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Seven Laws of Teaching

Seven Laws of Teaching

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Published by Bryan Sumendap

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Published by: Bryan Sumendap on Sep 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seven Laws of Teaching
This is a clear and simple statement of the important factors governing the art of teaching.It has been used with great success as a handbook for teachers in the churchschool.
Seven Laws of Teaching Stated as Rules for Teaching
1. A TEACHER must be one whoKNOWS the lesson or truth or art to be taught.1. Know thoroughly and familiarlythe lesson you wish to teach --teach from a full mind and aclear understanding.2. A LEARNER is one who ATTENDS with interest to thelesson.2. Gain and keep the attentionand interest of the pupils uponthe lesson. Do not try to teachwithout attention.3. The LANGUAGE used as aMEDIUM between teacher andlearner must be COMMON toboth.3. Use words understood in thesame way by the pupils andyourself --languageclear and
vivid to both.4. The LESSON to be masteredmust be explicable in the termsof truth already known by thelearner -- the UNKNOWN mustbe explained by means of theKNOWN.4. Begin with what is already wellknown to the pupil upon thesubject and with what he hashimself experienced -- andproceed to the new material bysingle, easy, and natural steps,letting the known explain theunknown.5. TEACHING is AROUSING andUSING the PUPIL'S MIND tograsp the desired thought or tomaster the desired art.5. Stimulate the pupil's own mindto action. Keep his thought asmuch as possible ahead of your expression, placing him inthe attitude of a discoverer, ananticipator.6. LEARNING is THINKING into 6. Require the pupil to reproduce

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