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Mpi Crash Stats

Mpi Crash Stats

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Published by tombrodbeck

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Published by: tombrodbeck on Sep 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rank OrderStreet 1Street 2Collisions1Archibald StMarion St2042Lagimodiere BlvdRegent Ave W1923Kenaston BlvdMcGillivray Blvd1884Bishop Grandin BlvdSt Mary's Rd1885Leila AveMcPhillips St1766Grant AveKenaston Blvd1687Bishop Grandin BlvdDakota St1668Fermor AveLagimodiere Blvd1639Bishop Grandin BlvdSt Anne's Rd15510Bishop Grandin BlvdWaverley St14911Lagimodiere BlvdSpringfield Rd14512Moray StPortage Ave13913Academy RdStafford St13914Bishop Grandin BlvdRiver Rd13815McGillivray BlvdPembina Hwy13616Main StPortage Ave13417Grassie BlvdLagimodiere Blvd13218Logan AveMcPhillips St13219Bison DrPembina Hwy12520Main StRedwood Ave11921Dugald RdLagimodiere Blvd11522Corydon AveKenaston Blvd11423Lagimodiere BlvdReenders Dr11324Osborne StPembina Hwy11325Grant AvePembina Hwy10926Inkster BlvdMcPhillips St10927Portage AveSt James St10928Fermor AveSt Mary's Rd10229Ellice AveSt James St10030Lagimodiere BlvdMarion St9731Kenaston BlvdTaylor Ave9632BroadwayMain St9633Fermor AveSt Anne's Rd9534Regent Ave WStapon Rd9435Arlington StPortage Ave9336Jefferson AveMcPhillips St9337Jubilee AvePembina Hwy9038Inkster BlvdKeewatin St8939Ellice AveEmpress St8940Plessis RdRegent Ave W8841Portage AveSherbrook St8842Taylor AveWaverley St8743Inkster BlvdSheppard St8644Portage AveSturgeon Rd8545McPhillips StNotre Dame Ave8546Main StYork Ave8547Waverley StWilkes Ave8448Pembina HwyUniversity Cres8449Dakota StSt Mary's Rd8450Kenaston BlvdScurfield Blvd83
Top 50 Winnipeg Intersections for Bodily Injury-Related Collisions (June 2002-June 2010)
Intersections sorted by collisions.
Rank OrderStreet 1Street 2Collisions1Leila AveMcPhillips St1,2232Kenaston BlvdMcGillivray Blvd1,1623Grant AveKenaston Blvd9274Lagimodiere BlvdRegent Ave W8905Bishop Grandin BlvdSt Mary's Rd7486Bishop Grandin BlvdSt Anne's Rd7097Moray StPortage Ave6638Logan AveMcPhillips St6439McGillivray BlvdPembina Hwy63610Archibald StMarion St63611Main StPortage Ave61912Portage AveSt James St61813Ellice AveEmpress St61114Bishop Grandin BlvdWaverley St58915Bishop Grandin BlvdDakota St57116Fermor AveSt Anne's Rd54917Ellice AveSt James St54818Bison DrPembina Hwy53819Osborne StRiver Ave53820Jefferson AveMcPhillips St53421Lagimodiere BlvdSpringfield Rd52922Fermor AveLagimodiere Blvd52423Cavalier DrPortage Ave50724Academy RdStafford St50025Osborne StPembina Hwy49626Bishop Grandin BlvdRiver Rd49327Burrows AveKeewatin St46428Inkster BlvdMcPhillips St46229Main StRedwood Ave45930McPhillips StNotre Dame Ave45631Grant AvePembina Hwy44932Grassie BlvdLagimodiere Blvd43833Jubilee AvePembina Hwy41534Dakota StSt Mary's Rd41535Dalhousie DrPembina Hwy41036McGillivray BlvdWaverley St40837Lagimodiere BlvdReenders Dr40638Pembina HwyStafford St38739Taylor AveWaverley St38640Dugald RdLagimodiere Blvd38541Fermor AveSt Mary's Rd38442Inkster BlvdKeewatin St37943Portage AveWestwood Dr37944Corydon AveKenaston Blvd37645BroadwayMain St37346Arlington StNotre Dame Ave36247Gateway RdMcLeod Ave36248Henderson HwyMcLeod Ave35949Regent Ave WStapon Rd35950Portage AveSherbrook St351
Top 50 Winnipeg Intersections for Propert Damage Only Collisions (June 2002-June 2010)
Intersections sorted by collisions.
Rank OrderStreet 1Street 2Collisions1Leila AveMcPhillips St13992Kenaston BlvdMcGillivray Blvd13503Grant AveKenaston Blvd10954Lagimodiere BlvdRegent Ave W10825Bishop Grandin BlvdSt Mary's Rd9366Bishop Grandin BlvdSt Anne's Rd8647Archibald StMarion St8408Moray StPortage Ave8029Logan AveMcPhillips St77510McGillivray BlvdPembina Hwy77211Main StPortage Ave75312Bishop Grandin BlvdWaverley St73813Bishop Grandin BlvdDakota St73714Portage AveSt James St72715Ellice AveEmpress St70016Fermor AveLagimodiere Blvd68717Lagimodiere BlvdSpringfield Rd67418Bison DrPembina Hwy66319Ellice AveSt James St64820Fermor AveSt Anne's Rd64421Academy RdStafford St63922Bishop Grandin BlvdRiver Rd63123Jefferson AveMcPhillips St62724Osborne StPembina Hwy60925Osborne StRiver Ave60926Main StRedwood Ave57827Inkster BlvdMcPhillips St57128Cavalier DrPortage Ave57129Grassie BlvdLagimodiere Blvd57030Grant AvePembina Hwy55831McPhillips StNotre Dame Ave54132Burrows AveKeewatin St53433Lagimodiere BlvdReenders Dr51934Jubilee AvePembina Hwy50535Dugald RdLagimodiere Blvd50036Dakota StSt Mary's Rd49937Corydon AveKenaston Blvd49038Dalhousie DrPembina Hwy49039Fermor AveSt Mary's Rd48640McGillivray BlvdWaverley St48441Taylor AveWaverley St47342Pembina HwyStafford St46943BroadwayMain St46944Inkster BlvdKeewatin St46845Regent Ave WStapon Rd45346Arlington StNotre Dame Ave44047Portage AveSherbrook St43948Plessis RdRegent Ave W43549Pembina HwyUniversity Cres42750Henderson HwyMcLeod Ave426
Top 50 Winnipeg Intersections for Total Collisions (June 2002-June 2010)
Intersections sorted by collisions.

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