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Direct Mail Heart Kids

Direct Mail Heart Kids

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Published by Vanessa

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Published by: Vanessa on Jul 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AdvantageEdge Concepts
Phone: 02 8807 1725E-mail: advantage01@optusnet.com.au
Dear Friend,Did you hear the news? 17 million people die every year from a preventable disease (in 80% of cases).This shocking figure includes children! That is equivalent to 93 jumbo jets crashing and killing hundreds of thousands of people every day. Each jumbo jet carries 500 passengers and with 93 airplanes falling fromthe sky every day I’m sure no one would board the planes…would you?The unimaginable is occurring, Heart Disease in primary and secondary school children.Do you have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and what about your friend’s children? You needto read this…Heart disease starts in childhood. It has been found in children as young as 2 years old.Research has discovered that the disease affects approximately - 30% of children between the ages of 16 to20 years, 50% of young adults between 21 and 25 and 75% of adults 26 to 39. Today one in two will getHeart disease. How many people in your family?Our ancestors died from infectious diseases, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Ironically, we have replaced theinfectious diseases with degenerative diseases that are largely man made. By our own assault on our environment we and our children are paying a terrible price for our material success.Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, obesity to name a few degenerative diseases are on the rapid riseespecially in our children. These diseases are what medical professionals are calling life style diseases andthey are telling us that we can arm our children and our selves with protection against them.The most common form of cancer in children is leukaemia; it’s been on the rise at a rate of 1% a year since1977. The statistics are shockingly clear. It’s projected by 2030 nearly 150 million people will havedegenerative disease and 42 million of those will be limited in their ability to go to school or work.These diseases exist in every corner of the world. Diseases we use to think where for the elderly are nowtouching every neighbourhood, every family, every home and every age group. Who do you know that hasheart disease, Cancer or had a stroke, diabetic or obese?Success in our culture is associated with material wealth. Your home, car, holidays. We want immediategratification but at the same time desperate for eternal youth. No amount of material wealth will protectyou and your family from these men made diseases, degenerative diseases.So how are they man made? And how can I protect my family?Scientific research in the past decade has provided irrefutable evidence on what causes these diseases.Oxidated damage. Let me explain…Oxidated damage is a term that refers to harm caused to the cells of our body (
 you are made up off billionsof cells. Your hair, teeth, skin, inner organs, all of you. You begin as a single cell!
) as a result of free-radicalactivity. Oxygen which is critical to sustain human life turns out to be a double edged sword.Just breathing creates free-radical damage which is when the atom in your cells loses an electron. Once theelectron is lost that cell is now a free-radical. This sets up a chain reaction in neighbouring atoms, withfree-radicals pulling electrons out of every cell they touch. Polluted air, ozone layer, chemicals in our soil,TV, microwaves, computers, stress and the food we eat are just naming some of the life style choices thatcause these free-radicals within our bodies. Yes we are nurtured in a toxic cradle.Our ancestors where protected from these diseases through the food they ate. Nutrition in the food providedtheir bodies with antioxidants that readily supply the electrons to the free-radicals hence protecting themfrom these chronic diseases. Scientific studies over several past decades have proven our food has1

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