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Building National Competitiveness Through Effective Implementation of Islamic Finance in Malaysia and Muslim World

Building National Competitiveness Through Effective Implementation of Islamic Finance in Malaysia and Muslim World

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Published by azuddinnjudismail
AJI - Building National Competitiveness Through Effective Implementation of Islamic Finance in Malaysia and Muslim World
AJI - Building National Competitiveness Through Effective Implementation of Islamic Finance in Malaysia and Muslim World

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Published by: azuddinnjudismail on Sep 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The current concept of Invincible Holy War is very disturbing with asit is no longer about a Jihad of Muslims Versus Christians. It wouldbe about the Developed Countries Versus Less DevelopedCountries! With the Muslims at the forefront! The Developed Countries were the users of resources, those in theLess Developed Countries were the suppliers. It was the ColonialMercantile Systems all over again, set up to make it easy for thosewith powers and limited resources, such as Americans, to exploitthose with resources but no economic power, such as the Muslims!Although those at the very pinnacle of the Economic Pyramid gainthe most but millions of the population depend – either directly orindirectly – on the exploitation of the Less Developed Countries forour livelihoods! The resources and cheap labor that feed nearly all the DevelopedCountries businesses came from Muslims countries such asIndonesia, and very little ever makes it way back to the IndonesianEco-Systems. The
s from foreign aid ensure that today’s children and theirgrandchildren will be systematically held poor into the Western Eco-Systems’ hostage. Muslims, for instances, in Indonesia will have toallow the Developed Countries’ corporate corporations to ravagetheir natural resources and will have to forego the education, healthand other social services merely to pay back to the DevelopedCountries. The fact that most of the privatization or joint-ventureprojects such as airports, power plants, universities, hospital andindustrial parks were awarded to the Developed Countries with littlecollaboration with the local does not factor to this formula as theyreceived the money from their Eco-systems they created!
Does the excuse that most westerners are unaware of thisconstitute innocence?Uninformed and intentionally misinformed, yes – but innocent?If the objective of Foreign Aid is Imperialism, is that so wrong?Western Economists, believed so strongly in the Western EconomicSystems and they wanted to force it on the rest of the world viacreative mechanism for better control and perceptions.Why they consider to bluntly forcing the systems to be adapted bythe Less Developed Countries when even the US and the Europehad millions of citizens living in poverty. Their own well known andwell propagate statistics about free-thinking, violence, depression,drug abuse, divorce and crime indicated that although theDeveloped Countries were one of the wealthiest societies in history,it may also one of the LEAST HAPPY SOCIETIES!Why would they want the Muslims to emulate them?
We the Muslims should communicate more often for the benefits of the Ummah in relations to the “Economic Dakwah”. Perhaps withfurther strategic discussion at the working level, will enhance andcatalyst the global trade and investment, especially involvingIndonesian Muslims in the selected areas of “Musyarakahdevelopment. The need to increase the value-chain in Indonesian Muslim with theMuslim Business Network to align and value proposition of theGlobal Muslims Network with local partners The need to have the systematic framework on the trade finance,marketing and human capital enrichment – The new Indexes andIslamic Requirements (Halal Hub, Halal Investment, Halal StockMarket [ Stock Exchange], Halal Trade Investment & etc) The need to position Malaysia as the centre for Islamic Finance andthe development of contents for Economic Dakwaha.Malaysian Knowledge Economy Master Planb.Malaysian Content
5 Categories of IP – Intellectual Property of Applied Islamic Finance& Business To Establish A World Class Knowledge Hub With A TargetOf 2 Billion Population Of The Contemporary World

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