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English Controlled Assigment

English Controlled Assigment



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This is my English Controlled Assignment for creative writing :)
Read and please tell me what you think?
What grade would you give me? :P Grade this from A* to F :P
This is my English Controlled Assignment for creative writing :)
Read and please tell me what you think?
What grade would you give me? :P Grade this from A* to F :P

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Published by: Klaudia A. Karbowiak on Sep 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My English Controlled Assignment 
(A/N:This short story is inspired by The Hunchback in the Park by DylanThomas.)
It felt like a jolt of electricity passing through my body. In one instance I was imagining her personaand in another I felt a part of my soul split, take new shape and condense before my eyes.She had come from deep within me, from that crystal-clear fraction of my essence that was yetuntouched by wrongs of this world- the innocent part of me, the one chunk I never thought I had.She had sprouted from me like a flower-shoot in spring from under the blanket of snow. A thin veilof mist glided in mystique swirls, coiling around her petite body and taking form of a wispy, whitegown. Bright as a star, delicate as a flower with two silver moons for eyes and fresh-spun silk forhair, she stepped with swan-like grace as if she was performing a complex ballet routine. Each stepwas carefully measured yet so causal as if there was no thought behind it. The light that illuminatedfrom her was like a candle flame- glowing warmly and flickering happily as if by life of its own.The stars are so bleak and distant, the moon but a hole in the dark night sky; the rose has a foulsmell nothing can compete with the woman from my hearts depth.I devoured the sight of this bright beauty and although no words were ever spoken, I knew sheaccepted me. She did not wrinkle her nose or grimace at my sight. Her eyes did not widened and herlips did not part. She just smiled gently and her eyes were filled with understanding and pity. Whydid she pity me? I did not ask for anyones pity! As if hearing my thoughts, her expression becamesaddened. She then smiled at me for the last time and bowed.She disappeared like the sun behind the horizon at sunset.I stared blankly at the same spot Ive last rested my eyes upon her. I blinked once, twice, then again,but the spot remained unoccupied by any life form. The spell was broken; the soap bubble has burst.I wanted to scream; I wanted to scream till my lungs blasted like a balloon pricked with a needle andlife slipped from the cracks of my broken heart.One thought haunted me: I did this. I made the angel leave.It was the next night following the apparition of my angel. I was huddled at my usual spot under alarge oak tree whose branches were twisted and deformed to such extent that one would think it awitchs tree. The bench was wrought of iron and was attacked by rust here and there; littlearchipelagos of russet in the sea of peeling, black paint. The shadows created by the tall lamppostsseemed to be playing a game with the light, creating a glitter-like effect; the shadows gave way tothe light and then the light would draw back and the shadow would return to its starting point, thenthe process would repeat itself. It was almost like a tide- the water being he light and the shadowbeing the shore, except the beach had been divided into smaller islets that were dispersed in the

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