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Minutes 9 2(1)

Minutes 9 2(1)

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Published by larfonsorn

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Published by: larfonsorn on Sep 30, 2010
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SGA MinutesThursday, September 2, 2010Blume Board Room(Chaired by President Liz McAllister, recorded by Secretary Hannah Wahlen)
I.Meeting was called to Order at approximately 11:32amII.Secretary took Roll.a.Present: J. Denhof, T. Harris, R. Hartmen, B. Kaplan, M. Lantz, L.McAllister, J. Meding, R. Nelson, A. Romano, J. Scott, P. Silva, H.Wahlen, B. Willeford. Dr. Doty, Dr. Kraus, I. Crone, Dr. Sullivan.b.Excused: Dr. Sullivan-Morgan, J. Thompsonc.Absent: P. Chirchirillo, M. Yagen.III.Agenda was approved unanimouslyIV.No Minutes to Approve.
L. McAllister: Explained that External Committees are extremelyimportant, people must attend, if meetings are not attended L. McAllisterwill get on you. In the future, this portion of the agenda will be used toreport back from External Committees.VI.Committee Reports:L. McAllister: Exec worked very hard this summer, thank you to Exec fortheir hard work Right now exec will report back to the committee aboutsome of their projects.a.L. McAllister: Would R. Hartman please explain the Voter RegistrationDay?R. Hartman: Voter Registration is something that Student ServicesCommittee will be very involved in this semester. Students can andshould register to vote on campus. September 17
is Constitution Day,so we would like to plan something then. J. Denhof and R. Hartman willbe planning some sort of debate for that day. This will really be moreof a discussion, rather than an organized debate. And suggestions for amoderator? And ideas? Please contact R. Hartman via e-mail.b. J. Meding: This year, instead of SOTD, organizations will attend SORT. This will be held on September 7
ad 8
. Any Volunteers? H. Wahlen.Entire Exec Board. B. WIlleford.I. Crone: Can applicants volunteer as well? J. Meding: Yes. E-mail J. Meding if you would like to help out. PolicyCommittee will start meeting next week.c. B. Kapan: Working on a new website, which would include blogs, photos,documents. Looking for ideas – please contact B. Kaplan.d. T. Harris: Budget information will be coming later in the meeting.L. McAllister: Reminder, External Committees are very important, you must attendthem.VII.Advisor Reports:
Dr. Sullivan: Liz was fabulous this summer – I. Crone and Dr. Sullivanwere just trying to keep up with her. Thanks for the support for movienight during orientation; this was a great outreach to first-years.Welcome Dr. Doty and Dr. Kraus. Remember that the Etiquette dinneris October 21
, watch for more information.b.I. Crone: Echo thanks to Liz and all of Exec – Great job. SGA overnightretreat is coming up in a few weeks. This is the first time SGA haspulled off an over-night retreat.Dr. Sullivan: Will be taking a class on driving the bus.I. Crone: External Committees for Board of Trustees. R. Nelson will
need to attend Building and Grounds Committee on Monday, October25th.R. Nelson: Will check e-mail and respond to invitation from Armaline.VIII.New Businessa.L. McAllister: will not take nominations for administrative reps:i.Rev. Beauchamp (Nominated by J. Meding, Seconded by H.Wahlenii.Ruth Pusich (Nominated by H Wahlen, Seconded by R. Hartman)iii.Roger Moreano: (Nominated by J. Meding, Seconded by R.Nelson)iv.Jeff Kedrowski (Nominated by B. Willeford, Seconded by J.Meding)v.L. Doyle (Nominated by H. Wahlen, Seconded by T. Harris)
