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Published by Rajmohan

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Published by: Rajmohan on Oct 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1010-1987 Guide for Control of Hydroelectric Power Plants.pdf1012 - 2004 IEEE Standard for Software Verificiation and Validation.pdf1013-2000 IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems.pdf1015-1997 Blue Book - IEEE Recommended Practice for Applying Low-Voltage Circutbreakers Used in Industrial & Commerical Power Systems.pdf1016-1998 - Recommended Practice for Software Design Descriptions.pdf1031-2000 IEEE Guide for the Functional Specification of Transmission Static VarCompensators.pdf1036-1992 IEEE Guide for Application of Shunt Power Capacitors.pdf1042-1987 - Guide to Software Configuration Management.pdf1048-2003 IEEE Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines.pdf1050-1996 Guide for instrumentation control equipment control in generating stations.pdf1058-1998 Standard For Software Project Management Plans.pdf1063-2001 IEEE Standard For Software User Documentation.pdf1068-1990 IEEE Recommended practice for the repair and rewinding of motors for the petrol and chemical industry.pdf1074-1997 - Standard for Developing Software Life Cycle Processes.pdf1076-2002 Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual.pdf1076.1-1999 IEEE standard VHDL Analog & Mixed-Signal Extensions.pdf1076.6-1999 IEEE Standard for VHDL Register Transfer Level (RTL) Synthesis.pdf1084-1986 - Standard Glossary Of Mathematics of computing terminology.pdf1095-1989 IEEE Guide for Installation of Vertical Generators and Generator. Motors for Hydroelectric Applications.pdf11-2000 IEEE Standard for Rotating Electric Machinery for Rail and Road Vehicles.pdf1100-2005 Emerald Book - IEEE Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment.pdf1110-2002 Guide for Synchronous Generator Modeling Practices and Applications inPower System Stability Analyses.pdf112-2004 IEEE Standard Test Procedure for Polyphase Induction Motors and Generators.pdf1120-1990 Ieee Guide To The Factors To Be Considered In The Planning, Design, And Installation Of Submarine Power And Communications Cables.pdf1124-2003 - IEEE Guide for Analysis and Definition of DC Side Harmonic Performance of HVDC Transmission Systems.pdf114-2001 IEEE Standard Test Procedure For Single-Phase Induction Motors.pdf1143-1994 IEEE guide on shielding practice for low voltage cables.pdf1149.1-2001 IEEE Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture.pdf1149.5-1995 IEEE Standard for Module Test and Maintenance Bus (MTM-Bus) Protocol.pdf115-1995 IEEE Guide Test Procedures for Synchronous Machines.pdf1159-1995 IEEE Recommended Practice for Monitoring Electric Power Quality.pdf1174-2000 IEEE standard serial interface for programmable instrumentation.pdf120-1989 IEEE Master Test Guide for Electrical Measurements in Power Circuits.pdf1207-2004 IEEE Guide for the Application of Turbine Governing Systems for Hydroelectric Generating Units.pdf1210-1996 IEEE standard tests for determining compatibility of cable-pulling lubricants with wire and cable.pdf12207-2 Standard for Information Technology.pdf12207.2-1997 - Software Lifecycle Processes.pdf1222-2004 IEEE Standard For All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Fiber Optic Cable.pdf1233-1998 Guide For Developing System Requirements Specifications.pdf1235-2000 IEEE guide for the properties of identifiable jackets for undergroundpower cables and ducts.pdf1240-2000 IEEE Guide for the Evaluation of the Reliability of HVDC Converter Stations.pdf1241-2000 IEEE standard for terminology and test methods for analog-to-digital c
onverters.pdf1243-1997 IEEE Design Guide For Improving The Lightning Performance Of Transmission Lines.pdf1248-1998 IEEE Guide for the Commissioning of Electrical Systems in Hydroelectrical Power Plants.pdf1255-2000 IEEE guide for evaluation of torque pulsations during starting of synchronous motors.pdf1268-1997 IEEE Guide for the Safe Installation of Mobile Substation Equipment.pdf1276-1997 IEEE Guide for the Application of High Temperature Insulation Materials in Liquid-Immersed Power Transformers.pdf1284-2000 IEEE Standard Signaling Method for a Bidirectional Parallel PeripheralInterface for Personal Computers.pdf1291-1993 IEEE Guide for Partial Discharge Measurement in Power Switchgear.pdf1312-1993 IEEE Standard Preferred Voltage Ratings for AC Electrical Systems andEquipment Operating at Voltages Above 230 kv Nominal.pdf1313.2-1999 Ieee Guide For The Application Of Insulation Coordination.pdf1333-1994 IEEE guide for installation of cable using the guided boring method.pdf1346-1998 RP for Evaluating Electric Power System Compatibility with ElectronicProcess Equipment.pdf1349-2001 IEEE Guide for the Application of Electric Motors in Class I, Division2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations.pdf1361-2003 Ieee Guide For Selection, Charging, Test, And Evaluation Of Lead-AcidBatteries Used In Stand-Along Photovoltaic (Pv) Systems.pdf1364-2001 IEEE Standard Verilogr Hardware Description Language.pdf1364.1-2002 IEEE Standard for Verilogr Register Transfer Level Synthesis.pdf1366-2003 Ieee Standard Guide For Power Distribution