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Rice Paper Fall 08

Rice Paper Fall 08

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Published by: iu_asian_culture_center on Sep 27, 2010
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A semi-annual publication of Indiana Universitys Asian Culture CenterFall 2008 Issue
Three in One Celebration:
ACC 10th Anniversary; Honoring Judge Michael Witte,Recipient of IU Distinguished Asian Alumni Award;Launching Asian American Studies Program at IU
by Ayesha Awan
On Friday, October 3rd, morethan 300 students, alumni, staff,and distinguished guests gatheredin Alumni Hall at the IndianaMemorial Union to commemoratethe 10th Anniversary of the IndianaUniversity Asian Culture Center.IU Alumni Paul Park andDaisy Rodriguez emceed the program. They were selected for their advocacy and dedicationtowards providing a voice for the
Asian & Pacic Islander community
during their time as students at IU.The ACC Graduate AssistantMai-Lin Poon and ACC Staff member Thien Nguyen served as co-chairs for the event. Together withvolunteers and staff from the ACC,Poon and Nguyen had been workingsince January, planning everydetail of the banquet. “The 10thAnniversary is really a celebrationfor those who helped make the ACCa reality and to those who continueto do so,” Poon said. “If it weren’tfor students working year after year to create a successful cultural center,we wouldn’t be able to provide theservices we do today.”The evening consisted of anAsian-inspired three course meal,while guests were entertained bymultiple cultural performancesrepresenting diverse Asian heritages.The performances included aVietnamese and Indian music byJason Nguyen, a NorthwesternChinese folk song played on theEr-hu by IU alumnus James Yang;a colorful and vibrant Indian dance performed by IU student RuchiShah; A Mongolian Folk song sung by Ochmaa Dasheveg-Escue; anIndonesian Pendet Dance performed by Erin Wilson; and a SamulnoriPercussion piece led by JinsobChoi.The night also marked the
ofcial launching of the Asian
American Studies program at IU.The program will offer a minor for IU students in 2009. The Dean of 
 Ruchi Shah performs an elegant Indian Dance to Barso Re at the ACC 10th Anniversary Banquet Celebration IU Trustee Pat Shouldersdiscusses the service that the ACC has done for IU and the Bloomington community. Provost Karen Hanson remarkson the success of the ACC at the10th Anniversary Banquet.
 Acc 10th (Continued on Page 2)
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Note From the Director
Melanie Castillo-Cullather 
When we announced the 10th anniversarycelebration early this year, we received many emails and phone calls from alumni, who during their time at IU madethe center their home. It was a bit nostalgic to hear fromthe alumni with whom I worked so closely and who have become a part of our lives, in essence our family. Theytalked about their careers, their partners, their children andtheir fond memories of IU. They are scattered all over thecountry and the world. Thanks to email, keeping in touchwith many of them has been much easier.There are many reasons to celebrate the 10 years of the Asian Culture Center on the IU Bloomington campus;the formation of the IU Asian Alumni Association, theestablishment of the Asian American Studies Program,the unwavering support and activism of student groupsto help build and promote an inclusive and diverse IU,and the creation of the many cultural and educational programs that make the center a great resource for bothIU and the community beyond Sample Gates. All these,of course would not have been possible without the passion and tireless dedication of former and current staff members of the ACC, the student leaders who workedhard juggling their school work and their commitments
to their organizations and to the causes that benet the
entire campus. We are indebted to so many individualsand organizations on campus and in the Bloomingtoncommunity that have supported what we do. Their notesof advice, suggestions, emails, and phone calls telling ushow much they enjoyed a program have been a source of 
inspiration. We will always be grateful for the nancial
support from alumni, community members, and IUdepartments, whose support has allowed us to explore,create, and continue to organize events that celebrate andhonor the Asian heritage and events that challenge ideasand morals.It is our dream that in the next ten years, the center will grow and expand in size and in its capacity to addressand meet the needs of the 26 Asian and Asian Americanstudent groups, the 36,000 IU students, faculty, staff, andthe community beyond Sample Gates. We are hopeful thatwith your enthusiasm and commitment for great learningand changing people’s lives for the better, we can meetthese goals.the College of Arts & Sciences, Bennett Bertenthal,
