positive way in a person, and how itmanifests negatively in a person.
f, for example, you decide you want to improve your attitudes or other aspects of yourbeing, you can reference this table to discover which items you might want to improve on.Also note that at the end of the table areother waysof looking at the traits of humanconsciousness, including subdividing them at three planes -- physical, vital, and mental;divided in ways that relate to one's success and accomplishment in life, breakdown of traitsamongst human values, and so forth. This is an even more advanced knowledge.
(Go directly to:Attitudes,Attributes,Social Endowments,Skills,;Several Steps Further)
accepts authority, loyal, devoted rebelliousaccepts what's given ignores, rejects what's given
affectionate distant, cold, aloof aspiring, ambitious, motivated self-satisfied, unmotivatedcandid closed, guarded, secretivecaring uncaring, unfeeling, callous
change; accepts, embraces- rejects change
cheerful cheerless, gloomy, sour, grumpyconsiderate, thoughtful inconsiderate, thoughtless
cooperative uncooperative, unhelpful, combativecourageous cowering, fearfulcourteous rude, impolite
decisive indecisive
devoted uncommitted, uncaring, hostile
determined indecisive, unsure
does what is necessary, right does what is convenientperseveres, endures relents, gives up
enthusiastic unenthusiastic, apathetic, indifferent
expansive kept back, tight, constrictingfaith in life life can't be trustedfaith in oneself lack of faith in self faith in others others can't be relied onflexible inflexible, rigid, unbending, stubbornforgiving unforgiving, resentful, spitefulfocused unfocused, scattered
freedom given to others authoritarian, controllingfriendly unfriendly, distant, aloof, hostilefrugal, thrifty wasteful, spendthriftgenerous stingy, miserly, selfishgoodwill ill-will, malice, hatredgrateful ungrateful, unappreciativehard-working lazy
honest dishonest, deceiving, lyinghumble arrogant, conceited, ego-centricinterested indifferent, uncaringinvolved complacent, indifferent jealous, not jealous, envious, covetouskind unkind, uncaring, cruel, meanmature immaturemodest vainopen-minded, tolerant narrow, close, small-minded, intolerant
optimistic pessimisticperfects allows imperfection
persistent, sustaining flagging, fleeting, unsustainingpositive negativepractical impractical, not viablepunctual late, not on time
realistic naïve, impracticalreliable unreliable, undependable
respectful disrespectful, rude, impoliteresponsibility; takes- blames others
[ep to 9 levels]
unreliable, undependableresponsive unresponsive, unreceptiveself-confident lack of self confidence, insecureself-directed directed by externalsself-disciplined undisciplined, unrestrained, indulgentself-esteem, high self-esteem, confidence - lowself-giving self-centeredself-reliant dependentselfless selfishsensitive
nsensitive, indifferentserious silly, trivial, pettysincere insincere, dishonestsocial independence social approval requiredsympathetic unsympathetic, unfeelingsystematicunsystematic, disorganized, disorderly,random
takes others point of view insists on own viewthoughtful towards others thoughtless, inconsiderate, calloustrusting suspicious, mistrusting

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