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Table Of Contents

Our Hunger for Energy
1.1 Energy Supply – Yesterday and Today
1.1.1 From the F rench R evolution to the Early 20th Century
1.1.2 The Era of Black Gold
1.1.3 Natural Gas – the Newest Fossil Energy Source
1.1.4 Nuclear Power – Split Energy
1.1.5 The Century of Fossil Energy
1.2 Energy Needs – Who Needs What, Where and How Much?
1.6 Oil Prices Today – Politics, Supply and Demand
The Climate Before the Collapse?
2.1 It Is Getting Warm – Climate Changes Today
2.1.1 The Ice is Slowly Melting
2.1.2 Natural Catastrophes Occur More Frequently
2.2 The Guilty Parties – Causes of Climate Change
2.2.1 The Greenhouse Effect
2.2.2 The Prime Suspect: Carbon Dioxide
2.2.3 Other Culprits
2.3 Outlook and Recommendations – What Lies Ahead?
2.3.1 Will It be Bitterly Cold in E urope?
2.3.2 Recommendations for Effective Climate Protection
2.4 Difficult Birth – Politics and Climate Change
2.4.1 G erman Climate Policy
2.4.2 International Climate Policy
3.1 Less Efficient – Energy Use and Waste Today
3.2 Personal Energy Needs – Easily Saved at Home
3.2.1 Domestic Electricity – Money Wasted
3.2.2 Heat – Surviving the Winter with Almost No Heating
3.2.3 Transport – Getting Somewhere Using Less Energy
3.3 Industry and Co – Everyone Else is to Blame
3.3 Industry and C o – Everyone Else is to Blame
3.4 The Personal Carbon Dioxide Record
3.4.1 Emissions Caused Directly by One ’ s Own Activities
3.4.2 Indirectly Caused Emissions
3.4.3 Total Emissions
4.1 Options for Carbon - Free Energy Supply
4.1.3 Nuclear Energy – Squeaky Clean
4.1.4 Combined Heat and Power – Using Fuel Twice
4.1.5 Saving Energy – Achieving More with Less
4.2 Renewable Energy Sources – No End to What is Available
4.2 Renewable Energy Sources – No End to What is Available
4.3.4 Increasing Efficiency and New Concepts for Traffic
4.4 Reliable Supply Using Renewable Energies
Photovoltaics – Energy from Sand
5.1 Structure and Function
5.1.1 Electrons, Holes and Space - Charge Regions
5.1.2 Efficiency, Characteristics and MPP
5.2 Production of Solar Cells – from Sand to Cell
5.2.1 Silicon Solar Cells – Electricity from Sand
5.2.2 From Cell to Module
5.2.3 Thin Film Solar Cells
5.3 Photovoltaic Systems – Networks and Islands
5.3.1 Sun Islands
5.3.2 Sun in the Grid
5.4 Planning and Design
5.4.1 Planned on the Grid
5.4.2 Planned Islands
5.5 Economics
5.5.1 What Does It Cost?
5.5.2 Incentive Schemes
5.7 Photovoltaic Markets
5.7 Photovoltaic Markets
5.8 Outlook and Development Potential
6.1 Structure and Functionality
6.2 Solar Collectors – Collecting the Sun
6.2.1 Swimming Pool Absorbers
6.3 Solar Thermal Systems
6.3.1 Hot Water from the Sun
6.3.2 Heating with the Sun
6.3.3 Solar Communities
6.3.4 Cooling with the Sun
6.3.5 Swimming with the Sun
6.3.6 Cooking with the Sun
6.4 Planning and Design
6.4.1 Solar Thermal Heating of Domestic Hot Water
6.4.2 Solar Thermal Heating as Support Heating
6.5 Economics
6.6 Ecology
6.7 Solar Thermal Markets
6.8 Outlook and Development Potential
Solar Power Plants – Even More Energy from the Sun
7.1 Concentration on the Sun
7.1 Concentration on the Sun
7.2 Solar Power Plants
7.2.1 Parabolic Trough Power Plants
7.2.2 Solar Tower Power Plants
7.2.4 Solar Chimney Power Plants
7.2.5 Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Plants
7.2.6 Solar Chemistry
