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Top Ten Things to Never Micro Manage

Top Ten Things to Never Micro Manage

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Published by Jeremy Patrick
The top things to never micro-manage
The top things to never micro-manage

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Jeremy Patrick on Sep 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Top Things To Never Micro-Manage
1. Let The Creativity Flow And Go
You can't regulate employees' ideas! Management often asks us tobrainstorm and "think outside the box" and then get upset, defensive, or annoyed when ideas are generated that go against the company line,tradition, and break new ground. Employers have to be willing to listenand learn. Some bosses will vote down an idea just because of petty jealousy. No matter where a great idea comes from, give credit wherecredit is due and run with it!Thanks to Sandy Wheeler of Sandy Wheeler Travel Specialties
2. Micro Manage BLUNDER
Avoid the Blunder of micro managing your targetaudiences' AWARENESS.Urging your target audience to absorb TOO muchinformation at once not only overwhelms them butrisks losing their initial interest.This micro-managing, urge or need to control others'absorption may illicit or convey distrust as an endresult.Alternative? Instead of Runaway Micro ManageBlunder GO Get ripped once in a while.Thanks to Jolene Bungalow Gal of Vintage Broadcasting Services©, Quite The Stir Bungalow,Gettysburgs Greatest Generation
3. You Hired Them For A Reason
Don't micromanage your contractors! You hired them for a reason, for their expertise in an area you either don't know or don't have time tohandle, so let them apply their knowledge and handle it. Explain theproject, parameters and timeline, then step back and let them do their  job. Only bad contractors need their hand held. The good ones do their  job without taking you away from yours.Thanks to Dawn Nikithser of Words By Dawn
4. Language
Micro-managing the individual words chosen in an employee's writtendocuments (or in speaking) is the fastest way to alienate them - focus onproviding constructive criticism on technical (not personal) areas likepurpose, tone, manner & making sure grammar/spelling are correct, then let
The Top Things To Never Micro-Manage | Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Bloghttp://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/blog/the-top-things-to-never-mic...1 of 79/30/2010 2:47 PM
them be themselves!So many people we interact with every day are not English First Language,so it's important to focus on areas where they can improve; not where youdemand change.Thanks to Debbie Horovitch of DH Partners Media Planning
5. My Top Thing To Avoid Micro-Managing
Prior to opening up Chicago Art Leasing LLC, I had a background insales, which means that my comfort zone as an entrepreneur is dialingand smiling. But it's also the area that can easily swallow up all of mytime, which was the reason I found contract sales people in the first place. I was becoming my ownlimiting factor. After providing them with training, I have to trust them to put in the work to hit their targets, thereby allowing me to focus on the big picture.Thanks to Joshua Ginsberg of Chicago Art Leasing
6. Leave Your Folks Alone!
It doesn't matter whether you have employees or contractors...micro-managing any of the talent in your business is the best way to get toProblem Town. If you have chosen your talent carefully, the best thingyou can do as a leader is to step back and give them space. If you findyourself getting closely involved in the details of projects they've beenassigned, something is wrong. Figure out if it is you or them, and takethe right action to fix things.Thanks to Trish Lambert of Success In Sweatpants
7. Don't Mess With The Designer!
I spent years as a freelance and staff graphic/web designer and I alwaysfound it odd that I would be hired for my skill and experience yet end upspending 75% of my time trying to explain to my clients/employer whydoing it exactly the way they wanted wasn't the best idea for their brand or message AND THEN having to do it their way because they demanded it.If you hire a designer, let them do what they do best!Thanks to M. Kevin Bowen of Louie Kush Clothing
8. Don't Second Guess Yourself.
If you have already delegated a task to someone you know is capable of doing the job, it's best not to micro-manage the task or person. Doing sowill only take time and make the person who is working on the task feelincapable of doing to the job. In the end, it will be more costly and timeconsuming. You could have spent the time on tasks you really need tofocus on.Thanks to Claudia Fileto of Blooming Bods 3-in-one Online StoreMaternity, Baby, & Kids
9. ALWAYS Think Outside Of The Box
You never micromanage being creative and thinking outside of the box.In my experience, when I think outside of the box I make the mostlucrative decisions. I'd rather jump into something not knowingboundaries than stifle myself creatively.Thanks to Kathy Steuber of The Shopper's Tote, Inc.
10. Don't Tread On My ThoughtProcess
Micro-managing someone's thoughtprocess is the worst form of control. Somepeople think in a linear fashion and followsteps in a sequential order, others think inmore abstract ways and then there arethose folks who skip to the end then worktheir way backward. Unless someonespecifically requests assistance inthinking through a complex issue, it isyour responsibility as a leader to allowpeople to think for themselves and work through issues in their unique way.Thanks to Adrienne Garland of Kando Marketing And Communications
The Top Things To Never Micro-Manage | Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Bloghttp://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/blog/the-top-things-to-never-mic...2 of 79/30/2010 2:47 PM
I beleive it's important not to micro manage your sales force, give themthe tools and training to succeed, sales for the most part have much todo with developing relationships, if your honest and trustworthy, youhave half the battle won, great sales people have outgoingpersonalities,too often companies over train on technique at theexpense of product knowledge. Its important to develop confident salespeople, focus on self esteem and personal presentation.Thanks to Randy Martin of Watermatic LLC
12. Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned InPreschool...
Children should never be micro-managed. When you micro-manage achild you limit their ability to problem solve on their own. Instead, guidethem using reassurance and suggestive open-ended questions. In timethey will become more self-sufficient. Needing less "managing".Oh, wait a minute... this works for adults too.Thanks to Marlisa Klapdor of Happy Feet Child Care & Preschool
13. If It Requires Toilet Paper; MicroManage It
The only thing that should be micro managed isyour own bodily functions. Other than that; train,empower and trust your employees. And thehardest part, allow them to learn from their ownmistakes.Micro managing is a sure way to ruin any employee. If you need to micro manage, one of two things istrue.1: You should be doing that task yourself.2: You should empty your own cup and educate yourself on better management skills.Sometimes, the truth hurts.Thanks to Mike Brooks of MSB2 Consulting
14. The Things That Make Me Nuts About MicroManaging
One of the things that you should DEFINITELY NOT MICROMANAGE isanything that you delegated someone else to do. If you instructedsomeone well enough and asked them to do it....LET THEM DO IT. If you wanted it done your way, you should have done it yourself. Justsayin'.Thanks to Dara Blaker of Colour Me Music, Helpful Hallie's, Dara OnRadio
15. Commissioned Sales People
First, pay your sales people oncommission. A generous commission planwill ensure you attract the best talent.Second, DO NOT micro-manage your commissioned sales people. They get paidwhen they produce. Give them the toolsthey need (good sales people can sell withpretty limited tools when getting started)and the flexibility to produce amazingresults.Thanks to Jonathan Mast of Blue Rooster Photography
16. Knowledge Management
Never Micro manage your Knowledge Management initiatives, as thesharing and involvement of the participants would reduce and theinitiative will not be effective. All KM need to give innovative ideas a ventand encouraged to think beyond the usual to uncover hidden gems.Thanks to Dolly Bhasin of SPH Consultancy &eServices Pvt. Ltd.
17. Want To Destroy Innovation?Micromanage Creativity
Whether an iPad, Audi or a Linkin Park
The Top Things To Never Micro-Manage | Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Bloghttp://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/blog/the-top-things-to-never-mic...3 of 79/30/2010 2:47 PM

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