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Published by menuselect

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Published by: menuselect on Sep 28, 2010
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------------------------------------------Microsoft Windows 98 Second EditionREADME for SetupApril 1999------------------------------------------(c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1999This document provides complementary or late-breakinginformation to supplement the Microsoft Windows 98Second Edition documentation.CONTENTS1. QUICK TIPS FOR AN ERROR-FREE SETUP2. GENERAL SETUP ISSUES3. INSTALLING WINDOWS 98 SECOND EDITION FROM MS-DOS4. PERFORMING A CLEAN BOOT5. ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE6. FINDING HARD DISK PROBLEMS DURING SETUP USING SCANDISK7. CAB ERRORS DURING SETUP8. REMOVING WINDOWS 98 SECOND EDITION9. POTENTIAL ISSUES IF YOU HAVE A COMPRESSED DRIVE10. INSTALLING WINDOWS 98 SECOND EDITION WITH WINDOWS NT11. SETUP ERROR MESSAGES12. HARDWARE NOTES13. MEMORY MANAGERS14. DISK-CACHE PROGRAMS15. USING TERMINATE-AND-STAY-RESIDENT (TSR) PROGRAMSAND DRIVERS1. QUICK TIPS FOR AN ERROR-FREE SETUP======================================Disable all antivirus programs running on your system.If these utilities are left running during Setup, yoursystem may stop responding.NOTE: Some systems have antivirus capabilities builtinto the system. If this option is left enabled inBIOS/CMOS settings, you may receive a warning about"virus-like activity" or "Master Boot Record" changes.You must allow these changes to take place for Setupto complete successfully. See your antivirus softwaredocumentation for more information.Run ScanDisk to check and fix any problems with yourhard disk(s).Close all running programs. This includes disablingany screen savers, Advanced Power Management settings,and other programs that may cause Setup to stopresponding. See "Performing a Clean Boot" for moreinformation.2. GENERAL SETUP ISSUES========================If you have the Number Nine Imagine 128 DisplayAdapter, or the STB Velocity 128 3D AGP (NvidiaRiva 128), you should run Setup from MS-DOS or
change your display driver to VGA.Upgrade vs. Full install versions ofWindows 98 Second Edition------------------------------------If you have the Upgrade version of Windows 98,Setup will attempt to find a qualifying upgradeproduct on your system. If Setup fails to find aprevious version of Windows, you will be promptedto insert your previous media for proof ofcompliance.Disk Space requirements for Windows 98--------------------------------------Because many factors go into calculating theamount of free space required for Windows 98,these figures are only estimates based ontypical Windows 98 installs.Typical upgrade from Windows 95: requires approximately205 MB of free hard disk space, but may require as muchas much as 315 MB, depending on your system configuration.Full install of Windows 98 on a FAT16 drive: requires260 MB of free hard disk space, but may range between210-400 MB depending on system configuration andoptions selected.Full install of Windows 98 on a FAT32 drive: requires210 MB of free hard disk space, but may range between190-305 MB, depending on system configuration andoptions selected.Also, if you are installing Windows 98 to a driveother than C, Setup can require up to 25 MB of freedisk space on drive C for the system and log filescreated during Setup.Uninstall: If you wish to back up Windows 95 beforeupgrading, select the Save Your System Files optionduring Setup. This will allow you to uninstallWindows 98 Second Edition in the event you haveproblems. However, there are certain cases in whichyou cannot do this:* Your current Windows installation is on acompressed drive.* You are installing to a new directory or settingup a clean install with no previous version available.* You are running a version of MS-DOS earlierthan 5.0.MAKE A NEW STARTUP DISK! Because of changes in thereal-mode and protect-mode kernels to support FAT32,Windows 98 Second Edition startup disks are not compatiblewith earlier versions of Windows. Therefore, when you setup Windows 98 Second Edition for the first time, be sureto make a new Startup Disk, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT PLANNINGTO USE FAT32.Program Manager from Windows 3.x.---------------------------------
Program Manager is no longer supported in Windows 98.Program Manager (Progman.exe) is left on the systemfor troubleshooting purposes, but it will NOT containany groups. In addition, if you are upgrading overWindows 95, your existing .grp files will be removed.These are known to cause some problems when installingWindows 98. If you are upgrading from Windows 3.x,the old .grp files will remain on the system andProgram Manager will still have some functionality.You should back up your existing progman.ini and *.grpfiles before upgrading to Windows 98 if you intend touse Program Manager.3. INSTALLING WINDOWS 98 SECOND EDITION FROM MS-DOS====================================================If you are starting with a clean or new hard disk orif you have problems running Setup from your previousversion of Windows, you may have to run Windows 98Second Edition Setup from MS-DOS. Although installingfrom MS-DOS is typically the slower method ofinstallation, it is often the safest and should beused when other types of installations fail.MS-DOS Boot Hot Keys--------------------There are several ways to boot your system to anMS-DOS command prompt safely. The easiest way is byusing these hot keys:* Windows 98 Second EditionHold the CTRL key down while your computer is booting.This will take you directly to the Windows 98 BootMenu (the F8 key is still functional, but there isno "Starting Windows 98" prompt in Windows 98, soit's hard to know exactly when to press it).* Windows 95Press the F8 key at the "Starting Windows 95" prompt.This will take you to the Windows 95 Boot Menu.* MS-DOS 6.xPress the F8 key at the "Starting MS-DOS" prompt. Thiswill allows you to manually choose which drivers toload or to bypass your system files.* Real-mode CD-ROM driversYou will need real-mode CD-ROM drivers loaded so youcan access the Windows 98 Second Edition CD. If you haverun Windows 98 Setup before and have created a StartupDisk, you can use the CD-ROM drivers included on thatdisk. If you do not have a Startup Disk, you willneed to run the installation program that came withyour CD-ROM hardware.After you have access to your CD-ROM drive, you canswitch to the drive containing the Windows 98 SecondEdition CD and type: SETUP. Setup should now continue.Editing your Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files

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