7.3 Planning and Design
7.3.1 Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plants
7.3.2 Solar Chimney Power Plants
7.3.3 Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Plants
7.4 Economics
7.6 Solar Power Plant Markets
7.6 Solar Power Plant Markets
7.7 Outlook and Development Potential
Wind Power Systems – Electricity from Thin Air
8.1 Gone with the Wind – Where the Wind Comes From
8.2 Utilizing Wind
8.3 Installations and Parks
8.3.1 Wind Chargers
8.3.2 Grid - Connected Wind Turbines
8.3.3 Wind Farms
8.3.4 Offshore Wind Farms
8.4 Planning and Design
8.5 Economics
8.6 Ecology
8.7 Wind Power Markets
8.8 Outlook and Development Potential
8.8 Outlook and Development Potential
Hydropower Plants – Wet Energy
9.1 Tapping into the Water Cycle
9.2 Water Turbines
9.3 Hydropower Plants
9.3.2 Storage Power Plants
9.3.4 Tidal Power Plants
9.3.5 Wave Power Plants
9.3.6 Ocean Current Power Plants
9.4 Planning and Design
9.5 Economics
9.7 Hydropower Markets
9.7 Hydropower Markets
9.8 Outlook and Development Potential
9.8 Outlook and Development Potential
Geothermal Energy – Power from the Deep
10.2 Geothermal Heat and Power Plants
10.2.1 Geothermal Heat Plants
10.2.2 Geothermal Power Plants
10.2.3 Geothermal HDR Power Plants
10.3 Planning and Design
10.3 Planning and Design
10.4 Economics
10.5 Ecology
10.6 Geothermal Markets
10.6 Geothermal Markets
10.7 Outlook and Development Potential
Heat Pumps – from Cold to Hot
11.1 Heat Sources for Low - Temperature Heat
11.2 Working Principle of Heat Pumps
11.2.1 Compression Heat Pumps
11.2.2 Absorption Heat Pumps and Adsorption Heat Pumps
11.3 Planning and Design
11.4 Economics
11.5 Ecology
11.5 Ecology
11.6 Heat Pump Markets
11.6 Heat Pump Markets
11.7 Outlook and Development Potential
Biomass – Energy from Nature
12.1 Origins and Use of Biomass
12.2 Biomass Heating
12.2.1 Wood as a Fuel
12.2.2 Fireplaces and Closed Woodburning Stoves
12.2.3 Firewood Boilers
12.2.4 Wood Pellet Heating
12.3 Biomass Heat and Power Plants
12.4 Biofuels
12.4.2 Biodiesel
12.4.3 Bioethanol
12.6 Economics
12.7 Ecology
12.7.1 Solid Fuels
12.7.2 Biofuels
12.8 Biomass Markets
12.8 Biomass Markets
12.9 Outlook and Development Potential
The Hydrogen Industry and Fuel Cells
13.1 Hydrogen as an Energy Source
13.1.1 Production of Hydrogen
13.1.2 Storage and Transport of Hydrogen
13.2 Fuel Cells: Bearers of Hope
13.3 Economics
13.4 Ecology
13.4 Ecology
13.5 Markets, Outlook and Development Potential
14.1.1 Carbon - Neutral Standard Prefabricated Houses
14.1.4 Heating Only with the Sun
14.1.5 Zero Heating Costs after Redevelopment
14.2 Working and Producing in Compatibility with the Climate
14.2.3 Carbon - Free Heavy Equipment Factory
14.3.1 Waste Gas - Free Electropower
14.3.2 Travelling around the World in a Solar Mobile
14.3.3 Across A ustralia in Thirty - Three Hours
14.4 Climate - Compatible Travel by Water or Air
14.4.1 Modern Shipping
14.4.3 World Altitude Record with a Solar Aeroplane
14.4.4 Flying around the World in a Solar Plane
14.4.5 Flying for Solar Kitchens
14.5 Carbon-Free Electricity for an Island
14.5 Carbon - Free Electricity for an Island
A.1 Energy Units and Prefixes
A.2 Geographic Coordinates of Energy Power Plants
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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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