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Jenis Speaker Yg Baik

Jenis Speaker Yg Baik

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Published by mitracompaba

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: mitracompaba on Sep 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Total system optimisationVery high SPLArrayable enclosureIntegral flywareRotatable mid-high sectionOptimised truck packVery compact enclosuresSeamless arrayability
Stadia and arenasTouring and festivalsRegional concert touringTheatre and CorporateDance clubs
The Aspect series is a range of high performancemodular loudspeaker enclosures designed for useacross a wide spectrum of sound reinforcementactivities, easily scaleable to specific acoustical andvenue requirements ranging from large scale indoor oroutdoor concerts to corporate events, theatre showsand nightclub applications.
The aim of any sound reinforcement system isto distribute sound evenly, with consistentfrequency response and in a predictable way,across all seats of an auditorium or listeningarea. An optimum method of attaining this goalis through the correct application of pointsource arrays to create a segment of a sphericalwavefront. Not only does this approach providean exceptionally well defined and coherentacoustic source, but it also allows forconsiderable flexibility when assembling arraysin both horizontal and vertical dimensions.In practice, the dispersion characteristics of atypical sound system are less than ideal becauseof the tendency for conventional high frequencyexponential horns to ‘beam’ with increasingfrequency. When arraying such horns,interference between adjacent sources is inevitabledue to the variable curvature of the wavefrontcaused by the horn's geometry, and this resultsin undesirable comb filtering effects.Turbosound engineers, through intensiveresearch and the subsequent implementation ofinnovative and patented Polyhorn™ designs,have identified and overcome these deficienciesand implemented solutions in the TurbosoundAspect series. Fundamental to the Polyhorn™designs—and applied in both high-mid and highfrequency bands—is the principle of dividing anexponential horn flare into a multiplicity oftapered waveguides. Doing so ensures that allpath lengths from the diaphragm surface tohorn mouth are identical, and consequentlyguarantees uniformity of phase of the wavefrontat the horn mouth. The Polyhorn™ designeffectively locates the acoustic centre wellbehind the motor system, forming a virtualpoint source whose radius coincides with thearray curvature without requiring an excessivelydeep enclosure.The
is a portable mid-high enclosuredesigned for flown and ground stacked touringapplications. It houses high frequency, high-midfrequency and low-mid frequency elementsarranged in a vertical orientation, and coveringthe frequency range from 100Hz to 20kHz.The top section of the enclosure is dedicated tohandling the high frequency band above 5kHz,being reproduced by two custom-designed HFdrivers loaded by a high frequency Polyhorn™device. The HF driver combines highlyinnovative patented design features to ensureexceptional high frequency performance andlong term reliability. High-mid frequencies from450Hz to 5kHz are handled by a proprietary 10”HMF drive unit on a further Polyhorn™ deviceoptimised for high-mid frequencies. Two 10”low-mid frequency drivers loaded withTurboMid™ devices cover the remainingfrequency range from 450Hz down to 100Hz.A key feature of the Polyhorn™ designs is thevery sharp cut-off at the edges of the coveragepattern, which all but eliminates the combfiltering effects commonly experienced betweenadjacent sources when arraying conventionalhorn designs. This makes it possible to achieveseamless arrayability in a very intuitive andpredictable fashion.Significant improvements in the individualdrivers' power handling, and a subsequentreduction in power compression, have alsobeen achieved through the use of high stability,high temperature neodymium magnet
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structures. These provide very high motor strength—andhence fast transient response—as well as exceptional thermalperformance. This means that more of the available amplifierpower is converted into acoustic energy and less power iswasted as heat. A useful reduction in net weight is alsoachieved which aids in moving and handling.The TA-890H is a fully equipped modular touring cabinet withintegral flying systems for both horizontal and verticalconfigurations. The mid-high section is square andsymmetrical, and it can be removed and rotated through 90°to allow boxes to be flown in either orientation whilemaintaining the required coverage pattern. This means thatonly one type of mid-high enclosure is needed form part of alarge rental inventory flexible enough to meet widely varyingvenue requirements.The cabinet dimensions have been carefully chosen to allowthe boxes to be optimally truck packed in the most commonUS and European vehicles without wasted space. As well asproviding individual wheel dollies with each enclosure, it isalso possible to pre-stack up to four cabinets on an optionaldolly for easy loading in to venues equipped with ramps.The TA-890H is fitted with two completely independent flyingsystems. The ‘A’ (or horizontal box) flying system consists ofintegral flygear, rebated into the cabinet surfaces, which matewith the cabinets above and below and provide a choice offour optimised vertical inter-cabinet angles. These angles areset incrementally by an interlocking mechanism whichprovides visual indication of the chosen angle, even from adistance. The ‘B’ (or vertical box) flying system allows thecabinets to be flown with a vertical orientation and consistsof integral steelwork again offering a choice of inter-cabinetangles. Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ flying systems are fitted to TA-890Hmid-high and TA-890L low frequency boxes as standard,enabling both mid-high and bass cabinets to be flown andintegrated together in a cluster.The cabinet is also fitted with interlocking corner mouldings.These aid in aligning boxes when they are ground stacked orloaded on a 4-up wheel dolly. A Speakon NL8MP is fitted tothe rear access door, as well as a break-out cable fitted with aNL8FC for connection to additional mid-high cabinets.
• Tight dispersion pattern of 25°h x 15°v generates highlyfocused coverage pattern with exceptional projection• Patented Polyhorns™ generates equal level across auniformly curved wavefront identical to the array profile• Proprietary HF and HMF transducers employ high stability,high temperature radial neodymium magnet structures whichoffers much higher efficiency, as well as reduced weight• Directivity over 1kHz exhibits very sharp cut-off at thepattern edges, dramatically reducing out-of-band signal• Unique 10" high-mid frequency driver is fabricated from asingle-piece spun aluminium bowl, serving as a high strengthframe, heatsink, rear compression chamber and high passfilter• Low-mid enclosure employs rear-facing drivers withcombined heatsink/phase plug assemblies• Revolutionary composite cone materials are used in all conetransducers• Mid-high cabinet construction based on pre-bent 15mmplywood, greatly increasing cabinet strength.• Flying hardware is integral to the box and can be quicklyremoved for safety testing; allows cabinets to be safely andsecurely ground stacked• Cabinet dimensions are optimised for both US andEuropean vehicle truck pack arrangements
• Minimised destructive interference between adjacentenclosures, effectively giving seamless arrayability in bothhorizontal and vertical planes• Intuitive 'point and shoot' characteristics make it very easyto adapt flown or ground stacked clusters to widely variablevenue and audience requirements• Very high power capability and proved driver efficiencymeans that maximum sound pressure levels of up to 146dB(peak) are easily achievable from one cabinet• Greatly improved thermal performance reduces powercompression to negligible levels• Smaller and uniformly sized enclosures simplifies handling,transportation and flying• Flexible cabinet orientation allows array optimisation andmakes the best use of venue sightlines
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