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Anu's Stories for Children

Anu's Stories for Children

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Published by Anuradha Shankar
Tales from Indian Mythology and Folk Lore
Tales from Indian Mythology and Folk Lore

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Published by: Anuradha Shankar on Oct 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tales from Indian Mythology and Folk Lore
Table of Contents1.
When the Lord became a Weaver.... ____________________________________________________ 2 2.
Uddalaka and Swetaketu _____________________________________________________________ 8 3.
 Hidden Treasure __________________________________________________________________ 12 4.
The Wheel Bearer _________________________________________________________________ 14 5.
The Six Blind Men and the Elephant __________________________________________________ 17 6.
The Dove's Sacrifice _______________________________________________________________ 207.
Strangers are dangerous ____________________________________________________________ 238.
Sri Krishna's Hunger _______________________________________________________________ 26  9.
Satyakama Jabala _________________________________________________________________ 3010.
 Krishna, I only need you! ___________________________________________________________ 3411.
 Kannappa Nayanar - The Saint who gave his eyes to the Lord ______________________________ 36 12.
 How a Great King was Yoked to the Plough _____________________________________________ 4013.
The Kind Hearted Dacoit ____________________________________________________________ 4314.
 Beware of Evil Friends _____________________________________________________________ 46 15.
 Parikshit _________________________________________________________________________ 5116.
 Hanuman ________________________________________________________________________ 5517.
 Puru - The Obedient Son ____________________________________________________________ 6118.
 Arjuna Passes the Test ______________________________________________________________ 6419.
 Nachiketa ________________________________________________________________________ 67  20.
 Abhimanyu _______________________________________________________________________ 69 21.
Sabari ___________________________________________________________________________ 72 22.
 Markandeya ______________________________________________________________________ 74 23.
 Draupadi _________________________________________________________________________ 77  24.
Vidura ___________________________________________________________________________ 82 25.
Yudhishtra and the dog _____________________________________________________________ 85 26.
 Lord Rama and the squirrel _________________________________________________________ 89 27.
 Karna - The Generous ______________________________________________________________ 92 28.
Vamana Avatar ___________________________________________________________________ 96  29.
 Harishchandra - The Truthful King __________________________________________________ 100 30.
 Bhishma ________________________________________________________________________ 105 31.
Valmiki _________________________________________________________________________ 109
When the Lord became a Weaver....
Once upon a time,
there lived two young men in a village. One was a weaver and the other acarpenter. They were very good friends, and were extremely attached to each other.
One day, they attended 
the annual village festival, which was a grand affair. People had comefrom far flung places to pay their respects to the deity.
One of the visitors
was the young princess of their kingdom. All eyes were on her as she alightedfrom the elephant. Her long dark hair flew in the wind, while her lotus-shaped eyes took in all the happeningsaround her. Everyone seemed to be enraptured by her beauty, but the weaver fell in love with her the momenthe set eyes on her. He could not take his eyes off her all day long, it was only when she left, that he turned to goback home.
The weaver was unable
to get the princess out of his heart, and spent the night lost in herthought. Even the rising sun did not succeed in weaning him away from his dreams, and his friend wassurprised by his behavior. “My friend, what is it that ails you?” asked the carpenter, in concern.
“My friend, I have fallen in love!
This is the source of my unhappiness, for I know that I cannever gain her hand!” replied the weaver, sadly. The carpenter continued to question his friend till at last, helearnt the whole story. He could not bear to see his friend grieve in this manner, and so he decided to help him.
“My dear friend,” he said,
“Do not give up so easily. I assure you that I shall help you marry theprincess.” The weaver was thrilled hearing his friend’s words, but he was also doubtful of success. “She lives ina palace surrounded by guards, and is the daughter of the king! How can I, a mere weaver, get to meet her, letalone marry her?”

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