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Shooting Star

Shooting Star

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Published by Jessi Lovett
Renesmee and Jacob
Renesmee and Jacob

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Published by: Jessi Lovett on Sep 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shooting Star
All Characters belong to Stephanie Meyers no copyright intended
Chapter 1: First Date
“Renesmee?” My mom called to me from down stairs.“Yes mom?” I called back down to her.“Jacob is here” my mother said coming up the stairs to my bedroom.Great. I thought to myself, I was so excited. I was finally going on an actual date withJacob. I remembered just a week ago when we were just the best of friends. All thatchanged of course when Jacob and I went on a hunting trip alone.*******************************“Jacob I have something to tell you” I told him. I was about five yards away from himholding a doe in my arms that I had just killed. He stopped eating the big buck andlooked at me, his ears pointing up. Waiting…….“ I know you think of me as just your best friend, but these last few weeks, I don’t knowJake, but I think I’m…….falling in love with you.”Of course I knew he couldn’t say anything, he was still in wolf form. I held my breathwaiting for something. What I got tore my heart in two. He ran away into the forest. Ilooked down, I’m so stupid, I thought to myself. Why would I tell him that and risk our friendship?I turned around to head back to my house. I took three steps and then someone grabbedmy arm I turned around to see Jacob in his human form staring at my tear filled eyes.He pulled me to his chest and put his arms around me.“Nessie, I feel the same way” he said squeezing me tighter.I looked up at him, and he looked at me and smiled.
“Oh Jake” I said, crying even more out of the joy that I now felt. He took his hand andwiped away the tears. Then he put his hand under my chin and lifted my head up. Hetilted his head and kissed me very gently on the lips.“I love you, Renesmee” he said after he was done kissing me.I had to catch my breath; my heart was pounding out of my chest. I looked at him andsaid “I love you too, Jacob.” It sounded like a whisper.************************************My mom knocked on my already opened door. “Are you ready?” she asked.“Just about” I said.“You look absolutely amazing sweetheart”“Thanks mom”“I can’t believe your all grown up and going on a date” she said.I had to smile because in truth I was only eight years old. I was born on September tenthin this very house. I am the most unique of my family. I am half human and half vampire.My mom was a human when she gave birth to me. My dads a vampire and he fell in lovewith my mom when she moved to Forks. Then he married her. I almost killed my momwhen I was still in the womb. It took a lot of work for my dad to save her life by makingher a vampire.So my dad, Edward and my mom, Bella are vampires. Along with my Grandpa Carslileand my Grandma Esme, my two Uncles Emmet and Jasper, my two Aunts Rosalie andAlice. My Jacob is a werewolf along with my Aunt Leah, Uncle Seth, Sam, Paul, Jarred,Quil, and Embry. My Grandpa Charlie and my Grandma Sue are both humans, they aremy moms dad and step mom. I have another Grandma in Florida which is my moms’mom, but I have never met her.Being half vampire means that I grew a lot faster and when I reached maturity level Istopped growing completely. So I will look sixteen forever.“Where is Jake taking you?” my mother asked“I couldn’t tell you. He said it was a secret.”“Well I hope you two have fun.”
I stood up and went to my body length mirror. I was wearing a red dress with stilettos myAunt Alice picked out for me. My curls were down to my waist and I had on the prettiest bracelet that my Jacob got me for my first Christmas on.My dad came in then and looked at me and sighed. He wasn’t quite excited about megoing on a date. I was still just his little girl he said. I was glad he liked Jacob though andapproved of him.“I’m glad I like him too” he said reading my mind.My dad is gifted along with my mom, my Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, and me. My dad canread peoples mind except for my moms, unless she wants him too. My mom is a shield;she can protect her mind and anyone else around her. My Aunt Alice can see the futureand my Uncle Jasper can change the mood of people. I can touch someone and let themsee inside my mind. It’s not the coolest gift but its better then nothing.I walked over to my parents and hugged them touching my moms face and thinking Ilove you bye.I walked out of my bedroom door and down the stairs and there he was. Jacob waswearing a tight black shirt, which defined his abs very nicely, dark blue jeans and a pair of etnies. His hair was kind of spiky just the way I liked it.“You look so beautiful Nessie” Jake saidI blushed. He took my hand as I said “thank you, you look great too Jake.”We were almost out the door before my dad said “Not to late Jake, Nessie still has schooltomorrow.”“No worries Edward we will be home by eleven.”“Thanks Jake” My mom said.“No problem.”Jake led me out the door to his car. He drove an Ashton Martin Vanquish my dad gave tohim the day I got my Jaguar XF. Jake was really excited.Jake held the door for me as I got into his sleek car. He went around and got into thedrivers seat.“Put your seat belt on” He told me. I looked at him funny but put it on anyway.“So where are we going?” I asked.

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