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Table Of Contents

Card Detectives
The "Easy" Card in Wallet
A Smart Location
The Whispering Queen
Color Divination
Self Control
In His Pocket
Find The Queen
Super Card Prediction
The Five Card Mental Force
"Just Think" Mental Mystery
Matching The Aces
New Card Discovery
Naming Cards in the Dark
U Find Your Card
The Card and Crystal Ball
The Secret Mathematician N° 1
The Secret Mathematician N° 2
The Card Miracle-Certain
Cut in Detection
Sleight Of Foot
Spelling A Card
Duplex Comedy Speller
Farelli's Impromptu Speller
Knock Out Speller
A Single Speller
Superlative Speller
You Selected the
Spell It
Impromptu Speller
Wizard Spelling Master
Peculiarities of the Pasteboards
The Automatic Speller
Spellino Climax
Howard's Simplex Speller
U Spell Your Card
Thought Spelling
Quadruple Spelling
Another Thought Spelling
Improved Spelling Trick
Think It-Spell It
Improved Chevalier
Spelling Any Card Called For
The Shuffled Spelling Bee
The Whispering Speller
The Joker Spelling Routine
Variation Of Joker Spelling
Sure Winner Spelling Bee
Frank Squires' Speller
Gwynne's Speller
Spell It Yourself
Seller's Speller Idea
Incomprehendo Speller
Perfect Spelling Trick
Card Spelling 'De Luxe'
Think of a Card
Coincidence Again
Backs Up
Mental Coincidence
Another Marvelous Coincidence
A Card Sympathy
A Couple Of Cards Get Together
Mental Vision
Phenomenal Thought Cards
The Three Heaps
Double Prediction
Impenetrable Stop Trick
Mephisto's Prediction
A Count Down Mystery
Master Mental Mystery
Infallible Detection
Face-Down Detection
Devilish Cards
Comedy Twin Card Prediction
Up Your Sleeve
Think Of A Card
Demon's Detection
The Half Moon Location
Location Plus
Everybody's Card
Stage Location
The Master Card Speller
Counting By Eye
Odd Or Even
A Slick Card Routine
Mesmerized Cards
The Queen Turns Over
Diachylon Book Test - Forcing A Number
Twin Aces
Two Viewpoints
Diachylon Stop Trick
Reversed Color Surprise
Diachylon Super Color Change
Flyaway Cards
Ace Transposition
Remote Control Improved
Card In Pocket
The Diachylon Do As I Do
A Real Magical Vanish
The Acme Spirit Test
Number Please
The Sympathetic Pair-No. 1
The Sympathetic Pair-No. 2
The Sympathetic Pair-No. 3
Chapter Contents
Alice In Wonderland
Double-Backed Card Routine
Transposition Extraordinary
Remote Control
Initialed Card Telepathy
Repeating Card Turnover
A Reverse Location
Double-Backed Card Force
Chameleon Backs
Satan Behind You
The Double Card Prediction
Comedy Relief
Giant Acrobatic Cards
Single Card Force
Double-Back Card Force
Easy Coin Switch
The Sympathetic Card
Double-Faced Cards
Hat And Card Change
U Can't Do As I Do
Kings And Aces
Double Reverse
New Card Monte
A Book Test
A Changing Card
The Improved Burned Card
A Spirit Message
A Transposition
One-Way Back Design
Divination Supreme
Five-Card Stabbing Mystery
A Thought Card Prodigy
Eight In A Row
Gardener's Unique Principle
Challenge Of The Year
Card Location Supreme
Hummer Detection
Instant Mind-Reading
A Counter Location
A Principle In Disguise
Red or Black
Transcendental Vision
Find The Lady
Call Me Up Sometime
A Miracle
Thought Transference
Say When
The Drunk Plays Bridge
One-Way Packs
Simplified Reverse
Upside Down
U Bite
The Haley Reversed Card
Sure Locator
In The Dark
Under Cover
Behind The Back
French's Extraordinary Aces
A Prediction
Long Distance Mind-Reading
Two Card Location
Improved Super Memory
Spectator's Choice
Knock Out Counting Trick
Projected Thought
Ne Plus Ultra
Easy Card Divination
Hour-Glass Cards
Easy Card Discovery
Keystone Card Discovery
Assistance Card Trick
The Magi's Detection
Modernism in Mentalism
Four To One Detection
A Psychic Card Feat
Out On Location
Coincidence Extraordinary
Necromantic Calculation
Switching The Pack
A Moving Revelation
Divining Pack
The Transposed Cards
A Trick Without A Clue
Eyes All Round
Count Your Cards
Knock 'Em Dead
Self-Working Mystery
Stop And Think
Novel Card Discovery
Ready Reckoner
