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River Cities' Reader Issue #762 - September 30, 2010

River Cities' Reader Issue #762 - September 30, 2010

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Published by River Cities Reader

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Published by: River Cities Reader on Sep 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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     R     i    v    e    r     C     i     t     i    e    s     ’     R    e    a     d    e    r
   •     V    o     l .     1     7     N    o .     7     6     2   •     S    e    p    t    e    m     b    e    r     3     0  -     O    c    t    o     b    e    r     1     3 ,     2     0     1     0     B    u    s     i    n    e    s    s   •     P    o     l     i    t     i    c    s   •     A    r    t    s   •     C    u     l    t    u    r    e   •     N    o    w      Y    o    u     K    n    o    w    •     R     i    v    e    r     C     i    t     i    e    s     R    e    a     d    e    r .    c    o    m
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R  i     e  r   C   i     t   i     e   s  ’    R   e   a  d    e  r  
• V   o l     .1  7  N   o  .7   6  2  •  S    e   p  t    e m b   e r   3   0   O   c   t    o  b   e r  1   3   ,2   0  1   0  
a candidacy rom progressivism by winninga primary, establishment Republicans losttheir minds, continuing to run as write-ins,and excising supporters o such upstarts romestablishment-party committees.Tere is no reason to believe that theincumbents rom either major party, both o whom are clearly responsible or the erodingcondition o our country, have the know-how,let alone any intention, o correcting or theirdecades o errors. It is just plain insulting to haveto suer the campaign posturing, knowing it ispurely or election day and not a minute beyond.Tere is no other reasonable action voterscan take to declare their outrage than to votethe incumbents out, regardless o party. Techallenge or those o us who preer a republicanor constitutional orm o governance is that thepickings are very slim rom the non-incumbent,establishment Progressive Party candidates.Tere are at least two races on the ballot orScott County residents that have rereshingcandidates who are worth evaluating andseriously considering.Te mainstream media would have Iowansbelieve that there are only two gubernatorialchoices this November: Culver or Branstad.Because the Progressive Party’s leadership doesnot want Iowans too inormed about a viablethird candidate – Johnathan Narcisse – he hasnot been included in the three debates hosted by the complicit media culprits. Nor are his pollingstatistics included in any o the media’s political
 there were any doubt that America has just one major political party with twobranches, Democrat and Republican, itwas permanently dispelled once the nation’sprimaries ended. I would call it the ProgressiveParty, with Progressive Democrats on onebranch and Progressive Republicans on theother. My denition o a “progressive” is onethat believes in political change and socialimprovement by coercive governmental action.Under a true “republican” orm o government,which our ounding compact dictates, societalimprovement comes rom sel-determinationand mutual respect o each other’s property. Teonly thing that has progressed, under both majorparties, is the size and burden o the welare andwarare state, or this and uture generations o Americans.Te evidence o the charade that the two majorparties are not one and the same – and that theestablishment media is complicit in maintainingthis myth that there is a dierence and youactually have choices – is this issue’s cover story on ballot access in Illinois. Further evidence is theProgressive Party’s vitriolic response to the eaParty movement. Rather than engage ea Party participants (an obviously growing and organized voting bloc) about their concerns, no matterwhich party their voter-registration card reads,the Progressive Party demonized them.First the Democrats stereotyped ea Partiersas racists and then, when some ea Party-backedGOP candidates succeeded in emancipating
Rrshing Rcs to Wtch in Novmbr
by Kathleen McCarthykm@rcreader.com
analysis. It is a blatant betrayal o the public trustto deliberately limit Iowans’ access to Narcisse’spositions and views. Te two incumbents havethoroughly proven they are unt or the jobo Iowa governor. Narcisse is an inormed and viable challenger, whose governance agenda andstrategies and ideas to x what ails Iowa have beenormed in the crucible o the corruption-riddenstate capital where he lives. (See last issue’s coverstory and interview with Narcisse by Je Ignatius.)It is no secret, but heretoore largely unreported, that beginning with Branstad andculminating with Culver, 100 percent o the urbanhigh schools in Iowa are now ocially ailing.Tat includes all the high schools in Scott County.Te mainstream media, Culver, and Branstad willnot talk about this. But Narcisse will and does ashe espouses opting out o ederal-governmentprograms and empowering entrepreneurship-driven budgeting and operations by teachersand parents. A new documentary,
Waiting or “Superman
,” may possibly veriy much o whatNarcisse has been trying to expose as a ailedmodel. Narcisse breaks the mold, as he is aormer co-chair o the Polk County Democratsand is just as comortable addressing a roomull o ea Partiers. His ideas about tax reorm,education, and governance cross over the stiltedus-versus-them monolithic Progressive businessas usual, and his Web site is worth taking a look at: NarcisseForIowa.com.Te second rereshing race to watch is theScott County Board o Supervisors ballot, wherethree o the ve seats are up or election. ScottCounty problems can no longer be dened alongpartisan lines, because both parties are spendingand borrowing like drunken sailors, growinginecient government on the backs o taxpayers.Recent property assessments have more thandoubled on some commercial parcels, withno logical reasoning other than “We need themoney.” Te Scott County Board o Supervisorsrecently gave a blank check to a newly establishedtaxing authority to govern the Scott County Emergency Center. While this happened quietly,the proverbial horse is out o the barn, and allresidents can do now is hope that a new slateo independent supervisors will succeed inmaintaining scal and operational vigilance overa potential boondoggle that already has problemswith construction and radio technology emergingbeore it is built.Happily, we do have three independentcandidates rom the newly established Iowans orAccountability (IFA): John Riley (Blue Grass),John Green (Davenport), and Jesse Anderson(LeClaire). I their moniker is to be believed atall, then taxpayers do have some real choices thisall. You can learn more about the IFA and itscandidates at ScottCountyIFA.com.
Full disclosure:
River Cities’ Reader
Publisher odd McGreevy is co-chair o Iowans or a Fair Debate (supporting Jonathan Narcisse’s inclusionin debates) and a member o the IFA central committee.

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