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M2C-13-Honoring Mothers & Fathers

M2C-13-Honoring Mothers & Fathers

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Published by kp.lacroix

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Published by: kp.lacroix on Jul 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My 2 CentsHonoring ourMothers & Fathers
By Bob & Donna Benson
Having missed Mother’s Day, we have decided to honor Mothers and Fathers together. Every yearwhen Mother’s and Father’s Day come around, we think of how special parents are. Any man or womancan be a Mother or a Father. Some special people are more than just biological parents. They are thespecial people called Mom and Dad.A Mom is the one who we ran to when we scrapped our knees or cut our fingers. She gently cleaned andbandaged our booboos. She cuddled and kissed us before sending us on our way. Dad has made uslaugh, joked around, and helped us get away with things Mom said “No” to. Firm yet loving in hisdisciple, Dad’s are a firm foundation in our home life. They taught, trained, disciplined, and supported usin our growing years at home. Mom and Dad cheered us on from the sidelines of our sports activitiesand hugged us whether we won or lost. They celebrated our birthdays or planned special parties. Theycongratulated us on our good grades and frowned at our bad ones. More importantly, they taught usabout Jesus and his great love for us.As life went on and we left home, our Moms and Dads were always in the background cheering us on.Reminding us to remember our foundation is Jesus…the solid rock we should build our lives on. Theyoffered advice and counsel whenever we asked (and sometimes when they were not asked.) Thoughthey did not always approve our decisions, they respected and supported our choices.When the day came we married, they rejoiced with us. They sent us off in our new life with tears,laughter and love. They were careful not to take sides in disagreements with our spouse, but offeredadvice on “fixing things.” Saying, “Love is the key. Remember 1 Corinthians 13 the love chapter.”Mom and Dad are the sunny Grandparents our own kids love. They send us off to sleep when the newgrandchild has kept us from up. I think they just want to cuddle their grandchild. They think aboutcuddling us when we were little and how the time has flown away. As the grandchildren grow, theystand in the background and cheer us on as we learn the lessons of parenting they had to learn long ago.They enjoy their time with the grandkids and surprising enough…they never yell at the grandkids theway they did us. They cuddle and spoil them before sending them home. Even when we as parents makemistakes, they gently suggest little things to make things better. Year after year, our Moms and Dads arethere.For some, there is a special Mom, Dad, or both in their lives not related by blood. They are someonewho adopted us legally or in their heart. He or she is extra special because they love by choice. They doall the same things all parents do, supporting, giving advice and loving unconditionally.

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