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Pre Sales Process Using ERP

Pre Sales Process Using ERP

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Published by: Chandan Parsad on Sep 27, 2010
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1. Sales Quotations
The sales quotation function is a pre-step to a customer order. It allows enteringand handling requests from existing and prospective customers.Like the customer order, the sales quotation is built in two levels, an order headerand one or several quotation lines. The first step in a new entry is to enter the salesquotation header. When the header has been entered with valid data and saved, it assumesplanned status. The second step in a new entry is to enter the line(s). When a quotation lineis entered, it also assumes planned status. The status of the order header does not change; itis still planned. The customer type and customer in the quotation header can only bechanged as long as no lines are entered.When you enter a sales quotation for a prospective customer, it is possible to enteronly basic customer information. This prospect will later be entered as a real customer if the quotation, or any of its lines, is accepted and converted into a customer order. At thelater stage when the customer order is created, the new customer and additionalinformation are entered in the Create Customer Wizard.On the quotation lines you specify the parts and quantities that the customer wantsto order. You can also specify the desired date of delivery, planned date of delivery, pricesor price breaks, discounts, and some other information for each quotation line. You canchoose not to enter any quantity and instead use price breaks, i.e. different prices fordifferent quantities. By right-clicking the quotation line, you can open the Price Breaksdialog box and enter the price breaks (price breaks are not possible for package parts).
You can activate a planned sales quotation by releasing it. The status on the headeris updated from Planned to Released. In contrast to activating a regular customer order,this function freezes the quotation instead of activating it. Once the sales quotation isreleased, you can print it and send it to the customer. However, a printout of the salesquotation can be ordered from any status. The printout will be marked as Preliminary if thequotation header or any of its lines have not been released. If the quotation header hasreleased status when the printout is performed, the printed flag on the quotation will bechecked and the quotation date will be stored.Note that changing a quotation with Released status changes the revision numberand sets the status to Revised when the quotation already has been printed and the printedflag on the quotation will be cleared. A revised quotation must be released again. It is alsopossible to release single lines. When single lines are released, the status of the header isunchanged. Every time the quotation is changed and a new revision is created, the changeddata will be stored in the database and shown in the history tab and in the quotation linehistory.
New entries and changes to the following data will generate a new revision numberand new history information:
CoordinatorExpiration DateDelivery TermsShip ViaPayment TermsWanted Delivery DateSalesmanDelivery Address

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