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M2C 14 Baggage

M2C 14 Baggage

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Published by kp.lacroix

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Published by: kp.lacroix on Jul 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Bob & Donna Benson
As we reflected on the article about Spiritual Seasons, we thought about some of the things thatbecome roadblocks in our moving from season to season (or level to level in our walk with Jesus.) In ourlife before Jesus, we learned many worldly behaviors, thoughts, and actions. Even those of us who wereraised in Christian homes, have things from our life before Jesus became real to us that can hold us backfrom a complete commitment to Jesus. They can make us feel unworthy of being used by God in hiswork here on earth. This leads us to our definition of baggage: anything that holds you, binds you, limitsyou, accuses you, embarrasses you, and nags at you is baggage. Anything that hinders your forwardgrowth in Jesus is baggage.When we are saved, all our baggage is bundled in a suitcase and left at the cross of Christ. The problemis we hate to lose our baggage. The clothes carried in the suitcase are comfortable, tailored just for us.Many are longtime favorites we have worn for a long time. Now in our new life with Jesus, we aresewing a new set of clothes. Many times these new clothes are not as comfortable as the old ones. It is atemptation to run back to the cross and grab the suitcase. When we do, we forget the great sacrificeJesus made to take that suitcase and all its contents. At the airport, when we lose our baggage we areupset. This is one time you really need to lose your baggage forever.The question is “How do we bundle up all the old habits, behaviors, thoughts, actions, and sins?” Forsome it is very easy to bundle everything up and leave it with Jesus. For others, it is a life long struggle toleave the entire world behind and live for Jesus. Every step is a struggle. Every new lesson is faced withdespair. No two people in the world are alike. No two people handle our new life in Jesus the same way.So first, do not compare yourself with anyone else. Everyone has struggles. When your compareyourself, you do so not knowing that the one you compare yourself with may not have trouble in thesame area you do. However, they might have a horrible problem in an area you do not. In addition, youcannot see into their heart. Maybe on the surface they look great, but on the inside, they are a basketcase.Next, talk to Jesus about the problem. Sure, he already knows, but you need to communicate with him.You need to get into the habit of telling him about your struggles. Share with him the good and the bad.Ask for his help. We are not alone in this…Jesus sent his spirit…Holy Spirit to live within us. The HolySpirit will support you and encourage you.Find a brother or sister in Christ to be your accountability partner. If you are married, your spouse is thebest person to confide in. You can encourage each other. If your spouse is not a believer or you are notmarried, find a same sex person to partner with you. (It is not a good idea to choose some who is theopposite sex especially if either of you are married. There is an intimacy in an accountability partner.

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