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Honeywell Model Question Paper

Honeywell Model Question Paper

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Published by lingamurthyb

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Published by: lingamurthyb on Sep 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HoneyWell Previous year Question Paper
::Q1:: One of the applications of binary search tree is{~ Recursion~ Sorting~ Indexing~ All the above}::Q2:: Which method will be appropriate for an application requiring a search with constant time forall the cases (best,worst,average)?{~ Binary Search~ Linear Search~ Hashing~ None of the above}::Q3:: The average case analysis of partition exchange short is{~ O(Nlog2N)~ O(N2)~ O(Nlog10N)~ O(log2N)}::Q4:: What is the postfix notation of (A+B)*C-(D-E)^(F+G) ?{~ AB+C*DE--FG+^
HoneyWell Previous year Question Paper
~ BA+C*DE--FG+^~ AB+C*DE-+FG-^~ AB+C*DE--FG^+}::Q5:: While implementing a queue, there was a debate on whether to use an array or to use a linkedlist. Which of the following statements is not valid?{~ Array implementation consumes less space~ Linked List implementation has less programming complexity~ Array implementation is not flexible to future changes~ Linked list implementation consumes more space}::Q6:: Given the functional dependencies {AB->C,C->D} for the relation schema R(ABCD), thedependency A->D can be inferred by{~ the reflexive rule~ the augmentation rule~ the transitive rule~ nne of the above}::Q7:: with SQL, how do you select all the records from a table named "Authors" where the value of the column "AuthorName" is starting with "Peter"?{~ SELECT [all] FROM Authors WHERE AuthorName LIKE 'Peter%'~ SELECT * FROM Authors WHERE AuthorName LIKE 'Peter%'~ SELECT [all] FROM Authors WHERE AuthorName ='Peter%'
HoneyWell Previous year Question Paper
= SELECT * FROM Authors WHERE AuthorName ='Peter%'}::Q8:: Transaction A begins.\n Update employee set salary = 31650 where empno = '000090' \nTransaction B begins.\n Select * from employee \n Transaction B sees data updated by transactionA. Those updates have not yet been confirmed. \n what is the isolation level?{~ Read Uncommitted Isolation Level~ Read Committed Isolation Level~ Repeatable Read Isolation Level~ Serializable Isolation Level}::Q9:: Which of he following is not correct?{~ A table is said to be in 1NF, if all values of the columns are atomic.~ A table is said to be 2NF if it is in 1NF and every non-key column is non transitively dependentupon its primary key.~ A relational table is in second normal form 3NF if it is in 2NF and every one-key column is fullydependent upon the primary key.~ A table is said to be 3NF if, all non key columns are functionally dependent only upon the primarykey.}::Q10:: which of the following is correct?{~ An SQL query automatically eliminates duplicates~ An SQL query will not work if there are no indexex on the relations~ SQL permits attribute name to be repeated in the same relation

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