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MAYA - Izapa The Origin Place of the Prophecy 2012

MAYA - Izapa The Origin Place of the Prophecy 2012



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Published by F. Ana Sztajnworc C

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Published by: F. Ana Sztajnworc C on Jul 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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John Major Jenkins
Izapan Cosmos
A brief survey of Izapan iconography and astronomy in the Group F ballcourt
What follows is a brief exploration of Izapan iconography and orientations in the light of horizon astronomy. This material was first published in a lengthy monograph (
Izapa Cosmos
,1996) and later incorporated into my bookMaya Cosmogenesis 2012(1998).Since these publications I have felt that
iconography and astronomy needed moreattention, and perhaps supportive illustrations and diagrams would be helpful to illustratewhat we find. In this brief recapitulation, I will focus on the monuments of Group F, for theyclearly suggest something profound and unrecognized about the Izapan awareness of astronomy.Izapa’s heyday occurred between 300 BC and AD 50. Its monuments contain recognizablescenes from Maya Creation mythology— adventures of the Hero Twins, their father, and their triumph over Seven Macaw. These themes were later incorporated intothe Quiché PopolVuh. I have already suggested that Stela 25 from Izapa embodies a dialectic between twoparts of the sky—the Big Dipper polar region and the “head” of the Milky Way monster near Sagittarius:
Stela 25: The Big Dipper vs. The Milky Way 
Stela 25 also contains a recognizable Popol Vuh episode, in which Hunahpu’s arm is torn off by
Seven Macaw 
. Since Seven Macaw is identified with the Big Dipper of the polar region, Isuggested (1996, 1998) that the “fall” of Seven Macaw involved the demise of an oldcosmological system centered upon the polar region. The shamanistic concern with knowingwhere the center of the sky is located is central to understanding this “cosmological shift.The shift, after Seven Macaw was done away with, was to an opposite orientation, asrevealed in the diagram above. The dialectic sets the head of the alligator in opposition toSeven Macaw. This “alligator-head” is the location of another cosmological “center of thesky”—it is the location of the center of our Milky Way galaxy. (Note: I am omitting argumentsand citations that can be found exhaustively documented in my book
Maya Cosmogenesis2012 
).Generally, this monument—as well as many others from
; e.g., Stela 11— indicate aninterest in the Milky Way, the dark-rift in the Milky Way (the mouth is the dark-rift), and the BigDipper.
Izapa's location 
I’m skipping over many related issues now to move right into the monuments of Group F. Mybasic idea is that the content of the monuments cannot be fully understood unless we takeinto account the site’s orientation, local topography, and horizon astronomy.These factors will be particularly significant for understanding the Group F monuments. First,let’s zoom into Izapa by leaps. Above we see Izapa’s location in southern Mesoamerica.
Next we zoom into
more closely and see that the site is located between two extremesof nature: mountains to the north and ocean to the south (left, above). Next, we see the siteplan. The site is oriented some 21° east of true north, which is the sight line to the peak of Tacana volcano. Also significant, the perpendicular to this main axis is sighted on theDecember solstice horizon. Many monuments (e.g., Stela 11 in Group B) face this horizon.In the diagram above right, we see the
Group F ballcourt 
on the north end of the site. We willneed to zoom in even closer to see how the lengthwise axis of the ballcourt, barelydiscernable here, is oriented to the December solstice horizon. Note: we are omittingadditional supportive evidence in Groups A, B, and E for the thesis I will present.

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