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Dot Net Interview Questons

Dot Net Interview Questons



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Published by anon-686089

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Published by: anon-686089 on Jul 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Microsoft .NET Framework 
is asoftware componentthat isa part of Microsoft Windows operating systems. It has a large libraryof pre-coded solutions to common program requirements,and manages the execution of programs written specifically for theframework.The pre-coded solutions that form the framework'sBase ClassLibrarycover a large range of  programmingneeds in areas including: user interface,data access,database connectivity, cryptography,web applicationdevelopment, numericalgorithms, andnetwork communications. The class library is used by programmers who combine it with their owncodeto produceapplications.The
Base Class Library
) is astandard libraryavailable toall languages using the.NET Framework . In order to make the programmer's job easier, .NET includes the BCL in order toencapsulate a large number of common functions, such as filereading and writing, graphic rendering,databaseinteraction, andXMLdocument manipulation. It is much larger in scope thanstandard libraries for most other languages, includingC++, andwould be comparable in scope to thestandard libraries of Java. TheBCL is sometimes incorrectly referred to as theFramework ClassLibrary(FCL), which is a superset including the Microsoft.*namespaces.The BCL is updated with each version of the .NET Framework.
Some of these namespaces may or may not be officially considered part of the BCL byMicrosoft, but all are included as part of thestandard libraries that are provided with the .NET Framework.System
Thisnamespaceincludes the core needs for programming. Itincludes base types likeString, DateTime,Boolean, and so forth, support for environments such as the console, mathfunctions, and base classes for attributes,exceptions, andarrays.System.CodeDomThislibraryprovides the ability to create code and run it, atruntime.System.CollectionsDefines many commoncontainersor collectionsused in  programming, such aslists,queues,stacks,hashtables, and dictionaries. It includes support for generics. System.ComponentModelProvides the ability to implement the run-time and design-time behavior of components and controls. It contains theinfrastructure "for implementing attributes and typeconverters, binding to data sources, and licensingcomponents".System.ConfigurationProvides the infrastructure for handling configuration data.System.DataThis namespace represents theADO.NETarchitecture, whichis set of computer software components that can be used by programmers to access data and data services.System.DeploymentAllows you to customize the way your application upgradeswhen usingSystem.DiagnosticsGives you the ability to diagnose your application. It includesevent logging, performance counters, tracing, and interactionwith system processes.System.DirectoryServicesProvides easy access toActive Directoryfrom managedcode.System.Drawing
Provides access toGDI+graphics functionality, includingsupport for 2D and vector graphics, imaging, printing, andtext services.System.GlobalizationProvides help for writing internationalized applications."Culture-related information, including the language, thecountry/region, the calendars in use, [and] the format patternsfor dates, currency, and numbers" can be defined.System.IOAllows you to read from and write to differentstreams, suchas files or other data streams. Also provides a connection tothefile system.System.ManagementAllows you to query for information, "such as how much freespace is left on the disk, what is the current CPU utilization,which database a certain application is connected to, andmuch more."System.MediaProvides you the ability to play system sounds and .wav files.System.MessagingAllows you "to connect to, monitor, and administer messagequeues on the network and send, receive, or peek messages.".NET Remotingis another name for some of the functionality provided. This namespace is being superseded byWindowsCommunication Foundation.System.NetProvides an interface "for many of the protocols used onnetworks today", such asHTTP,FTP, andSMTP. Secure communication is supported by protocols such asSSL.System.Linq Defines the
interface and relatedmethods, that letsLINQproviders to be plugged in.System.Linq.Expressions

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