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Green Tech High School Reconstitution Plan

Green Tech High School Reconstitution Plan

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Published by KUTNews
The Austin Independent School District will hold a public hearing tonight (9/27/10) on this intervention plan for Eastside Memorial Green Tech High.
The Austin Independent School District will hold a public hearing tonight (9/27/10) on this intervention plan for Eastside Memorial Green Tech High.

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Published by: KUTNews on Sep 27, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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LEA Name:
Austin ISD
Campus Name:CDN:
Campus Number:Date:
initial draft (due October 15, 2010)Final Version Approval(For use by REVIEWER only):select approval statusTargeted Reconstitution Focus Areas19 TAC §97.1051(7), §97.1064, and TEC§39.107Reconstitution DeterminationsActions Planned or TakenResourcesand Persons ResponsibleTimelines
Staff Changes/Retention (principal and othereducators)
In preparation for the next submission to the Texas Education Agency, theAdministration, as part of AI Local (attached), may recommend any campusintervention (school redesign, consolidation, school closure / reopen, or schoolclosure) for Eastside Memorial Green Tech High School after reviewing fall indicatorsfor performance. The next Reconstitution Plan submission to the Texas EducationAgency is January 28, 2011. Staff Reassignments for the 2011-2012 school year willbe made in accordance with DFBB Regulation.
The district isrecommending the removal of the campus principal in the event the campus doesnot show academic progress for the 2010-2011 school year.
Assistant Principaland Academy Director:
The district may recommend the retention of the campusAssistant Principal and Academy Director for the 2011-2012 school year. However,in the event the campus does not continue to show significant academic progressfor the 2010-2011 school year, there will be a change with the Academy Directorand Assistant Principal.
Instructional Coaches:
The two instructional coaches inMath, and ELA have been on the campus for one year. The science coach began inJuly, 2010. Currently, the selection process for Instructional Specialists isdetermined by AISD and does not differentiate for high-need campuses.
Teachersand other Professional Staff:
The district will use non-subjective criteria todetermine which staff members will remain at Eastside Memorial Green Tech forthe 2011-2012 school year. The criteria will be based on the following:
TAKSpassing rates of students in each of the content areas
Student growth asmeasured by TAKS
Student performance on the End-of the- Year Assessmentsand
PDAS. This criteria will be used in all content areas that are not at theAcademically Acceptable level or higher. The campus was rated as "academicallyunacceptable" due to the 2010 TAKS math scores. Teachers are being expected to"add value" to their students' academic achievement by meeting the standardand/or making growth from the previous year.
(1)A corrective action plan has been put in place for the campusprincipal. This plan will be monitored by the High School Office toensure the principal is accountable for all the data pointsaddressed.(2) A similar plan will be developed for the AssistantPrincipal and Academy Director based on campus performance.(3) Instructional Coaches will be held to the criteria of demonstrated campus TAKS performance in the area theymonitor as well as student growth based on TAKS. (4)The ExternalCIT, Dr. Deike, is currently working with the leadership team todevelop instructional leadership skills in order to turn the schoolaround. (5)All core academic teachers will be ranked based ontheir TAKS or end-of- year district benchmark assessments --percent of students who made growth-- retention will be made onthese rankings. (6) Teachers will be recruited based on theirdemonstrated academic success with students. (7) A plan isbeing developed for elective teachers based on student successthrough academic, attendance and discipline data.Michael Houser, Chief Human Capital Officer, andEdmund Oropez, Associate Superintendent of HighSchoolsAll indicated staffing changes will be madeat the end of the 2010-2011 school year.The elective teacher accountability plan willbe developed in January 2011 andimplemented in June 2011. ProgressMonitoring Dates: October, November2010; January, March, June, and August2011019Eastside Memorial Green Tech
To be implemented 2011-2012Reconstitution Plan(Supplement to the School Improvement Plan)
Attachment 1
2010-20112nd Yr AU Reconstitution Plan2 of 6
To be implemented 2011-2012Reconstitution Plan(Supplement to the School Improvement Plan)
