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Good Tips for Resume Writing_Continued

Good Tips for Resume Writing_Continued

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Published by Ravi

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Published by: Ravi on Sep 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 10th, 2009 Admin
Posted inUncategorized |  No Comments »  Resume is considered the most important tool in getting being selected in the interviewand the job post as well. It must hold and exposes all the features that may fall in thegood books of the recruiter or the employer. So reading upon the below things, you may precisely know what to include in your resume and what not.
While specifying your name and address, ensure to make them of average sizeand the font size of headings should be of 14 to 16 and in case of name it should be of 11 and 12.
Always include an objective or Title Heading of your job. If you are unaware osimply stuck, take hue of career counseling or buy a book based on career options.
You may use a Summary or Profile Sentences thereby including your career overview.
The objective must always be strong, catchy and impressive, having a poor,ambiguous or void objective serves no use (Always state how best you can servethe employer or the firm).
Your resume should not be void of achievements or career accomplishments (justsell them, don’t reveal it)
Do not use journalese or verbose words in the resume, use soft and appealingwords that could impress the reader.
The sentences should neither be wavering nor inconsistent.
Ensure to use wording power strong and viable, your hosting sentences should beconstructive simple and lucid. Concerning this, you should use action verbs.
Do not reiterate any information or these are not the signs of an appealing resume.
There should be no inclusion of any grammatical or spelling error; this may put a bad impression upon the reader’s mind.
Your resume should be according to the nature of the job or else such a resume isof no avail.
Always include pertinent information in the resume. Any crude or impartialinformation seems to lose the reader’s interest.
Do not include the pronouns: “I”, “He”, “She”, “His”, “Her”.
The style or format should be up-to-date (headings should be underlined andfollowed by colons”. The word “duties” is used and uses “responsibilities” assubheadings)
The size of the resume should not exceed over 2 pages as no one has time to gothrough a lengthy resume.
There should be substantial white space in the resume.
Ensure to state full name and address in the resume.
Do not type full date when addressing resume to the employer’s firm.
Lists the reasons why you left the previous job or expound situations.
Attach a professional reference if your employer asks and fix it at the bottom of the resume.
Attach a cover letter and salary validation on the resume.
You may include interests or hobbies like reading books, listening to music,solving puzzles etc.
Include your marital status information which clears whether you are married or  bachelor. You may strike out if it is not pertinent to the job post you have appliedfor.Taking the tips into consideration, you may make an instrumental resume that will enableto gain a chance to being interviewed and the chance to do the desired job.
May 10th, 2009 Admin
Posted inUncategorized |  No Comments »  This article deals with how to create resume for fresher or graduates. Reading the layoutclearly, you will learn how to create a catchy resume for the applied job. But may be youfeel like to check out the targeted or functional resume layouts. You may include certainextra fields or change the magnitude of subsequent fields in accordance of your skills andabilities.
This field should cover your previous or existing experience in the job post, skills andabilities but in the extent of 4 to 6 lines. Only list them or other particulars matching tothe job and avoid including insignificant items.
As fresher students or graduates usually don’t have any accomplishments, so do notinclude this field. In case you possess certain accomplishments, you may include 3 to6 of them to be listed in the line with your subsequent position. Do not includeaccomplishments that do not fall in line with what you want to do subsequently. Tohighlight them distinctly, use bullet marking in your accomplishment. Always initiatewith a stout, favoring point and then work backwards from there.
Educational Qualifications
This field should be included with the stellar qualifications you have and order themchronologically.
Just like educational qualifications, the overall experience you have achieved to this dateshould be arranged in chronological order with the experience of most recent job andworking backwards. To produce a good effect, you may include the date of joining and
leaving the firm or organization, yet there is no need to add the month or day. However,if you previously had had multiple jobs, you might need to compile some of them in packed form. For example, diverse accounting positions from ‘2005-2008’.In case your job title proves unrealistic in evincing what you actually did, or it appears alittle dubious, instantly replace or change it. In better sense, suppose if you worked asSales Executive and your job title (as referred by your company) was Customer HomeExecutive, you should best replace it with Sales Executive.While you go for elucidating your experience for individual job post, you should best begin with the strengthening point in your favor and then work backwards. On beinghaving multiple points to add below one particular job, you may feel like to split theelucidation into two or more parts. You may discretionarily either split this field intoresponsibilities and accomplishment or you could split it into particular functions for example: management, sales and marketing etc.
Personal Details
Fill this field with your name, residential address, and telephone numbers.
Allow this part to being simple and concise and ensure you list any existing positions of responsibility. In case you possess no management responsibility currently, but you applyfor a management positions, you may discretionarily include positions of responsibilitiesthat you have maintained during the last few years and that’s it.
May 10th, 2009 Admin
Posted inUncategorized| No Comments »  Writing a resume in English seems to be a daunting thing to one other than writing thesame in his/her own native dialect. However, keeping certain things in mind, you cancreate a brilliant resume in English. The following are the necessary tips:1.An English resume should never be handwritten; instead getting it created on aword processor and with the print on fine quality paper will offer you viableresults.2.Do not attach your photograph.3.Avoid placing the title as “Curriculum Vitae” or “Resume” as a heading.4.Place your full name, address, email; telephone no, mobile no. at the top of your resume.5.In the “Profile” field, you should include your skills and experience in a nutshell.In clear sense, it should not go over one or two paragraphs. Always write theobject of your resume but in brief, this puts good impression. You may alsoinclude your career ambitions.6.The size of the resume should not extend over two pages long. Try to have your resume of one page while its content should be concise and to the point as well.

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