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Google's Project 10100

Google's Project 10100

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Published by Kamlesh Maheshwari
Google's Project 10100
Google's Project 10100

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Published by: Kamlesh Maheshwari on Oct 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Winners of Google’s Project 1
Thousands of people from morenarrowed it down to thefinal 16 iThe following five ideas receivedmonths, we have reviewed conc$10 million to five inspiring orga
===================Big ideas: the final 16
Well, here we are.Last fall we launched Project 10possible. Your response was ovsubmitted more than 150,000 (oimplementation proposals. As wrelated to certain broad topics, awould produce the most innovati
Voting is complete. We'll anno
GLE’S : Project 10
than 170 countries submitted over 150,000 ideadeasfor public vote.the most votes and are the winners of Project 1r
ete proposals to tackle these ideas. We are pleaisations working on solutions to each of these gl
100, a call for ideas to change the world by helpirwhelming. Thousands of people from more thaaround 10^5.2) ideas, from general investmentreviewed these submissions, we started noticinnd decided that combining the best aspects of thve approaches to solving some very pressing pr
unce the winning big ideas in the near future.
. From that group, we
. Over the past 12sed to give a total ofbal challenges:
ing as many people as170 countriesuggestions to specificlots of similar ideasse individual proposalsblems.
1. Enhance science and engineering education
EducationSupport initiatives that enhance young people's engineering and science education. Users from manycountries agreed that encouraging science education was an ideal way to ensure the brightest future fortechnology development itself. Specific ideas ranged from building a virtual science lab and a livemultiplayer maths game, to putting Lego robots and local high-tech professionals in schools.Suggestions that inspired this idea 1. Sponsor the FIRST robotics competition2. Build a virtual science lab to enable students without sufficient access to proper facilities to run, trial andtest virtual experiments3. Ensure that youth has access to Legos, robots, computers, etc. in school environments4. Recruit local technology professionals to work with students at local schools5. Create an academically oriented multiplayer game focused on maths and science
2. Create real-world issue-reporting system
CommunityBuild an issue-reporting web site that lets people report problems to the proper authorities. Whensoftware testers find errors, they generally submit them to a tool which automatically routes them to theright team to be fixed. Implementing proposals for this idea might involve creating an analogous systemfor the real world that lets anyone report a problem of any kind (e.g. a dangerous pothole) and routesproblems that it deems sufficiently important to the proper authorities (e.g. the relevant road agency). Theaim would be to incorporate all the niche applications that users suggested, including reporting crimes tothe police and environmental issues to local governments.Suggestions that inspired this idea 1. Enable people to submit bug reports about problems in the real world2. Create a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to find any service anywhere
3. Promote health monitoring and data analysis
HealthPredict and minimise medical problems and emergencies through real-time tracking of individuals' healthdata and analysis of historical data. Several ideas, submitted in multiple languages, recommend thisconcept, offering various ideas about which types of monitors and devices to use; which vital signs tomeasure (with varying levels of invasiveness); which diseases and conditions to track; and so on. Theidea could work both in the developed world (through wearable, mobile or in-home devices) and in the

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