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Science in Islam

Science in Islam

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Published by Mir Mudassir

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Mir Mudassir on Sep 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is true that I was born and brought up as a good Muslim, yet I admit that I was not satisfiedat being a Moslem just because I was born so. That is why after getting my B.A., in EnglishLiterature. I started immediately a course of Islamic Studies.These studies gave me the happiest and most gratifying time in my whole life, a feeling Iwould like to share with as many people as possible. They also, greatly satisfied my inner thirstfor knowledge, so I find it my duty to share it with you.The Holy Qur'an is not only sent for Arabic- speaking people , but it is a Holy Message for all peoples of the world. Hence the message of the Holy Qur'an speaks a universal Language thatappeals to everyone irrespective of colour, religion or nationality i.e. the language of science.Here are two verses: the first shows the universality of the Message in the Holy Qur'an, and thesecond shows its new scientific Message :O mankind, We have created youmale and female, and appointed youraces and tribes, that you may knowone another. Surely the noblestamong you in the sight of God isthe most godfearing of you. God isAll –knowing , All-aware.Chapter 49 verse 13We shall show them our signs in thehorizons andin themselves ,till it is clear to themthat it is the truth. Suffices it notas to thy Lord, that He is witness over,everything ?Chapter 41 verse 52This is a modest attempt at proving the authenticity of every word in the Holy Qur'an. Someorientalists propagated the idea that Islam is the cause of our backwardness, I tell them that weare backward simply because we are a long way away from the teachings of Islam. If we are backward it is because of the stifling influence of foreign occupation. They made it their duty tosuppress Islam and Muslims, and unfortunately they are still vigorously practicing this game.Had they had any belief in God they would not have suppressed the most truthful message themost healthy system. Had humanity followed such a system we would have led a much better way of life. That is why the first chapter of the first section shows everyone the status of scienceand scientists in Islam. The rest of the book deals with the scientific nature of some of the versesof the Holy Qur'an.
Part ONE
Chapter I
Islam has urged man to study and gain knowledge, because all sciences will ultimately leadhim to the truth about God. That is to say the more the scientist acquires knowledge the more hegets to know God beyond any doubt; and thus he fears God and follows all His orders andinstructions in all his actions. God says, in this respect:تايل رطاف ةوس 27-28
Hast thou not seen how that God sends down out of heaven water and therewith We bring forth fruits of diverse hues?And in the mountains are streaks white and red ,of diverse hues,and pitchy black,men too, and beasts and cattle -diverse are their hues.Even so only those of His servantsfear God who have knowledge; surely God isAll mighty; All - forgiving.
In the "House of Imran, chapter 3 verse 2 God raises "men possessed of knowledge "to thestatus of angels:God bears witness thatthere is no god but He --and the angels, and men possessed of knowledge --upholding justice,there is no god but He,the All - mighty, the All- wise.In chapter 39 verse 9, God says that learned people and ignorant ones are not equal:رمز ةوس Say "are they equal- those who know andthose who know not? Only men possessedof minds remember.While in "Sheba" (chapter 34 verse 6) God says:أبس ةوس Those who have given knowledge seethat what has been sent down to thee from thyLord is the truth, and guides to the path of the All- mighty , the All- laudable.The prestige and value of science and scientists is highly elevated in The Holy Qur’an, because the more man gains knowledge the more he is convinced that God is there. There is no
[1] Chapter 35 verses 27-283

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