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Tangential Abstraction #18B, or, My Date With Jane

Tangential Abstraction #18B, or, My Date With Jane

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Published by Apa Ongpin
I wrote this in 2000. I'm not sure if it's a poem or a song. It just came into my head and I wrote it down. Andy Locsin is supposed to set this to music.
I wrote this in 2000. I'm not sure if it's a poem or a song. It just came into my head and I wrote it down. Andy Locsin is supposed to set this to music.

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Published by: Apa Ongpin on Sep 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tangential Abstraction #18b, or, My Date With Jane
©2000 Rafael A. S. G. Ongpin
This is a story about a chick with whom I once went outLet’s call her Jane, but that’s not all it’s aboutIn fact you could argue it’s about the human condition,Or the relative merits of some philosophical propositionBut only a fool would say this is about anything at allI’d met her through my buddy JamesWho at one time or another had had, you know, aimsBut she’d left him, as they say, high and dry Jimbo said, hey I dunno, but: you’re welcome to tryAnd I said I would. I mean, you would too, if you saw her.She was built, if you catch my drift, like a freestanding terracotta sanitationfacilityAnd was reportedly possessed of a certain unique abilityInvolving her lips.Or was it her hips?I can’t remember now. But I believed it.So I called her one night on the mobile phoneon the off chance she wasn’t homeWhich she was... that is to say she wasn’tI said Hiya doll, tryin to sound pleasantShe was like, okay, be here tomorrow at eight. So I was.She was dressed for hitchhiking on the Skyway“Hey big guy”, she thumbed, “you goin’ my way?”“ ‘Course I am, I said, and which way is that?”She smiled, and replied “I can see where you’re at.”I’s like, “cut the chitchat and get in the car, girl.”So I proposed, “Let’s go down, you’n I, to MalateReliable sources say there’s gonna be a pahtehI told them dudes we could maybe meetsomewhere in the swirling chaos of Nakpil streetCatch a band or two, the Blue Rats, if we’re in luck.”So out we struck, and in no time at all, we were therelooking for parking, what a mess, I swearIn an ever-widening spiral we crawled, under the starsIt was all fulla people and food stalls and carsI growled, “we shoulda just walked here, dammit.”Finally, as we were approaching the Pasay borderand things began to look less in disorderDespite the fact that it was somewhat dark “Yo,” I said, “finally, I see sidewalk, let’s park.”She said, “I hope you brought a flashlight.”
As I cut the motor I glanced at her faceShe was staring at me intently, and my heart began to raceMy lips began to move to hers, of their own volitionShe started moving too, and before we knew it, collisionI was kinda surprised, but hey. Who pauses for analysis at a moment like this?She went straight to the point, she weren’t no flirtCouldn’tve been thirty seconds, she had her hand in my shirtI was more than playing along, I ran my fingers up her back She began to undo my belt, I was like, whoa! Frontal attack!I began to wonder whether this was the perfect venue for the next item on themenuWhen, without warning, from behind, a ray of light suddenly stabbed.Oh my God, she gasped, look out, we’ve been nabbed!There was a bunch of of Pasay pigs outside my car, looking in.They were pointing their rayguns at us, grinning the grin.I did my best to refasten my trousers at the speed of light. but it wasn’t easy.I exited the vehicle to speak to the copswho introduced themselves as from Special OpsI thought, this is a pretty special fuckn operationInspecting shady streets, seeking opportunities for extortionBut of course I kept this reverie to myself.Look chief, I began, you have to try and understandI am but mortal, I have desires, like you, I’m a manIn addition, if I may, I entreat you, have pityIt’s a hard to find someone special, in this cold hard cityThe cop looked unmoved and said, what the hell you talkin about?I’m talking about loveTalking ‘bout loveTalking ‘bout loveTalking about—Talkin bout lovin in the morning, lovin in the afternoonTalking bout lovin late at night, love never come too soonLove don’t grab you by the throat, don’t ever make no demandIt won’t tell you what to do, it won’t take you by the handLove’s so rare it needs an expert to identify itYou can’t create it out of nothing, you can’t sell it, you can’t buy itSo please have mercy sir, let this love go on its wayI think you won’t regret it. In fact, I’m willing to pay.He seemed to consider this for a moment.Okay, kid, but I got one question, he said, what time is it then?I whipped off my watch, and said, you’ll never have to ask again!He said, I’m not sure this is gonna go with my ensembleI said, try it on, it’s da kine, you’ll be da bomb!I felt at the time, that a little exaggeration was somehow in order.

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