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My Boyfriends a WHAT?! the Full Story

My Boyfriends a WHAT?! the Full Story



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Published by goaliehead4
This is the whole story. There are no more numbered documents of this. I thought it would be a hassle for everyone to search through my shelf to find hte other part.
This is the whole story. There are no more numbered documents of this. I thought it would be a hassle for everyone to search through my shelf to find hte other part.

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Published by: goaliehead4 on Sep 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THIS IS ALL OF MY BOYFIREND’S A WHAT! NOT JUST THE FIRSTONE, BUT THW WHOLE THING!!!!Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters, just the ones I make upand my plotlines!!!
Chapter 1 (Thursday)“Rose, will you stop staring at them?” I hissed.Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale were my best friends in the wholeentire world. We three have lived in Forks for ever and our parents werefriends back in college. We were currently sitting at our table in the cafeteriaat school, Alice skimming through a magazine, and Rosalie gawking at themost gorgeous teenage boys to exist.The boys, Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, and Jasper Whitlock had just moved to Forks at the beginning of school. It was almost three days intothe new school year, so not just the Cullen’s were new. Every girl’s eyes-not to mention female teachers- were following them anywhere they moved.The three of them were extremely handsome and tall.Emmett Cullen had so many muscles; it looked like not even a shirtfor elephants could conceal them. He also had black curly hair.Jasper Whitlock had long blonde hair that barely went over his eyesand had astounding muscles like Emmett, just not
as big. I wouldn’t besurprised if the two of them stole steroids from their father’s medicalcabinet.
And the last was Edward Cullen. He was the most handsome out of the three, well from my preference. He had unruly bronze hair and the leastof muscles out of the three of them.But even though they aren’t related, they all have the same chalky pale skin color and bright gold eyes. They were all adopted by Dr. Cullenand Mrs. Cullen. The Cullen boys kept to themselves, always sitting in the back of the cafeteria. They would sometimes get together close and whisper to each other and stare at the person they were talking about. Very strangekids if you ask me.Rosalie was still staring at them.“Rose!” I snapped.She jumped and leaned back into her seat, startled.“Who, what, where?” Her eyes darted around the cafeteria.“You were staring.” I told her and bowed my head at her.“Oh.” She mumbled, embarrassed, and looked down at her food tray.I chuckled slightly and picked up my apple off my tray and began tomunch on it. Rosalie was probably the most beautiful girl in Washington.She had nice tan skin- despite that we hardly receive sun here in Forks-, sky blue eyes, gold blonde hair, and a body to kill for.Alice on the other hand, was thin and short in extreme. Weighing upto only ninety pounds and four foot nine in height, she has officially claimedthe title as pixie. She has black spiky hair and warm brown eyes. Alice has amajor shopping obsession. If her parents weren’t so rich, her family would probably be broke and starving with no clothes. Alice has the best happy golucky attitude all the time. I wonder how hard it must be to keep that up.
Me, on the other hand, have no trace of beauty in my features, or grace what so ever. I can hardly walk on a flat surface for more than aminute without finding something to trip over. My hair is a boring brown – nd my eyes are as well. My ivory skin has no color in it except for when I blush.I watched as Jessica Stanley from across the cafeteria got up from her seat and made her way towards the Cullen table.“Uh oh. Looks like Jessica is about to be rejected.” I whispered toAlice and Rosalie eagerly.Rosalie and Alice followed my line of sight and let out a small gigglewhen she saw that Jessica just reached their table. We watched as she battedher eye lashes at them and pushed her chest out a little more withconfidence. Rosalie, Alice, and I gagged into our lunch trays.Jasper, Edward, and Emmett stiffened and Japer’s lips moved as heanswered Jessica. Jessica’s back hunched slightly, but tried not to look putout as she walked back to her table. Rosalie, Alice, and I laughed quietly.But as if the boys could hear us, they looked over at us from across thecafeteria.We stopped snickering and looked down at the table. When we weresure they weren’t looking, we grinned at each other before continuing to eat.Alice checked the clock on the wall.“Let’s go ladies, only two more periods.” She said cheerfully.We groaned but then laughed. We got up and gathered our stuff as wewalked off to our lockers. I took out some papers that I needed for biologyand met Rosalie at her locker so we could walk into class together.In class, we sat down at our table and opened our books to what wewould be studying today. But then I heard a little sigh escape from the girls

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ericaloves added this note
that was a great story i loved it make a part 2 plzzz
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Ajanae Clark added this note
great story but i think you should make a part 2!!!!!! about what happen after bella was change........maybe rose getting pregant..........;)
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Its Great please update ASAP
TyraJ added this note
wow you made my day this story is awesome!!!
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