Christine Smith (Nominated by R. Hartman, Seconded by T.Harris)1.Debated on feasibility of this. Dr. Sullivan suggested thisis not a good idea.vii.Susie Reagan (Nominated by Dr. Sullivan, Seconded by R.Nelson)viii.Any Res Life Person (Nominated by R. Nelson, Seconded by B.Kaplan)b.Finance By-Laws (Presented by T. Harris unless otherwise noted)H Wahlen: Not all have printed copies; please only take one as needed. T. Harris: Jenn Serrano (of Union Board), I. Crone, and T. Harris met 3times over the summer to craft the new financial by-laws.H. Wahlen: motion to pass finance bylaws – Seconded by T. Harris. T. Harris: motion to split finance by laws into 3 separate votes –Seconded by H. WahlenL. McAllister explains these motions. T. Harris: We should split these because they are very long and wewant to explain and debate each part,H Wahlen: Motion on the table would allow for debate on each sectionrather than going over the whole things at once.L. McAllister: Call to Vote - Unanimous. T. Harris explains bylaws:- PG 8 explains SOB allocations. This has always been a practice butnever in writing. Very important.- I. Crone: Always happened this way but now it is in writing.- J. Denhof: clarification – what are the sections.- T. Harris see power-point divisions.- L. McAllister reads.- PG 9 involves technology and equipment. Each group will not need toget a quote from computer services when making a technologyrequests,- H. Wahlen: Do groups always order their technology throughcomputer services?- T. Harris: Generally, yes.- B. Kaplan: Is there a cut off price for needing a quote?- T. Harris: Asked Pat this, larger things school buys, smaller items arepurchased by orgs and go through the check request process.- PG 9+10 establishes a Student Leadership Coop Funding. This is anew section, just putting in writing the current process. T. Harris doesnot sign a check request. I. Crone and D. Logan do that.
- B. Kaplan: Does I. Crone have over-site of the process?- I. Crone: Yes, explains process.- H. Wahlen: Could L. McAllister explain SGA’s allocation method.- L. McAllister: SGA exec fills out evaluations – both for themselves andfor each other. Then I. Crone and E. Sullivan review.- PG 11 Rollover Account. Finance Committees Goal is not to haverollover but just in case. This section is more or less the same. Onenew area opened up – not just union board taking part any more. Caphas now been lowered from $100,000 to $75,000.- R. Hartman: How will groups get the rollover money? Application?- T. Harris: Likes the application idea.L. McAllister: Remember the new allocation board coming. This couldbe their responsibility.- J. Denhof: We should emphasize to groups that we could have lots of little activities, not one small activity.- J. Meding: This is actually used every other year for a concert. Lastbig Concert, Academy Is, costed around $60,000. This is something UBdoes.- B. Kaplan: Could is be foreseeable that there would be no rollover?- I. Crone: Yes. It will likely happen. Maybe re-budget to have the bigeven allocated for every other year- PG 11 Contingency accounts. To use these funds, groups must nowshow proof of outside funding. This combines sections from the oldbylaws and puts into writing a general finance committee practice,- B. Kaplan: Can SGA call upon contingency?- I. Crone? Perhaps Finance committee should answer that? Also,please look at the purpose for Student Activity funds in the front of theNew Bylaws. These are amazing.- L. McAllister: Was this just never verbalized before?- T. Harris: yes.- J. Denhof: What happened if we don’t make cap?- T. Harris: stays as is.- I. Crone: This is valuable because it includes all of the differentgroups that pay int student activities fees. We must pay attention to allstudents that participate, including non-traditional, ELSA, etc. Reviewthe principles on PG 2.- H. Wahlen Motion to close debate.- J. Meding: Second- Vote taken – unanimous.IX.Comments from the Gallery:
 J. Meding: LXA Watermelon Bash coming up. 3pm next Friday(September 10
) on the Mall. Also, would there be interests in havingthe President give an address to the campus?
(Numerous nods and “yeses”)X.Announcements:a.L. McAllister: please review attendance policy.b.J. Denhof: Will we be getting a roster?i.H. Wahlen: yes, not packet that was handed out earlier.ii.Packet includes external committee lists also,
R. Nelson: New people need binders.c.L. McAllister: Happens to think A. Romano is the coolest person atElmhurst College,

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