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The Day Toby Was Put to Sleep

The Day Toby Was Put to Sleep

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Published by oldfarmhorace
Toby was teased as a puppy making him a vicious but loved dog. This is the story of his life and death. I wrote it in longhand with a Livescribe Echo pen and then converted it to text with MyScript. I tidied up the text flow but otherwise it is pretty much as MyScript made it. I love writing with my Livescribe pen!
Toby was teased as a puppy making him a vicious but loved dog. This is the story of his life and death. I wrote it in longhand with a Livescribe Echo pen and then converted it to text with MyScript. I tidied up the text flow but otherwise it is pretty much as MyScript made it. I love writing with my Livescribe pen!

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Published by: oldfarmhorace on Sep 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The day Toby was put to sleep.It was bound to happen one day. He was such a sweet little puppy. His mum, was partJack Russell and part something big and black. His dad could have been any one of thefarm dogs. He was black and tan and quite lovely.The farmer’s wife took to him straight away and he became her special favourite. Fedwith extra special snacks and treats he grew bigger than his brothers and sisters. Hiscoat was sleek and shiny and muscles bulged in all the right places. It was just a shamethat he had short stubby legs, Somehow his grand entrance was always let down by hiscomical look and waddling walk.He loved the freedom of the farm and he hunted every one of the 300 acres. He was agood ratter, being both brave and strong. People never quite understood how hemanaged to catch all the rabbits that he did. Somehow those legs propelled him fastenough to catch the bunnies! Or, more likely, it was his not inconsiderable intelligencethat kept the rabbit population under control.What a perfect life Toby led. Loved unconditionally by the farmer’s wife, free to explorewherever and whenever he wanted and all the rats and rabbits he needef to amusehimself with.As always life wasn't quite that perfect. One of the farmer's sons liked nothing better than to tease. He would tease people until they cried and animals until they broke. Thatwas to be Toby's fate. Right from the time he could open his eyes the farmer’s sonmade his life hell. He poked him with sticks. He shouted at him and his favourite trickwas to drive poor Toby into a corner and laugh as he whimpered and shook. He wouldpull himself into a tiny ball and frantically try and hide in any nook and cranny he couldfind.The farmer's son was of course an angel when anybody else was around, The farmer’swife would wonder why Toby would tremble when he heard voices outside but she put itdown to his unknown breeding and loved him all the more as she tried to calm himdown.Usually the victims remained quivering wrecks all their lives. Toby didn't. He was smallbut strong. He knew how to fight and he knew how to kill. He was frightened of only onething. One day that fear left him.The farmer's son came into the kitchen carrying some milk fresh from that morningsmilking. He saw Toby and placed the jug on the table. Picking up a tea towel he deftlytwisted it into a knotted terror tool, one of his favourites. He swaggered towards Tobycasually swinging the towel from side to side. Toby knew what was coming and hestarted to tremble. He frantically searched for somewhere to run as had done so manytimes before.
"Tobeeee", whispered the farmer’s son. "Come and get it sweet one!Something in Toby's brain clicked.There would be no running to day. In fact there would never be any more running awayfor Toby. Nobody except the farmer’s son and, of course, Toby knew exactly what hadhappened in the kitchen that day.The change was noticed by everyone. The farmer's son avoided Toby like the plagueand Toby never ever let anyone bully him again. In fact he became a very scary dog. If a visitor came to see the farmer's wife Toby would Jump on their lap. The Visitor wouldsit there like a statue for as long as Toby was there. The farmer's wife wondered whycallers stayed for “such a long time” never realising that until Toby let them go it wasn'tsafe to move.Of course with the farmer’s wife Toby was as loving and as playful as he ever was.Toby was the master of all he surveyed. He grew stronger, but no taller. He would stepaside for neither man nor beast.One summerh e took to sunning himself on the farm driveway. A daily visitor was agiant bulk tanker sent to collect the milk. To tiny Toby the eight wheeled lorry was amonster. When it careered towards him blaring its hooter did he run?What do you think? He calmly shifted himself and quietly gnawed his back leg.The huge Lorry screeched to a halt inches from his nose and the furious driver jumpedfrom his cab planning to give Toby a good boot in his rear end. Of course, that didn'thappen.For the rest of the summer the lorry would thunder down the drive and pull to a halt infront of Toby. By some sort of unwritten agreement Toby would continue to catch therays before slowly walking to the house, Then and only then would the lorry complete itsdaily task.Adults understood the situation and no one wanted to upset the farmer’s wife, who theyall loved. Children didn't understand and the farmer was always careful when childrencame to visit. There were some close calls but somehow nothing too bad happened.That is until the day when it went too far.The boy was not the nicest of boys but he didn't deserve what happened. His nose andlip were not as bad as it looked at first, In fact a speedy intervention by the farmer leftthe boy with nothing more than a bad cut on his lip. It didn't even look like a bite.There were some harsh words but the parents were friends of the family. The friendshipended that day but no further action was taken.
The farmer’s wife was distraught. How could her lovely little Toby have done such athing? It must have been the boy's fault.The farmer loved his wife very much but he knew it couldn't go on. She beat him on hischest with her fists, and pleaded with him not to put Toby to sleep. Only 43 years of marriage held them together that night.They had pledged on their wedding right that the sun would never go down while theywere angry with each other. They held to that pledge.She asked only one thing and that was “Toby mustn't feel any pain”.The farmer closed his huge hands over her tiny ones, gently kissed her lips and said "Ipromise”.There were over 300 animals on the farm and the Vet was not only a regular visitor buthe was also a friend. He was surprised to hear the request but it wasn’t unexpected.Together the farmer and the vet walked towards the barn where Toby had spent his lastnight on earth. The farmer’s wife's sobs could be clearly heard coming from thefarmhouse.Toby knew at once that something was wrong. He had never been locked in a barnbefore and his great mind was working overtime. He knew and loved the farmer, not asmuch as his wife, but he was a gentle man and not usually a threat. He had seen theVet on the farm many times before and he tolerated his presence.The vet approached Toby. Toby gave a quick flash of his teeth accompanied by a lowrumbling growl. This wasn't going to be easy. The farmer came forward but received thesame treatment. He could call his wife but he wanted to save her from the pain.Vet and farmer considered the problem. A rope was obtained and a lassoo fashioned.Toby watched with interest and his eyes never left theirs. He was a coiled spring waitingto be released if he felt threatened or betrayed. The vet threw the lassoo and Toby wason him in an instant. Snapping and snarling but thankfully not biting.It had been a very close call indeed.As Toby returned to his safe corner the Vet tried again. It was a clumsy throw but aquick pull tightened the noose around one of Toby's back legs.The scene-that followed was the stuff of nightmares. A ball of teeth and muscle ranround and around the Vet who was struggling to hold rope that held the dog. Instinct or pure self preservation made him throw the end of the rope over a low beam. With onequick tug Toby his hanging from the beam by his back leg. The vet tied the rope off andleapt out of range of Toby’s flashing teeth.

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