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G.A. Stewart on May 20th

G.A. Stewart on May 20th

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Published by scuggers1
Latest Prophecy by G. A. Stewart on May 10-20th
Latest Prophecy by G. A. Stewart on May 10-20th

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Published by: scuggers1 on Sep 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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G.A. Stewart
11:10 AM (6 hours ago)Hi Tom,First, let me cut and paste from a letter I sent George Ureabout that May 20th date:I have been seeing that May 20th date associated with theNostradamus quatrains that you printed last week all over the Internet. Please understand that the twentieth of Taurus is more likely the twentieth degree of the Zodiacsign Taurus. If we are using the whole sign house system,all signs have equal houses of 30 degrees. That means adate of roughly May 10th.Now, I'm not sure if you saw the write up George gave me lastweek on urbansurvival, but I'm more inclined to believethat we will see two major earthquakes in Turkey beforewe see the California earthquake. And then a war betweenGreece and Turkey.I just read some of your last Email about Obama and the 3.5years. I will look into that more deeply when I have achance, but I'm glad some people are finally recognizingObama as Nostradamus' Third Antichrist. Since I see hisdeath in the quatrains taking place in early 2014, thatbrings the beginning of the 3.5 years closer to 2011 or late2010. Now I believe something happened in 2010 that wehave not recognized yet, as Nostradamus begins datingthe Sixains from that year 1605 CE + 405 CE = 2010. (405CE is the year the Vulgate was published). 
 As you might know from my work, I predicted that World War III would begin in 2011, and so it did when France, actingfor NATO Nostradamus' Aquilon (The North), bombedLibya on March 19, 2011. Also note, the Sixains first appeared on March 19, 1605,when they were presented to Henri IV. Now go back andlook at your old Emails and what I wrote to you about myown work and particularly the March 19, 2010 date. Youare one of the few people who I have told that story to.By the way, all Christians need to forget about Russia beingthe North and by association Gog and Magog. The North isNATO and the New World Order, using Moslems as their bogey men. Hal Lindsey got it right 40 years ago. I don'tknow why 99% of all Christians have forgotten about hiswork and now believe Moslems are the enemy. Gog andMagog are the guardians of the City of London, the center of world finance... Gog and Magog therefore are the City of London and Wall Street... i.e. Mammon. Make no mistakeabout it, we will be at war with Russia, but when Chinasteps in, they will become our allies.So, today could be the day, and as you might know fromGeorge's site, Patrick Geryl's work makes it a close fit totoday. If LA does get the big one today, standby for theattack on Iran. It will come very soon after that. Kindest Regards,Stu
Coping: Was Nostradamus Hinting at THIS May?
The readers that come to UrbanSurvival must have a lot in common withNASCAR fans. Not that they go to races to see people die or get hurt, but there’ssomething about the ever-present risks inherent in that sport/profession thatmake it pretty darn interesting. Same thing with investments, the end of the world, financial meltdown, or global radiation poisoning from Fukushima.To use a little newspaper parlance, “It makes for good copy.”Here lately, a fair number of people have been wondering about whether somepredictions of Nostradamus might be pointing toward this month so I sent anemail on point to my friend G.A. (Stu) Stewart (his website is here) since thereare two quotes of “Noasty” that repeatedly crop up in emails:
 [X 67] A mighty earthquake in the month of May. Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus:Venus also. Cancer, Mars in Nonnay (cero) Hail will fall larger than an egg. [IX 83] Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily. It will ruin the great heater filled:To darken and trouble air, sky and land Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.
 And, since some students of the future think California will – at some point – gosliding into the Pacific – we wondered if that and WW III might be some kind of gigantic “WuJo Stew:”
 Here are the prophecies I associate with May and the California earthquake. Now I have to tell you that my spin on prophecy has really been altered by my

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