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6738877 Adobe Photoshop Tutorial 1

6738877 Adobe Photoshop Tutorial 1

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Published by rania_elias

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Published by: rania_elias on Sep 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Frozen Text
1) Create a new image, 500x500px seems as a good size. Use a blackbackground so you can see what you're doing. Select the Text tool (T). Select thewhite as Foreground color and write a text somewhere in the image.When you're done, click on Layer>Rasterize>Type or right-click on the layer and chooseRasterize.2) Click on Edit>Transform>Rotate 90? CW and then click on the "Lock TransparentPixels" Button.Reset to default colors (D) and then click on Filter>Render>Clouds. Repeat this untilyou get a smooth grey color over the whole text.Note you can't just fill it with 50% grey. You need the small transitions between theblack and white, that appears in the cloud filter.When this is done, click on Filter>Render>Difference Clouds. Then invert the colors of the layer by clicking on Image>Adjustments>Invert (Ctrl+I) and onImage>Adjustments>Auto Levels.3) Dublicate the layer and hide it. Select the original layer, and unlock the transparentpixels. Click on Filter > Stylize > Wind. It might happen that you don't get so much"drop" as you want. So repeat the wind filter by pressing(Ctrl+F). Now, unhide the dublicated layer. Link and merge theactive layer with the dublicated layer. Select all (Ctrl+A) andthen click on Edit>Transform>Rotate 90? CCW.4) Again click on the "Lock Transparent Pixels" Button.
Fill the layer with white.Click on Layer>Layer Styles>Blending options.Set the settings to this:Blending Options : Fill Opacity = 0%Drop Shadow: Opacity = 50%Color = #678DAEDistance = 3pxSize = 5pxInner Glow : Blend Mode = OverlayColor = WhiteOpacity = 65%Size = 20pxRange = 30%Bevel and Emboss : Depth = 700%Size = 5pxSoften 7pxGloss Contour = Ring - DoubleHighlight Opacity = 100%Shadow Mode = NormalShadow Color = #C4DBE9Shadow Opacity = 25%Contour : Just enable it, nothing else to be changed.Satin : Blend mode = NormalColor = WhiteAngle = 120
Distance = 9pxSize = 32pxContour = Sawtooth 1And you're finished with your frozen text.On black background it doesn't really look that frosty, so give it another background. Abrighter one.I played a bit with this effect just to show how it would look on bright backgrounds. Inthe intro image I replaced the black background with some rendered some clouds usinga blue color as Foreground color and the default white as Background color.
Wind Text
Open a new document , fill the background black and write some white text.2) Click 'Filter' > 'Stylize' > 'Wind' (method:wind; direction:from the right). Nowpress 'Ctrl + F' to re-apply this effect.3) Repeat step two but change the 'direction' to 'from the left'.

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