Reliability.pdf1374-1998 IEEE Guide for Photovoltaic Power System Safety.pdf1375-1998 IEEE Guide for the Protection of Stationary Batteries.pdf1378-1997 IEEE Guide for Commissioning High-Voltage Direct-Current (HVDC) Converter Stations and Associated Transmission Systems.pdf1387 3 1996 POSIX System Administration Part 3 User And Group Account Administration (1997); BM OCR 6.0-2.5.pdf1390-1995 Standard For Utility Telemetry Architecture.pdf1394-1995 standard for high performance serial bus.pdf1394b-2002 IEEE Standard for a High-Performance Serial Bus-Amendment 2.pdf1402-2000 - IEEE Guide for Electric Power Substation Physical and Electronic Security.pdf141-1993 RED BOOK - Practice for Electric Power Distribution for Industrial Plants.pdf142-1991 Green Book - IEEE Recommended Practice For Grounding Of Industrial AndCommercial Buildings.pdf1434-2000 IEEE Trial-Use Guide To The Measurement Of Partial Discharges In Rotating Machinery.pdf1451.1-1999 IEEE Standard for a Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators-Network Capable Application Processor (NCAP) Information Model.pdf1471-2000 - Ieee Recommended Practice For Architectural Description Of Software-Intensive Systems.pdf149-1979 Test Procedures for Antennas.pdf1547-2003 IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with ElectricPower Systems.pdf1588-2002 IEEE Standard for a Precision.Clock.Synchronization.Protocol.for.Networked.Measurement.and.Control.Systems.pdf1800-2005 SystemVerilog IEEE Std .pdf241-1990 Gray Book - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electric Power Systems in Commercial Buildings.pdf242-2001 IEEE Recommended Practice for Protection and Coordination of Industrialand Commerical Power System.pdf252-1995 IEEE standard test procedure for polyphase induction motors having liqu
id in the magnetic gap.pdf286-2000 IEEE Recommended Practice for Measurement of Power Factor Tip-Up of Electric Machinery Stator Coil Insulation.pdf315A-1986 - Supplement To Graphics Symbols For Electrical And Electronics Diagrams.pdf32-1972 IEEE Standard requirements, terminology and test procedure for neutral grounding devices.pdf399-1997 BROWN BOOK - Recommended Practice For Industrial And Commercial Power System Analysis.pdf4-1995 IEEE Standard Techniques For High-voltage Testing.pdf421.3-1997 IEEE Standard for High-Potential Test Requirements for Excitation Systems for Synchronous Machines.pdf43-2000 IEEE recommended practice for testing insulation resistance of rotatingmachinery.pdf432-1992 Guide for Insulation Maintenance for Rotating Electrical Mach.pdf434-1973(Ieee Guide For Functional Evaluation Of Insulation Systems For Large High-Voltage Machines).pdf436-1991 Guide for making Corona (Partial Discharge) Measurements on ElectronicsTransformers.pdf446-1995 Orange Book IEEE Recommended Practice for Emergency and Standby Power Systems for Industrial and Commercial Applications.pdf487-2000 IEEE recommended practice for the protection of wire-line communicationfacilities serving electric supply locations.pdf488.1-1987 IEEE Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation.pdf493-1997 Recommended practice of the design of reliable industrial and commercial power system.pdf4a - 2001 - Amendment to IEEE Standard Techniques for High-Voltage Testing.pdf519-1992 Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in electrical power system.PDF522-1992 IEEE guide for testing turn-to-turn insulation on form-wound stator coils for alternating-current rotating electric machines.pdf524-2003 IEEE Guide to the Installation of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors.pdf525-1992 IEEE Guide for the Design and Installation of Cable Systems in Substations.pdf551-2006 Violet book IEEE Recommended Practice for Calculating Short- Circuit Currents in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems.pdf602-1996 -WHITE BOOK-Recommended Practice for Electric Systems in Health Care Facilities.pdf605-1998 IEEE Guide for the Design of Substation Rigid-Bus Structures.pdf610.12-1990 IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology.pdf610.5-1990 - Standard Glossary of Data Management Terminology.pdf62-1958 IEEE Recommended Guide For Making Dielectric Measurements In The Field.pdf62-1995 IEEE guide for diagnostic field testing of electric power apparatus - part 1 oil filled power transformers, regulators, and reactors.pdf62.2-2004 IEEE Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Electric Power Apparatus -Electrical Machinery.pdf635-2003(IEEE guide for selection and design of aluminum sheaths for power cables).pdf644-1994 IEEE Standard Procedure for Measurement of Power Frequency Electric andMagnetic Fields from AC Power Lines.pdf67-1990 IEEE guide for operation and maintenance of turbine generators.pdf730-2002 - Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans.pdf730.1-1995 IEEE Guide for Software Quality Assurance Planning.pdf739-1995 Bronze Book - IEEE Recommended Practice For Energy Management In Industrial And Commercial Facilities.pdf739-1995 IEEE Recommended Practice For Energy Management In Industrial And Commercial Facilities.pdf762-1987 IEEE Standard Definitions For Use In Reporting Electric Generating Unit

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