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36371989 Observation Stage

36371989 Observation Stage

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Published by natalyfuentealba
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Vise III

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Published by: natalyfuentealba on Sep 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Task 1: The School and Learning EnvironmentName of the student teacher:
Erica Flores Flores
Name of School:
The Integrity College
Number of students:
September 28
, 2010
8º ABriefly describe the following aspects:
1. The school:
Describe the general background of the school including the physicallocation, organisation, student population, philosophy and educationaland behavioural policies.
Head Teacher: Heinrich Ziller Osorio
Deputy Headteacher: Karen Mcleod Bravo
Physical location: 5 Oriente Nº336
Phone: 2737486
Student Population:
393 Students
Sociedad SostenedoraPersonal noDocenteOrganizaciónFinanzasDirector Subdirector CoordinaciónEd Pre-BásicaBásicaUTPEd Pre-BásicaBásicaInspector Ed. Pre-BásicaBásicaDeptosPre-Básica1º a 4º básico5 a 89Interación Básica OrientaciónCoordinación Ed.MediaUTPEd. MediaInspector Ed. MediaTutores1º Medio a4º MedioTutoresPre-BásicaA 8vo BásicoDepartamentos
Philosophy and educational and behavioural policies :Mision:
To bring up unabridged students with a vision of the future.
: To be leaders in education giving a high quality servicewith the everybody’s commitmet.1.-
 The specific aim for each level is to develop capacities and Skills inthe social field giving emphasis to the affective, conceptual andprocedural command. Using the deductive and inductive method,according to the cognitive development of the student.
2.- The results are observed in the student’s behavioral improvementunderstanding such academic attitude and valuation to ethical andmoral aspects of the human being .3.- The behaviour in classroom will be evaluated by observation,following two indicators : Do not interrup the classes’ development andto obey the teacher’s indications.
2. The classroom
Describe the atmosphere of the room and the levels of engagement inthe room. Make notes on seating, sight lines, space, air, light,whiteboard, equipment, etc The atmosphere in the room is good, the teacher can do classes andencourage students to participate in the development of the classes. There is an affable environment in the room that makes so much easy toteach. Unfortunatelly there are three or four students that do not payattention and they are always talking. The teacher has to call theattention every minute. The space in the room is not the most appropiate, due to the fact thatthere are a lot of students and seats. The tables are big enough for thestudents but they are very closed one to the other so they are a littletight. The space could be used in a better way because the students areseating in the extreme right and left but not in the middle. The students can not see very well the whiteboard, because of the lightwhich comes from the windows, which do not have curtains. Howeverthere is a good airing so the students are not sleepy during the class. There are not equipments provided for the school, there is no radio andthe proyector is bad, however the teacher uses her personal computer inorder to do some activities. 
3. The activities & resources
a) Make notes on the kind of activities used, the nature of student involvement, balance of student doing things andteacher doing things
 The activities are very good, they do listening activities , where theymust do the same as a teacher should do, with a song activity. They actually do the book’s activities and everybody has toparticipate reading the instrucctions.Apart form the book activities they are given extra material in orderto reinforce the content.
b) Describe the resources used and the materials availablewithin the school. How are the resources used in theclassroom?
 The teacher uses her computer for doing the listening activities, but itis almost impossible to use the proyector owing to the fact that it isnot in a good shape and the room’s light is not the most appropiate.I Know that there is computation’s room , but it is not big enough forthe whole group so they never go.In the library there is no material available for the students, they justhave the books which are given by the goverment and they are old,and it is almost impossible to work there because everything isuntidy.Some students bring their dicctionary, but the majority of them haveto ask to the teacher or me for the meaning of some words.
Task 2: Student ´s learning
In this second observation task, you should focus on the things that helpto create conditions for
effective learning
and on the aspects that playa part in
preventing learning.1.The learners
How motivated are the learners? Why? To what extent are theytaking part in their own learning? To what extent are theyexpecting the teacher to do the work for them?Fortunately the majority of the students are motivated, some of them know english, so they do not need to be so focused in theclass, although they do. The group is quite good, but there arestudents who are hyperactive so they are talking, but the teachermakes to participate so they obey. The teacher motivates the students asking, all the time thingsrelated to the topic, make them to do activities with the students’interests and she in general has a good treat, so they do not feelfear of participating. The students are talking all the time but, they know that they mustpay attention, and do the tasks and they do. I have observed thatthey like to learn and when they are congratulated they feel glad.

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