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Best Careers for Each Sun Sign

Best Careers for Each Sun Sign

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Published by celytina

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Published by: celytina on Oct 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Best Careers for Each Sun Sign
Have you ever wondered why some people make great interior decorators and othersmade great nurses? A great way to discover more about the best career for you is tounderstand your sun sign. The characteristics of your sun sign can help to guide youto the best career for you. Some people are more suited for certain careers than othersare.
: There are many "first responders" who have Aries as their sun sign. This is thesun sign of police officers, fire fighters, EMTs and medical professionals. An Aries is bold, bright and courageous. Most importantly, they are great in a crisis and under  pressure.
: A Taurus is known for loving beauty and their ability to collect things. Acareer in antiques or even interior decorating would be ideal for the Taurus person.They can spot items of value from thirty feet. As an interior decorator they haveexquisite taste and can always please their client.
The Gemini is known for being a confident communicator. Any Geminiwould excel at a career in communications. Having their own radio show or anewspaper column would be a great way to make a living. Geminis are sparklingconversationalists and great at debate - they can also go into politics if public lifesuits them.
: Cancers are known for being sort of homebody types: no matter what typeof career they have, they'd much rather be at home with their family. The smartCancer can make the most of things and actually work from home, having the best of  both worlds. Cancers are super sensitive and excellent nurturers. Being someone'sassistant or going into child care or teaching can be a great career choice.
: The Leo is someone that really wants to have center stage in their life, not justwhen it comes to their career. A Leo simply rises to the top and always manages to benoticed professionally. Leos are excellent negotiators and some can do quite well inthe field of law, as lawyers or paralegals. Others prefer to be dramatic and live life onthe stage and have a career in the performing arts.
: Virgos take their careers quite seriously; they look at them as a way to servehumanity and God/the Divine. You can most often find Virgos in the healing andhelping professions. Medical jobs or teaching jobs really appeal to Virgos. They canoften be the "unsung hero or heroine" in the workplace that does a lot for so many people. They simply love to serve.

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