Psychic Prediction
Prophesied Spot Total
Cagliostro's Vision
Quadruple Pack Mystery
Mephistopheles' Touch
Fair And Square
Your Card
One In Fourteen
Sensational Card Mystery
New X-Ray Trick
Shark Food
Thought Foretold
Mysterious Detective
Super Count Down
Fate And The Joker
Diabolical Transposition
Card Memory
Sensitive Thoughts
Red And Blue Back Mix-Up
Two Person Location
Dual Sympathy
Another Sympathetic Mystery
A Quaint Happening
£1,000 Test Card Location
Seeing With The Fingertips
Perfect Card Divination
Unique Telephone Test
Psychological Discernment
Count The Cut
A Discard Trick
Cremo Card Restoration
Strange Coincidence
Premier Book Test
Between The Lines
Fathomed Thought
Winning The Cut
Wizard's Will
Card Divination
Double Divino
Premier Card Discovery
A Simple Location
Out Of Sight
Prophesied Discovery
From Another Pack
Williams' Card Trick
Red Or Black
Excello Card Discovery
Naming Chosen Card
Psychic Card Test
A Card And A Number
Mediumistic Stunt No. 1
Mediumistic Stunt. No. 2
Amazing Memory
Six Piles
Name O' Card
New Pack Detection
Four-Fold Sympathy
Telepathic Control
Cards And Pockets
Count Down Detection
The Adventures Of Diamond Jack
Svengali Prediction
The Cards And The Dice
Svengali Clairvoyance
The Mirage Principle
Mirage Pack
Svengali Mind-Reading
The Siamese Svengali Pack
Svengali Force
The Mene-Tekel Pack
Controlling Several Cards
Card Into Pocket. A Second Method
From A Hat
Card And Number
One In Four
The Pocket Rising Card
Cards And Slates
Coincidence Mene-Tekel
Finding All But A Chosen Card
Companionable Kings
Passing A Card Through A Table
Cutting At A Chosen Card
Card From Spectator's Pocket
Out Of The Room Discovery
Naming The Cards
Magnetized Card
At Any Number From Pocket
Card Through Handkerchief
Just The Reverse
'Stripper' Stabbing
Card In The Hat
Satan's Mail
Card And Plate
Another Rising Card
Cards From The Air
Acrobatic Jacks
Flying Card
Positions Unknown
Educated Die
Stop Me At Any Time
Reversible Cards
The Shuffled Speller
Like Thoughts
Three Card Reverse
Finding Three Cards
Impossible Card Discovery
Sight Unseen
Miracle Code
Telepathic Cards
Toy Telephone Reading
Three In One Card Trick
The Limit Four Ace Trick
Zen's Card Miracle
A Novel Card Problem
Get it in the Dark
Neat Card Detection
Great Psychic Card Feat
Miracle Card Location
Telepathic Selection
Mental Masterpiece
Automatic Second Deal
Thought Card Discovered
Impromptu Detection
Nine In Ten Detection
It's Up To You
'Say When'
A Means To An End
Think 'Stop'
The Psychological Stop Trick
The Case Of The Four Kings
The J. M. Rising Card
Master Card Location
Card Detected By Pulse Beat
Imitation Seconds
Psychological Force
Face-Up Location
The Dream Card
A Super-Reverse Problem
Card In The Orange
The Conjurer's Touch
The Penetrating Cards
Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
The Princess Card Trick
Paint Brush Card
Banner Card Discovery
Like Seeks Like
Mental Card Mystery
Card And Envelope
Card And Envelope No. 2
Tuned Minds
Two-Card Slate Prophecy
The Spectator Finds Your Card
Watch His Elbow
Two Pile Trick
The Voice Of The Spirit
Triple Card Mystery
Infallible Prediction
Faces Or Backs, Which?
Tearing The Pack
Reversed Cards
Simplicity Four Ace Trick
Inseparable Aces
Slates And Aces
The Trend Of The Times
The Great Pearl Mystery
Parade Of The Queens
Buried Alive
Modern Card Reading
Mystery Card Reading
Read Them Off
Reading Cards. Mirror Method
A Memory Feat
Double Poker Deal
Poker Player's Deal
Poker Demonstration
Quadruple Poker Trick
Poker Set-Up
The Gambler In Person
The Gambler Is Back Again
Klondyke Poker
Impromptu Poker Deal
Effective Poker Deal
The Overhand Shuffle
A False Cut
Palming A Card
A Good Location
Methods of Forcing Cards
The Nikola Card System
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MAGIC - The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

MAGIC - The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

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