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Published by vinay999

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Published by: vinay999 on Jul 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In an industry during certain hazards is will be very difficult to monitor theparameter through wires and analog devices such as transducers. To over come thisproblem we use wireless device to monitor the parameters so that we can take certainsteps even in worst case. Few years back the use of wireless device was very less,but due the rapid development is technology now a days we use maximum of our data transfer through wireless like wi-fi,Bluetooth,wi max,etc.In view of all this things, the design of wireless parameter progress helps in anindustry to monitor the parameter in real time with the use of zigbee, is an easyinstallation platform, cost effective method for the low bit rate transmission, so withthe help of the ready zigbee platform by using the embedded c language we interfacethe module with the pc by the help of visual basic we monitor the parameters in thesystem.The main use of this module helps in an industry during the worst cases as theanalog device may be damaged may be during the fire accidents,etc.But with thewireless transmission we have not have an accurate data but when compared to theanalog failure the errors are very minimum so we use wireless to monitor theparameter in an industry where their no means of human interface to monitor theparametersIn this project we deal to monitor the parameter through wireless by usingzigbee ready platform which is based on the IEEE 802.15.4, 2.4 GHz, in this modulewe use msp 430 for the voltage and other technical parameters, which has in buildRAM in it. The working of this module is simple in principle, the changes in certainplace is monitor in real time process which is very accurate in monitoring and their noother interface and other disturbance in monitoring the parameter in this project wemonitor temperature and humidity with the help of respective sensors. The change inthe room temperature, humidity can be monitored like real time as the change isdisplayed in respective interval in the visual basic screen.This means of wireless end device is used to monitor the weather parametersin an industry, which helps to monitor and have a clear thing to monitor it. The
sensors used in this module to monitor are Temperature sensor, humidity and rain fallsensors Aare used.MSP 430 used in the module of contains inbuilt RAM and flash memory andalso Zigbee module contains A/D converter, transmitter also.so, this can be widelyused for home automation, industrial application which helps for an easy wirelesscommunication for a low data rate transmission. In this following chapter we discusswith zigbee and its importance and how it is used for the monitoring the parameters.
ZigBee is the name of a specification for a suite of high level communicationprotocols using small, low-power digital radiosbased on theIEEE 802.15.4 standard  for wireless personal area networks(WPANs), such as wireless headphonesconnecting with cell phones via short-range radio. The technology is intended to besimpler and cheaper than other WPANs, such asBluetooth.ZigBee is targeted at radio-frequency (RF) applications which require a low data rate, long battery life, andsecure networking
ZigBee builds upon thephysical layer andmedium access controldefined in IEEE standard 802.15.4(2003 version) for low-rateWPAN's. The specification goes on to complete the standard by adding four main components: network layer,application layer, ZigBee device objects (ZDO's) and manufacturer-definedapplication objects which allow for customization and favor total integration.Besides adding two high-level network layers to the underlying structure, themost significant improvement is the introduction of ZDO's. These are responsible for anumber of tasks, which include keeping of device roles, management of requests to join a network, device discovery and security.
(Fig 1:zigbee specifications)
At its core, ZigBee is amesh networkarchitecture. Its network layer natively supportsthree types of topologies: bothstar andtreetypical networks and generic mesh networks. Every network must have one coordinator device, tasked with its creation,the control of its parameters and basic maintenance. Within star networks, thecoordinator must be the central node. Both trees and meshes allow the use of ZigBeeroutersto extend communication at the network level (they are not ZigBeecoordinators, but may act as 802.15.4 coordinators within their personal operatingspace), but they differ in a few important details: communication within trees ishierarchical and optionally utilizesframe beacons, whereas meshes allow genericcommunication structures but no router beaconing. The relationship between IEEE 802.15.4-2003 and ZigBee is similar to thatbetweenIEEE 802.11and theWi-Fi Alliance. The ZigBee 1.0 specification was ratified onDecember 14,2004and is available to members of theZigBee Alliance. An entry level membership called Adopter, in the ZigBee Alliance costsUS$3500annually and provides access to the specifications and permission to create productsfor market using the specifications. For non-commercial purposes, the ZigBeespecification is available to the general public at theZigBee Specification Download Request. Most recently, the ZigBee 2006 specification was posted in December 2006.

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