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10 TYS Unit 8 (Sci)

10 TYS Unit 8 (Sci)

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Published by prameeta

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Published by: prameeta on Sep 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TYS Unit 8(Science Biology)
September Holiday Homework 
Unit 8: Structured Qn 1
a) Lactic acid; b) Glucose
Lactic acid + Smallamount of Energy;
Unit 8: Structured Qn 2
a) Aerobic respiration takes place in thepresence of 
with the release of alarge amount of energy whereas Anaerobicrespiration releases a small amount of energy in the
absence of oxygen;
Unit 8: Structured Qn 2
 b) Anaerobic respiration results in theincomplete/partial breakdown of glucose due to the absence of oxygen.
Unit 8: Structured Qn 3
a) i) x axis: time/hoursy axis: temperature /
Cii) Best fit line should be a curve
Unit 8: Structured Qn 3
3bi) As time passes, the rate of reactionincreases, producing more heat. Heat wasgiven out during respiration/germination.The vacuum flask can retain this heat.
3bii) Respiration or germination
3biii) Glucose + Oxygen => Carbondioxide + water + large amount of energy
Unit 8: Structured Qn 3
3ci) The experiment can be repeated with boiledpeas.
(Dry peas is not a control. Still alive. Willgerminate and respire if water gets in)
3cii) The temperature would not rise in the controlexperiment. Boiling denatures the enzymes in thepeas, preventing respiration/germination fromtaking place.*Note that germination is not in the syllabus anylonger, hence reference to respiration will do.
Unit 8: Structured 4
Glucose + Oxygen
Carbon dioxide+Water + Large amount of Energy;
Unit 8 Essay Qn 1
The alveoli are adapted for gaseous exchangein the following ways:
Alveoli walls are 1 cell thick 
decreasediffusion distance
increase diffusion rate
Alveoli walls are moist
oxygen can easilydissolve in the layer and diffuse across wallsfaster.
Unit 8 Essay Qn 1
Alveoli are well supplied with large number of  blood capillaries
speed up the rate of exchange of gases by maintainingconcentration/diffusion gradient.
Thousands of alveoli (highly branched) arefound in the lungs
large surface area for gaseous exchange.
Unit 8 Essay Qn
Aerobic respiration in humans:Glucose + Oxygen
Carbon Dioxide +Water + Largeamount of Energy;Anaerobic respiration in humans:Glucose
Lactic Acid + small amount of Energy;NOTE: When not specified, assume anaerobicrespiration occurring in humans (Respiration in yeastonly covered for experiments)
Unit 8 Essay Qn
Both anaerobic and aerobic respirationinvolve:
Breakdown of 
Release of 
Loss of some energy as
Production of 

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