Attachment 1
Campus Redesign that Provides a Rigorousand Relevant Academic Program(1)The campus has implemented the New Tech model. This problem basedlearning model provides for a rigorous standard of instruction that helpsstudents create projects based on real-world impact in groups, pairs orindividually.(2) This model for academic standards will scaffold theinstruction with the Cognitive Tutor. (3) All students are provideddifferentiated instruction based on prior performance and interest.(1) The campus will ensure that students are receiving short cyclefeedback. (2)Short cycle assessments are being created by theCurriculum Specialists, Instructional Coaches and teachers toassess student standards for performance. (4) The campus willincrease the number of students commended on TAKS. (5)Thecampus created an RtI process for students who struggleacademically and socially as part of the summer teacherprofessional development . (6)Students who need moreintervention are scheduled into a small group intervention classfor math and science. (7) Students are doubled blocked into amath enrichment class based on TAKS performance. (8) Thecampus has a collaborative period to develop common short cycleformative assessments in the areas of math and science. (9) Aplan for immediate intervention to re-teach has been developed.(10) The campus will develop and track students based onindividual profile data. (11) Embedded in the New Tech Model isthe emphasis on dual credit classes. (12) An emphasis is alsoplaced on increasing the number of students who score at thecommended level on TAKS as well as the College Ready standardof 2400. (13)The campus will increase the number of studentswho are taking Dual Credit and Pre-AP and AP courses. (14)Programs such as AVID, or other College and Career Readinessinitiatives will be offered in the middle schools.PrincipalBegan June 2010 with teachers extendingtheir end of year by five days (ongoing)
2010-20112nd Yr AU Reconstitution Plan3 of 6
To be implemented 2011-2012Reconstitution Plan(Supplement to the School Improvement Plan)
Attachment 1
Campus Redesign that Provides PersonalAttention and Guidance(1) Counselors have not used the District's Naviance program to a successfulstandard. Counselors will ensure by the spring of 2011, that all students areentered into the system and are on-track for college and career success. (2)The campus had not developed previously an RtI for student monitoring. (3)The campus had not fully implemented the system for monitoring studentsat risk of not passing TAKS. (4) The campus has partnered with TEA on agrant for drop out prevention that will expand to more students.
(1) Counselors have received training on the Naviance program, havebeen provided additional time, and will begin implementation of theprogram with fidelity. (2) The campus hired an Intervention Specialist toprovide academic feedback based on student data with a supportnetwork provided to students by administrators, instructional coaches,and teachers. (3) An RtI standard was developed for individual studentintervention. Based on the RtI approach for students at risk and in needof intervention, students will receive appropriate support. (4) Thecampus will continually disaggregate student data to specificallyaddress student academic issues and provide interventions during theschool day. (5) The campus hired an additional instructional coaches forscience to support student needs. (6)The campus modified the mathand science projects to ensure academic rigor with frequent assessmentof student learning. (7) Survey data, as well as other data will drive thecampus communication to all stakeholders-parents, students, and staff.(8) The External and Internal CIT will conduct once a month formalacademic and systemic observations along with the AssociateSuperintendent of High Schools and Director of High Schools. (9) Inaddition staff from the Office of High Schools will conduct bi weeklyinformal and one additional formal academic observation monthly. (10)The campus hired a Project Advance position.
Principal8/1/2011Campus Redesign that Provides HighExpectations for All Students(1) The campus had not consistently implemented a data monitoring tool toassess student success and mastery.(1) The campus has begun implementation of a monitoring toolfor students to document their mastery of TAKS objectives. (2)The adopted student learning expectations will be used to informplanning to provide rigorous and relevant Project Based Learning.(3)The entire staff has received training in the New Tech Highmodel to ensure fidelity to the project based learning that alignswith the StateTEKS and SE's.Principal8/23/2010 - 6/4/2011

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