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50 Things

50 Things

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Published by ljkalex

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Published by: ljkalex on Sep 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Class of 2010,
This will be my last entry written specifically for you; beginning with the launch of our newsite in early September, I'll begin focusing on the future class of 2011. I hope that you guyswon't be strangers; stay in touch either in person (come visit us!) or online (please drop bythe blogs from time to time and say hi). As you begin your college experience, and I prepare for my 10-year college reunion, Ithought I'd leave you with the things that, in retrospect, I think are important as younavigate the next four years. I hope that some of them are helpful.Here goes...1.
our friends will change a lot over the next four years. Let them.2.
Call someone you love back home a few times a week, even if just for a few minutes.3.
In college more than ever before, songs will attach themselves to memories. Every monthor two, make a mix cd, mp3 folder, whatever - just make sure you keep copies of thesesongs. Ten years out, they'll be as effective as a journal in taking you back to your favoritemoments.4.
Take naps in the middle of the afternoon with reckless abandon.5.
 Adjust your schedule around when you are most productive and creative. If you'renocturnal and do your best work late at night, embrace that. It may be the only time inyour life when you can.6.
If you write your best papers the night before they are due, don't let people tell you that you "should be more organized" or that you "should plan better." Different things work fordifferent people. Personally, I worked best under pressure - so I always procrastinated...and always kicked ass (which annoyed my friends to no end). ;-) Use the freedom that comes with not having grades first semester to experiment and see what works best foryou.
 At least a few times in your college career, do something fun and irresponsible when youshould be studying. The night before my freshman year psych final, my roommatesomehow scored front row seats to the Indigo Girls at a venue 2 hours away. I didn't do sowell on the final, but I haven't thought about psych since 1993. I've thought about theexperience of going to that show (with the guy who is now my son's godfather) at least once a month ever since.8.
Become friends with your favorite professors.Recognize that they can learn from you too -in fact, that's part of the reason they chose to be professors.9.
Carve out an hour every single day to be alone. (Sleeping doesn't count.)10.
Go on dates. Don't feel like every date has to turn into a relationship.11.
Don't date someone your roommate has been in a relationship with.12.
When your friends' parents visit, include them.
ou'll get free food, etc., and you'll helpthem to feel like they're cool, hangin' with the hip college kids.13.
In the first month of college, send a hand-written letter to someone who made collegepossible for you and describe your adventures thus far. It will mean a lot to him/her now,and it will mean a lot to you in ten years when he/she shows it to you.
Embrace the differences between you and your classmates. Always be asking yourself,"what can I learn from this person?" More of your education will come from this than fromany classroom.15.
 All-nighters are entirely overrated.16.
For those of you who have come to college in a long-distance relationship with someonefrom high school: despite what many will tell you, it can work. The key is to not let yourrelationship interfere with your college experience. If you don't want to date anyone else,that's totally fine! What's not fine, however, is missing out on a lot of defining experiencesbecause you're on the phone with your boyfriend/girlfriend for three hours every day. 17.
Working things out between friends is best done in person, not over email. (IM does not count as "in person.") Often someone's facial expressions will tell you more than his/herwords.18.
Take risks. 19.
Don't be afraid of (or excited by) the co-ed bathrooms. The thrill is over in about 2seconds.20.
Wednesday is the middle of the week; therefore on wednesday night the week is morethan half over.
ou should celebrate accordingly. (It makes thursday and friday a lot morefun.)21.
Welcome failure into your lives. It's how we grow. What matters is not that you failed, but that you recovered.

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