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Courts Martial of LTC Terrence Lakin - White Paper 3 - Staying the Course - 9/27/2010

Courts Martial of LTC Terrence Lakin - White Paper 3 - Staying the Course - 9/27/2010

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Courts Martial of LTC Terrence Lakin - White Paper 3 - Staying the Course - 9/27/2010
Courts Martial of LTC Terrence Lakin - White Paper 3 - Staying the Course - 9/27/2010

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: ObamaRelease YourRecords on Sep 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LTC Lakin Courts-Martial – Staying theCourse
On behalf of the members of The Veterans Council
Paul Vallely, Maj Gen (Ret), US ArmyJim Cash, BG (Ret), USAFHarry Riley, Col (Ret), US ArmyHarry Soloman, Lt Col (Ret), USAFCarmen A. Reynolds, Lt Col (Ret), USAFDebra A. Gunnoe, Lt Col (Ret), USAFGreg Hollister, Lt Col (Ret), USAFRichard C. Morris, Lt Col (Ret), US ArmyWilliam Harker, Cmdr (Ret), USNBill Little, Cmdr (Ret), USNJohn Johnson, 1
Lt (Ret), USAFLuther B. Neff, Capt (Ret), USAFMichael A. Trudell, Capt (Ret), USNFred Herndon, Capt (Ret), USAF
The United States Patriots Union, LLC
Sheridan, Wyoming
Public Release:
September 27, 2010
This document is the third in a series of White Papers concerning the courts-martial of LTC Lakin and thefuture of constitutional freedom and justice in America. Background for this third White Paper is posted#1 hereand#2 here. It must be stated that the authors and legal vetting team for these documents have not  been directly contacted by the Lakin defense team, but that we have been privy to communications fromthat team via USPU Veterans Council members.
The Problem
September 3, 2010,
following the ruling of Col. Denise Lind forbidding Lakin discovery or a defense,we released a first White Paper  concerning the LTC Lakin courts-martial, in which we lay out in detail a clear constitutional solution to Lakin’s current dilemma, that being his ineffective legal counsel and their losing legal strategy.The first White Paper generated enormous public interest and outcry concerning the fate of LTC Lakinand the status of the U.S. Constitution, which at present does not stand as a result of the ongoing violationof Article II – Section I, the
 Natural Born Citizen
clause.In brief, LTC Lakin asked his command the correct question – 
“Does command have legal authority toorder troop movement?”
But he asked that question based on the wrong foundation, a focus on the
“native-born” (birth place) status of Barack Hussein Obama. “Native-Born” is NOT the constitutionalrequirement for the office of president; “natural-born” is the requirement.As a result, LTC Lakin’s team remains in search of the Hawaiian birth certificate, which at best if oneexists, would only prove Obama’s birth place and time, his “native-born” status, NOT his “natural-born”status.On
September 14, 2010
, we issued asecond White Paper delving deeper into the challenges andconsequences of the LTC Lakin courts-martial, which reach far beyond the individual career and future of LTC Lakin. These two White Papers make it impossible for any honest investigative effort to miss thevital importance of the Lakin case - the true definition of natural-born citizen - or the consequences of allowing Lakin to cut a deal (or) to be found guilty of wrongfully refusing orders. No two papers in America have been better vetted, before and since the release. Yet the Lakin team hasvigorously refused to make any alterations to a defense strategy they know is wrong, and have been told by Col. Lind that they cannot even use, resting their faith in a CAAF
(Court of Appeals for Armed  Forces)
appeals process also run by presidential appointments.
As we stated in the second White Paper - We believe that there are only two potential outcomes of this courts-martial, and that both outcomes bring certain challenges. Our first priority must be to unite in defense of LTC Lakinin an effort to arrive at the best possible outcome for both Lakin and the nation. A conviction is unacceptable for thefollowing reasons;1.LTC Lakin is found
of wrongfully refusing orders. With this outcome we get the following precedents.a)Anyone, without so much as a birth certificate, can hold the office of President and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military. b)ALL soldiers must blindly follow orders whether or not those orders are legal, yet soldiers willcontinue to be charged with following those illegal orders, as they are today.c)Not even a high ranking officer has the right to challenge the lawfulness of the orders.
Net Effect of the First Two White papers
More people are aware of the Lakin case
More people know the true meaning of “natural-born citizen”
Several key lawyers across the country are ready to fight the right battle
The Lakin Defense Team dug in their heels in defense of their strategy
The so-called “conservative new media” went silent on the subject
Members of the federal government and Lakin defense team have attacked people who forwarded the WhitePapers, including the authors of the White Papers
Tea Party “constitutionalists” are aware, but nowhere to be found on the matter 
Members of congress who could step in, are running for cover 
In short, the only people in America who seem ready and willing to stand on the side of constitutional law and justice, on behalf of Lakin or anyone else, are members of theUnited States Patriots Unionand the Veterans Councillisted above and responsible for issuing the White Papers.
Official USPU Lakin Update
LTC Lakin is now aware of the White Papers that have been researched in depth and distributed by the Patriot’sUnion and the Veteran’s Council. Our goal is to be an advocate for the defense of LTC Lakin and provide solidadvice and support to the defense team. His defense team has vigorously advised him that he cannot and should notchange course to a stronger and more viable defense even though their defense strategy of “discovery” has already been denied by the ruling authority, Col. Lind.The Patriot Union firmly believes that the Chain of Command from the White House to the Department of Defenseto the Convening Authority to the Judge, Colonel Lind, have been corrupted and intimidated.USPU and the Veterans Council were prepared to offer LTC Lakin additional legal assistance to reinforce hisdefense in the form of one expert UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) lawyer and one expert criminal defenselawyer. That USPU offer was turned down by the current defense team.LTC Lakin has chosen to stay the course on the basis of advice from his existing legal team and we must accept hisdecision. We believe that the weaker defense may result in some form of a conviction or plea deal for LTC Lakinleaving the nation with the worst possible precedents and violations of the Constitution. As a result, we remaincommitted to all previous advice that was outlined in the first two USPU White Papers.At this point in time, USPU can only rally national support from all Veterans and Patriots to influence the outcomeof the court-martial in LTC Lakin’s favor. LTC Lakin and his legal team are 100% committed to staying the coursein search of Obama’s birth records or “native-born” status and USPU and the Veterans Council is committed todoing all that we can to promote a full defense for Lakin, complete with mitigating discovery and evidence.Please join and support us today to alter the course of this court-martial. Stand by LTC Lakin and purge thecorruptness of this current government and its agencies. Work with us to call upon all government officials toengage on behalf of LTC Lakin.
New Veterans Council Solution
The Veterans Council of the United States Patriots Unions has determined that under these circumstances, it is nothelpful to LTC Lakin to continue pressing his defense team to change course at this time. As a result, we havedecided to help the Lakin defense team the best way we can.

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