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Not Easy Forex

Not Easy Forex

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Published by Mekomem
How I uncovered Easy-Forex Scam
How I uncovered Easy-Forex Scam

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Published by: Mekomem on Jul 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Not Easy-Forex
The wild Easy-Forex ride took place in Israel and part of it is told in the website:www.easy-forex-warning.com. Yet, I believe cruel and evil people are everywhereand therefore my experience should be a lesson to all of us.A neighbor of mine, Eli Sofer, told me about a great Forex company he and his buddy,Eyal Nisanian, have. The name of the company is Forex-Center (Israel). He told methat the company manages Forex accounts and that they have highly experiencedaccount managers that made tons of money to their customers. I didn't fall into it (yet)and asked for proofs. An agent from Easy-Forex by the name of Ran Cohen, then sentme an Excel titled "example of managed account $250,000". The excel contained 400deals all but 4 were good- A 60% profit in 6 months. I bought the story. Clearly Ididn't new anything about the "net deposit" (Click hereto read about this rewardingmethod) and that Eli Sofer, Eyal Nisanian, Easy-Forex, Easy-Forex employees, makemoney only and only if their customers lose. I didn't know the whole thing was asetup.Forex-Center gave me a written guaranty for 90% of the money for one year and Iopened an account at Easy-Forex. Forex-Center account manager made several gooddeals, but after two weeks they made few deals that drained about 50% of the account.The taped discussion with the account manager is transcribed in the website under “proof of crime #2” (click here to read this discussion). Clearly, Eli Sofer and Ran Cohen, apologized, and said, “these thing may happen….”Eli Sofer told me that Ran Cohen has a friend at Easy-Forex named Assaf Chason,and that he is an expert Forex trader that is “willing” to help them recover theaccounts of the company. He said that right now Assaf is a dealer at Easy-Forex so hewill manage your account while working for Easy-Forex but no one should knowabout this. I told Eli Sofer, I have a guaranty for 90% of the money so I cannot tellyou what to do, but I would like to meet this "Guru" and see his credentials. I wouldlike to see accounts he managed for at least one year and I think you should see such proofs yourself. Eli replied “no problems”, “of-course”....Assaf started to trade. In two months he made hundreds of deals, 80% of them weregood. He new when a deal is wrong and closed it before it made damage. He did welland many new people joined Forex-Center, and the overall account he managedreached few million dollars. Along this time I asked again and again to meet Assaf butwas told by Eli Sofer that Assaf refuses to meet customers. And then came the big fall- In 4-5 deals Assaf Chason lost 90% of the money in all of Forex-Center’s accounts.All of a sudden he “forgot” how to trade.Clearly I didn’t see any proof to Assaf's credentials as promised. I told Eli Sofer thatthey do not understand a thing about risk management and that I want to join thecompany- Forex-Center - to be close to the account managers and to make sure theydon't take unnecessary risks. I had no other choice. I couldn’t withdraw what was leftin my account because I was afraid I would lose the guaranty, I couldn’t leave themoney there, as they would lose what is left of it. I had management experience andthought I would manage the company much better than Eli Sofer and Eyal Nisanian.
My goal was to give some structure to the account management process so that nomistakes will take place. All this without knowing that there was no risk management problem, and that the whole thing was a setup.After two months while working at Forex-Center I spoke to Gilad. Gilad was incharge of all agents in a Forex company, and he told me that he was an agent at Easy-Forex in the past, but left the company. He told me about the "net deposit" methodand that Easy-Forex and their employees, make money only if their customers lose.He told me that he complained about the method to Ofer Komem, the global CEO of Easy-Forex and that Ofer replied, “this is the most rewarding method”.This is when I started to get suspicious. In a second meeting with Gilad I lured him torepeat his story and taped him.(Click hereto read Gilad’s testimony). From this pointon, I taped everyone I spoke with. In addition, I found out that Ran Cohen, the agentfrom Easy-Forex, was the actual CEO of Forex-Center before I joined the company. Iwas even able to put my hands on business cards of him as such....
Think about it, an agent of Easy-Forex is the CEO of a company that ismanaging accounts of Easy-Forex customers, while Easy-Forex makes moneyonly if these customers loss their money. Outrages!!!
I became Jackal and mister hide, or if you want, Trojan hours in Easy-Forex andForex-Center. Without letting them know that I know, I went to meetings at Easy-Forex under the hat of Forex-Center and taped all the meetings. This is where theincriminating tapes with Easy-Forex management came from.Several breakthroughs came along the time. Other people have taped Easy-Forexemployees incriminating themselves. A couple that took a 3 meetings "Forex course" by Ran Cohen made one of the taps. When I meet them they didn’t thought they haveany chance in this battle against Easy-Forex. While talking to them the wife (which, by the way, was smarter than the husband) said she taped Ran Cohen’s course and thatshe thinks there may be something there. I didn’t now what to expect but decided tocheck these tapes. Note that these were old cassette recorder so I first transferred themto digital format and to download them to my computer. It didn’t take much time fromthat point to realized that I striked gold. A small section of this tape is given in thewebsite (Click hereto read this transcript). This is the discussion of Ran Cohenrecruiting the husband to become an account manager. When the wife said herehusband is trading for only three months, and that he doesn’t have a license anddoesn’t really know how to trade, Ran told here, “What does he has to learn? He isdoing it today. Besides, he doesn’t move an inch without being told.” In other words,he will be my puppet….I, that will makes my profit from his lose will tell him what todo….The other breakthroughs came after the story was told in the news. I meet people thatwere Ran Cohen’s customers, sub-agents, and account managers. These people, for some odd reasons, had their cellphone on "tape" mode every time they spoke to Easy-Forex people.... These outraging taps will be disclosed in the book after all theevidences will be revealed in court.

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