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Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-12

Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-12

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Published by Freddy Davis
Do You Think Like a Republican, a Democrat or Jesus?
Do You Think Like a Republican, a Democrat or Jesus?

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Published by: Freddy Davis on Jul 05, 2008
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What part should a Christian play in politics? Well, in America we have a political process which has as its basis the will of the people. So, whether we think we are engaged in the political process or not, we really are – either actively or passive-ly.Simply put, politics is a part of our existence. And as such, we, as Christians, have a responsibility to be engaged in theprocess. This does not mean that we must run for office, but we are responsible for the people who represent us in office.We are responsible for making our voice heard and promoting Christian principles and values.Sometimes, it is really difficult to figure out just what is going on with the political parties and the policies that are promot-ed. Today’s article is not going to explain every part of it, but it will give some insight as to the worldview foundations andimplications of the political process in America. It is my hope that this insight will translate into positive action for you.
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In America today, there are two primary worldviews whichare most prominent in society. There are, of course, twoother worldviews which are also represented, but the cul-ture war in modern day America is primarily being foughtbased on just two of them. One of the worldviews is found-ed on a religious (primarily Christian) worldview foundation.The other is based on a foundation which does not ac-knowledge the existence of a supernatural reality.As we look at the primary outward expressions of the twomain political parties in America, they each tend to reflectone of the two most prominent worldviews. The DemocratParty primarily reflects a Naturalistic outlook which does notacknowledge the existence of a supernatural reality, whilethe Republican Party primarily promotes policies which re-flect a Theistic understanding of reality.Now don’t get this wrong. There is a lot of overlap. First,there are many people in the Democrat Party who are The-ists and many in the Republican Party who are Naturalists.Additionally, there are some policy expressions from theDemocrat Party which emerge from Theistic thought andsome from the Republican Party which express Naturalisticideas. Thirdly, the very purpose and goals of both partiesare to further a “this worldly” outcome. Neither one of themhas as its goal to promote the purposes of God (even if some individuals within the parties have that as their ownpersonal goals). Let’s take a moment and explore how thisall plays out.
Think Like a Democrat
The approach of the Democrat Party is to help people byredistributing wealth. The people in power look around and
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Volume 3 Number 12 June 25, 2008
Do You Think Like a Republican, a Democrat or Jesus?
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see people in need, make a plan, then take the tax money collected from other people and use it to work their plan andhelp the needy. This approach logically flows from a Naturalistic worldview. This does not mean that only people who donot believe in God will take this approach. In fact, there are many well meaning Christians who see this approach as avery compassionate way to help the needy.So just how does the Democrat approach reflect a Naturalistic point of view? As we have already observed, Naturalismis the worldview which does not acknowledge the existence of anything supernatural – that is, there is no God. From thispoint of view emerges a particular understanding of the nature of a human being. Since there is no supernatural deity tocreate the natural universe, or give special spiritual qualities or value to mankind, human beings are understood to benothing more than the animal with the most highly evolved brain. In other words, humans are simply one form of animalamong many.When it comes to looking at human society, the Naturalist conclusion is that there can be no transcendent reason for itsexistence. As with every other form of animal creature, humans evolved a particular way which made it advantageous for us to form cooperative societies for the purpose of survival. As a result, in evolutionary thinking, it is not the individualthat is of highest importance. What is ultimately important is the survival of the species. This means that the needs of thesociety are far more important than the needs of the individual.With this kind of thinking, the viewpoint naturally emerges that it is the responsibility of people in the society to consider and develop what they believe to be the best way to advance humanity’s survival. The result is that a socialistic ap-proach to ordering society emerges. Everyone’s activities are geared toward “the greater good of society” rather thantoward that of the individual.
As it relates to governing style, the tendency is to favor an approach which encourages societal advancement over thatof the individual. Of course, to actually put this into effect there must be someone, or some group, who determines whatthat “higher good” might be. In practical terms, this ends up becoming those who are able to gain positions of power which allow their ideas to prevail. While a totalitarian or dictatorial governmental style is not a necessary result of thiskind of thinking, it is certainly not ruled out, and there is a tendency in that direction.
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Economically this translates into a system where those who govern decide how to best meet the needs of society, collectsociety’s resources in a central location (by means of taxation), and then distribute the resources based on a plan theyhave developed. This is exactly what is happening with all of the entitlement programs which exist in America right now.Things such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, farm subsidies, free drug benefits, welfare, food stamps, andmany more, all fit into the approach to doing economics which naturally flows from a Naturalistic worldview.
Social Policy 
When it comes to social policy, the power and personal inclinations of the ones who are in positions of political power again rise to the top. In our day, we are seeing much of the social policy of the nation being put in place by unelected judges and bureaucrats who are bypassing the legislative process and imposing their own personal beliefs on society ingeneral. Under the American republican form of government, this can be overcome in some instances. But when a largeenough number of elected politicians are in favor of the policies put forth by the unelected officials, no attempt is made toovercome them, and those policies cannot be changed until new politicians are elected.
Again, be careful not to misunderstand what is being represented. This is not saying that the Democrat Party’s approachitself must be godless, or that those who prefer this approach do not believe in God. In fact, many very compassionateChristian people see this as a good and viable means of carrying out the work of God by helping those in need. What isbeing said here is that this approach emerges out of Naturalistic thinking. There is nothing to give special value to individ-
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Think Like a Republican
The basic approach of the Republican Party, as it relates tohelping people, is to enable individuals to make it on their own. Rather than taking the resources collected from thecitizenry in taxes and redistributing it to help those in need,Republicans seek to free individuals up to make their ownway. This approach gives people opportunities to take risksand either succeed or fail based on their own initiative. It isnot a cold-hearted indifference, though. It is just that thesolution to people’s personal needs are believed to be inthe private, rather than the public sector. Private institu-tions and charities are looked at as the primary source of lifting the down and out rather than the government.Of course, the same situation exists with the RepublicanParty, as an institution, as with the Democrat Party. Thereare those who self-identify with the Republican Party whodo look to government as the primary means for helpingindividuals. But the policy positions of the party in generalput the focus for dealing in this area on the private sector.So just how does the Republican approach reflect a Theis-tic point of view? Theism is, of course, the worldview belief that there is a creator God who created the world for a pur-pose. Central to that purpose was the creation of mankindwho was made in God’s image. This “image” includes suchcharacteristics as self-awareness, the ability to think anddo analysis, and a free will to make and follow through withdecisions. It is a viewpoint which emphasizes personal re-sponsibility. This, of course, does not preclude receivinghelp from other people, but it does not require that it takeplace.
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