ofcially announced the program along with Dr.
Joan Linton, who will serve as its interim director.Mai-Lin Poon said of the new program, “I am verythrilled that this has become a reality and encouragestudents to start signing up for classes. I wish I hadthis possibility when I was an undergraduate!”Jessica Kim, President of the IU Asian AlumniAssociation, presented the 2008 Distinguished AsianAlumni Award to the Honorable Judge Michael Witte,
the rst Asian-American trial judge in Indiana. In
addition, the ceremony included prominent membersof the Administration including IU Chancellor Kenneth Gros Louis, Dean of Students Dick McKaig,Vice President and Provost Karen Hanson, Dean of the School of Journalism Brad Hamm, IU TrusteePat Shoulders, and Vice President for the IU AlumniAssociation, John Hobson. There was also a videoslideshow narrating the ACC’s decade of serviceto the IU community. The program ended with theguests dancing and celebrating the event.Melanie Castillo-Cullather, director of theACC, said of the occasion, “the ACC has demonstratedto IU the importance of a cultural center and its role inrecruiting students, and in achieving IU’s educationalmission.” The Center hopes to expand in the future sothat it may provide even more dedicated service as anintegral part of the lives of Asian American studentsand the IU community.
 Acc 10th (Continued from Cover)
Chancellor Kenneth Gros Louis giving a speech about thehistory of the ACC. Dean Bennett Bertanthal announces the establishment of the Asian American Studies program at IU.
Page 3
Student Group Updates
Asian Student Union
The Asian Student Union (ASU) has continued to work to get theAsian Culture Center expansion project underway. Started a few yearsago by ASU board members Tony Truong, Evita Luminto, U Ta Looi,
and Alfred Ma, the project is ready to submit its ofcial proposal for 
a bigger center. Current ASU advocacy chairs, Kimberly Sarabia andAndrew Jin, along with chairman Brandon Tran, have been workingdiligently on completing the proposal. The ASU hopes that the proposal
will be accepted and the dream of bigger Asian Culture Center will 
-nally be realized.This semester the ASU worked on a multi-group Moon Festival andHalloween party, in addition to helping the ACC on its annual leadershipretreat and Electring Kulintang concert. Next semester, the ASU will be working with other organizations to co-host collaborative events such as the semi-formal, sports tournament,Asian Alumni Association Scholarship fundraiser, the 9th annual Mr. & Ms. Asia, and the APIA U LeadershipWorkshop. For more information about the ASU please visit their website at www.indiana.edu/~asu.
Asian American Association
This semester, the Asian American Association (AAA) held itsown mini welcome week to attract returning and new students at IU. Itincluded a call-out meeting, ice cream social, Make-It-Yourself BubbleTea, Game Day, and Executive Board Elections. It also co-sponsoredthe Hutton Honors College’s Origami Workshop. In the spirit of autumnand Halloween, it held its annual pumpkin carving event. This monththe AAA will be having its annual fall Fashion Show, which consists of cultural performances, a variety of talents by students on the IU campus,and a display of cultural clothing. This year, it is also helping to build theregistry for bone marrow donations. The AAA will also join in the SigmaExcursion week hosted by Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. with a paneldiscussion on Western Standards of Beauty on November 13th.
Indian Student Association
The Indian Student Association recently held its annual Gar- ba Night to celebrate Navaratri. Garba is a traditional form of spiritualIndian dance in which participants dance in a circular movement. Dur-ing part of the event, a type of dance, called Raas or Dandiya Raas, is performed. In Raas, participants hold sticks in their hands and hit themrhythmically against other dancer’s sticks while they dance to create a vi- brant sound. The next event held by the Indian Student Association will be a Diwali banquet dinner for the festival of lights, which represents thevictory of good over evil.

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