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Satans Government

Satans Government

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Published by necas00

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Published by: necas00 on Oct 01, 2010
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SATAN'S GOVERNMENTBy: Michael Joachim LucasSection 1 - IntroductionThis book is written from a religious viewpoint. The basic assumption on which the book is based isthat the bible is the Word of God and that the bible applies to our modern day and age.There are no human solutions presented in this book. The reader should know that the only solution theauthor will present is the solution which the bible presents - the return of Christ.What then, is the purpose of the book? It is a warning intended to show the reader how the events andtrends of this age are leading to certain disaster.There is a danger in the present material comfort we enjoy. This comfort tends to allow us to over look signals and signs which should be making us change our lives. Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes,hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, terrorism, bombings, wars, chemical and biological weapons. Thesethings are a serious threat, and yet the present system we live in grinds along without any changes.There is a reason for this: The system we live in is engineered to destroy us. The system of governments, banks, corporations, media agencies, computer technology, and even the moderneducation system, is an intelligent, coordinated effort to destroy us. And it is orchestrated by Satan thedevil, through occult and secret societies, who conduct the affairs of the world through unwitting politicians and corporate profit agendas.This is not a statement which will make it through the paradigm filters of the average reader. Talk of Armageddon, conspiracies, satanic cults, etc., are all classified by society’s collective mind as thefringe, the paranormal.Real life consists for most people of far more immediate threats, like paying the bills, advancing inone’s job, passing school exams, and getting a good parking spot at the office. Unfortunately, the timeis upon us when none of these things will matter. All the "sensible" concerns of everyday life are aboutto become totally meaningless. As it is written:They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be an unclean thing. Their silver andgold will not be able to save them in the day of the LORD’s wrath.Ezekial 7:19It is difficult to envision that the seemingly stable North American culture could be overturned. That is because for most of us, we have not been exposed directly to war and disaster. Such things are onlyimages on TV. They happen to other people in far away places.But we are about to be consumed by the most horrifying and violent events in history. These events areforetold in the bible.This book describes what is wrong with our world. I feel that no book or documentary in modern timeshas addressed the question of what is wrong with the world from a spiritual viewpoint. Everydiscussion of world problems seems to be focused on very narrow subject matter, such as the economyor environmentalism for example. I do not feel that such limited discussions are useful, and I think theyactually obscure the real issue, which is this:
Who is in control of the present age and what is theagenda driving the events of this world?
 I have never read any book or heard any speaker address this question from the standpoint of religioncombined with an analysis of technological and economic factors. That is the aim of this book. I want
to discuss what is fundamentally wrong with the world, and show how every modern development of our age is used to further an agenda which can be traced back to the fallen angel who is Satan the devil.I struggled for years with the question of whether it was even possible to write such a book, given theenormity of the subject. There are so many historical developments and social trends which play a rolein the story. How can such a story be organized and told in a cohesive manner? Finally I decided to goahead with the project based solely on my faith in God and my gut instinct. The result is the book youare reading.The basic premise on which I base my work can be found in one simple scripture:"No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its ownfruit."Luke 6:43-44The words are those of Christ. The concept that we can determine the merit of something by the resultsit produces is the basis of my whole investigation, research and writing.I believe that we have allowed ourselves to become trapped by a system which takes away the joy fromour lives and forces us to live in an unnatural and unfulfilling way. I believe that this unnatural form of life is being reinforced through the media, for the purpose of maintaining the dominant position of thegovernment, banks and large corporations, who work together for a common and sinister goal. I do not believe that we live in a democratic, free market economy, but rather our economy and "democratic process" is manipulated in every respect, and the illusion of democracy and a free market is created andsustained by those in power. This triumvirate of banks, government and large corporations hascomplete control over the media, which is used to maintain the illusion of a free society.A person chooses to believe whatever they want to believe. You can choose to believe the version of reality which is displayed on the news, or you can question it. This book is written for those whoquestion the standard, mainstream, scientific version