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The Weaponisation of Culture – Part 4 – Divide and Rule

The Weaponisation of Culture – Part 4 – Divide and Rule

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Published by fastwalker

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: fastwalker on Oct 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Weaponisation of Culture –Part 4 – Divide and Rule
September 6, 2010 The elites give culture to us. The psychopathic elites are astrange lot. Their ‘bible’ seems to be
Plato’s Republic
, ablueprint for a New World Order utopia whereby the idleparasitic elites breed a manageable quota of humans asslaves on stud farms for specific tasks when needed, andcull off any useless eaters when obsolete. The Spartans didsomething like this for almost 250 years.David Galton, in his book, on page 17,
EUGENICS: thefuture of human life in the 21
(2001) ISBN0 349113777 Galton describes the first state, that of Sparta, tobe run on eugenic ideas whereby the best and fittest menwere bred to fight which enabled Sparta to rule Greece foralmost 250 years.From Plato’s Republic we get the science of the HegelianDialectic, falsely attributed to Hegel. Divide and Rule!When you want to steer a society in a pre-planneddirection you split that society into warring factions. Thisovercomes the inertia and gets the ball rolling for you.People at peace are not going anywhere. Our version of peace to the elites is stagnancy. To them war is peaceregardless of how many die or suffer. When we are all ateach other’s throats, we are too angry and blinkered tounderstand that we are being shifted anywhere, let aloneinto a new order.It is difficult to know where to start with this chapter as itinvolves the total break up and clearing away of an entiresociety to make way for the march of the psychopathicPlatonic/Spartan New World Order.
Let’s start with the genocide called detribalisation.A tribe, or clan, is a community. People are gregarious bynature. We survive by gathering together in numbers andcooperating, it’s part of our nature. We congregate withlike-minded individuals and survive together. It is quitelikely that tribes bartered with other tribes and got on quitewell together. Of course, there would have been somedisagreements between neighbouring tribes, which wouldneed resolving by the tribal elders, who had the wisdom of accumulated years. In a tribe or clan-type community, themen gather and surround the women and children and thewomen and children feel safe. This way of life is not acceptable to the New World Orderpsychopathic control-freaks who want us all standardisedinto one global multicultural manageable clump. Tribemust be pitted against tribe, and as much divide-and-rulemust be applied as possible in order for the invadingmarauders to dominate and detribalise the mass in itsentirety. The destruction of a tribal culture happens in three stages.Slaughter the elders. This is equivalent to the burning of a library in order toeliminate history, as the tribal cultures are oral and passthe information down through the generations by word of mouth.Slaughter the native language.By destroying the language of the indigenous people, theinvaders cut off all links with the past; wiping the slateclean for the New Order, which is now enforced upon them.Under pain of death, the people are forbidden to speak intheir native tongue. They are humiliated by having theirmouths washed out with soap, or worse.Enslave them with money.When the indigenous tribe is kicked and manipulated intosubmission and harvested, they are now made to pay their
masters to live. Disobedient dissenters are simplyslaughtered, sterilised, raped, mocked, tortured and madean example of to teach the new order to the rest.
The smashing up the nuclear family: 
A tribe is an extended family, but the next stage after theobliteration of the tribe is the destruction of the bondedfamily unit. The two should be viewed as a continuous lineof fragmentation leading on to the next stage and then thenext stage. The generation gap did not just happen. It wasengineered. Before the 1950’s there was no such thing as ateenager. Young people reaching adolescence have anatural rebellious attitude as they mature into adulthood. The elite think-tanks knew they could use this to their ownadvantage and stepped in and introduced music, drama,celebrities, cigarettes, cinema, jukeboxes, television‘soaps’ and fashion, to hammer a heavy wedge into stablefamily life. Suddenly teenagers were a breed untothemselves and anyone past the age of 21 was a ‘has-been’. Parents were all stupid and the propagandists were‘so cool’. The sixties gave teenagers the sexual revolution, drugs,free love, promiscuity, sleeping around and provocativedress. Of course, the real reason for all this top-downweaponised culture was the pushing of theeugenics/depopulation agenda through the popularisationof the contraceptive pill, the promotion of abortion coupledwith the created dreaded fear of unwanted children. In thesixties, the elites divided, ruled and sterilised a large naïvegullible section of society without their parents’ knowledge.We now have a newly created caste called tweenagers,neither children nor teenagers, little children, painted,perfumed and turned out as tarts and paraded before CCTVcameras as fodder for every salivating voyeuristicpaedophile out there to stalk. All this was planned. By theway, regardless of all the sex awash in the media,voyeurism is a serious psychiatric illness!
The smashing up of marriage:

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