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Published by Deepak Kumar

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Published by: Deepak Kumar on Sep 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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India to recognize traditional Himalayan medicine Sowa-RigpaTagged with: Himalayan traditional medicine, Sowa-RigpaFriday, September 11, 2009, 11:06 This news item was posted in Extra category and has 5 Comments sofar.Plans to Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) Bill to accord legal status to Sewa-Rigpa systemof medicineSowa-Rigpa, a traditional system of medicine practised in the Himalayan region, has been accorded legalstatus in India, through a proposed amendment in Medicine Central Council Act.Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine be recognized on par with other system of traditional medicines as theunion cabinet, under the government of India approved the Indian Medicine Central Council(Amendment) Bill, 2009 for amending the Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 1970 to make necessarychanges to accept the system of medicine.Sowa-Rigpa is practiced as a traditional system of medicine in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Darjeeling(West Bengal), Lahoul and Spiti (Himachal Pradesh) and Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir.Sowa-Rigpa, commonly known as Amchi, is one of the oldest surviving systems of medicine in theworld, popular in the Himalayan region of India.Sowa-Rigpa is similar to Ayurveda in theory and practices. Sowa-Rigpa also includes a few principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Rgyud-bzi, the fundamental text book of Sowa-Rigpa. is believed to havebeen taught by Buddha himself and is closely linked with Buddhist philosophy.Legal recognition of Sowa-Rigpa will lead to the protection and preservation of this ancient system of medicine and will help in its propagation and development, it is expected.
Sowa-Rigpa recognition will also open new vistas leading to collaborative research and scientificvalidation of the the traditional system, besides conservation and protection of the medicinalplants/minerals used in the system.The recognition of Sowa-Rigpa will also pave way to the setting up of a mechanism to regulate theeducation and this traditional Himalayan art of healing, according to a press release from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.The Sowa-Rigpa amendment bill, which has been cleared by the union cabinet, is expected to beintroduced in Parliament in its next session which is scheduled to meet in November.To confer legal status to Sowa-Rigpa, amendments to Section 2,3,8,9 and 17 of the Indian MedicineCentral Council Act 1970, need to be carried out. The proposed amendments shall give effect to theinclusion of Sowa-Rigpa under Sections 2,3,8,9 and 17 of the Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 1970thereby recognizing this system legally.Once the Bill gets approval in Parliament, the system of Sowa-Rigpa will get legal status in the country.History of Sowa-Rigpa system of medicineSowa- Rigpa system of medicine is believed to have originated in Tibet. Rigpa is known nowadays asTibetan medicine.When Buddhism was first brought into Tibet in the eighth century, some of these medicinal texts weretranslated into the Tibetan Language, and enlightened rulers of that country became interested in thesubject.They started promoting the development of the art of healing, by organizing meeting on medicine towhich they invited healers not only from the whole of Tibet and surrounding Himalayan countries, butalso from China, India, and the Muslim world.

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