of reality which is flogged in newspapers and onCNN. You then, have a choice to make. Do you want to understand truth, which Christ has promisedwill set you free (John 8:32), or do you want to believe the comfortable lies which now surround you,which caress you gently and rock you to sleep at night? The awakening to truth is not comfortable, justas it is often uncomfortable to get up on a cold dark morning, but life awaits those with the courage toface each day. It is the unknown which you must resolve to assault. You must resolve this to such adegree that you are even prepared to die for it, since, once you know what is really going on in thisworld, you become an enemy of this world, and your life will never be the same.So then, make your decision.How long halt ye between two opinions?A Foundation for Belief in ConspiraciesIn times past, people were suspicious of their rulers. This was because, lacking a mass media, it wasrumor which conveyed information, and rumor has no respect for authority.In our world today, it is the media which we rely upon for our information, and even rumors have become subservient to the mass media. In those places of the world which lack the electronicinfrastructure with which to convey the mass media, rumors continue, and governments seek to controlthe population through violent force. In nations such as ours today, the power of the media has becomesuch that the government is able to control us so effectively that violent force is no longer required.
a result of this lack of violent oppression by government, we have been deluded into believingthat we live in a democracy.
 One element of the media’s focus over the last hundred years has been to discredit any theory whichcan be classified as a "conspiracy." As a result many people have come to view conspiracy theorieswith suspicion, rather than viewing government with suspicion. This is a very strange reversal of human opinion, and it is important to note that this is a very recent development in the history of mankind. Conspiracies have driven political direction since the beginning of civilization, and are therule rather than the exception. It is a testament to the power of modern media that over the course of thelast hundred years, a carefully controlled media has been able to condition the population into the belief that conspiracies are the last resort of those citizens who are either paranoid or unable to explain their own failures by any other means.We need, therefore, to establish the true historical background of conspiracies, so that the reader canview the matter from the perspective of historical fact rather than the highly politicized modern mood.One of the most highly respected historians of our century, Carroll Quigley, wrote of the historicaldevelopments leading to the modern control of the media by political powers. In his book, "Tragedyand Hope", he explains that newspapers have been under the control of those with political agendassince 1890, and have been used for manipulating public opinion to support foreign wars. His book alsogives the history of the formation of a secret society in 1891 which has influenced governments andworld affairs ever since. The groundwork for conspiracies is well documented, and the reader shouldnot be so simple minded as to think that conspiracies are the fabrication of unstable minds, when solidhistorical documentation supports their existence throughout human civilization.Another point to consider is this: Why does the media in general discount conspiracy theories soconsistently? If the media is not controlled, as I say it is, then would not each editor of each newspaper respond to each theory independently, and would this not result in a wide variation of the treatment of such theories? But this is not the case, and the media is very well coordinated in discounting conspiracytheory. This can only be considered as further proof that the media is centrally controlled.The greatest hindrance the average person has in learning the truth about the world is his inability to put present developments into historical perspective. This is to say that lack of historical knowledgemakes it hard for the average reader to step outside of the paradigms of his era, and this in turn makes itdifficult to take a truly objective approach to studying historical fact. This is an important point simply because the present day manifestation of those events which many now regard as conspiracies are theoutcome of secret societies which began one hundred years ago, at precisely the time when mass mediawas becoming a powerful social force. In fact, it is the authors opinion that without mass media, the plans of these secret societies would have never become successful.The Age of IllusionIf there is one theme which I put forth in this book it is this: That we live under a spell. And this spell isthe illusion that human life and human problems are of a material nature and must be addressed bytechnological or scientific solutions. To this I object, since my contention is that all of our serious present issues are of a spiritual nature. To the critic of this standpoint I will concede that there is a placefor scientific and technological work, and in fact since we live in a material world we must deal with physical reality. This I do not dispute. Rather what I suggest is that while we are busily pursuingmaterialistic concerns we are further led down the "garden path" into the false belief that every problemshould be addressed by technological efforts. Increasingly, we are being told that to think otherwise is

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