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Table Of Contents

Understanding the DNS Domain Namespace
How the DNS Domain Namespace Is Organized
Types of DNS Domain Names
Name Type Description Example
DNS and Internet Domains
Some DNS Top-level Domain Names (TLDs)
DNS Domain Name Type of Organization
Resource Records
Common DNS Resource Records
Description Class Time To Live (TTL) Type Data
Distributing the DNS Database: Zone Files and Delegation
Replicating the DNS Database
Zone Transfer
Types of Zone File Replication
Querying the Database
Time to Live for Resource Records
Updating the DNS Database
DNS Architecture Diagrams
DNS Client Service Architecture
DNS Server Service Architecture
Message Types
DNS Query Message Format
Standard DNS Query Message Format
DNS Message Format
DNS Query Message Header
DNS Query Message Header Fields
Field Name Description
DNS Query Question Entries
DNS Query Question Entry Fields
Field Name Description
DNS Resource Records
DNS Resource Record Message Fields
Name Query Message
DNS Name Query Message Fields
Name Query Response
DNS Name Query Response Fields
Question count Set to 1
Reverse Name Query Message
DNS Update Message Format
DNS Update Message Flags
DNS Update Message Flag Field Return Code Values
Result Code
Value Description
Dynamic Update Response Message
DNS Client Service
Domain Names
Host Names
NetBIOS vs. DNS Computer Names
Primary DNS Suffixes
Connection-specific Names
Connection-specific DNS Names
Addresses Description
NetBIOS Names
DNS and NetBIOS Names
Name Type Description
DNS Servers List
DNS Suffix Search List
Name Restrictions for Hosts and Domains
Windows NT 4.0) DNS in Windows Server 2003 NetBIOS
Subnet Prioritization
DNS Server Service
Disabling Recursion
Round Robin
Example: Round-robin rotation
Restricting round robin rotation for selected RR types
Restricting round-robin rotation for all RR types
Simple example: Local network prioritizing
Complex example: Local subnet prioritizing
Advanced DNS Server Service Parameters
DNS Server Service Advanced Parameters
Resource Records in DNS
Authority Records
The SOA resource record
SOA Resource Record Fields
Field Description
The NS resource record
Basic Syntax of a Name Server Resource Record
Other Important Records
Resource Record Description
Host (A) resource records
Alias (CNAME) resource records
Mail exchanger (MX) resource records
Pointer (PTR) resource records
Service location (SRV) resource records
DNS-related Files
File Description
Zones and Zone Transfer
Difference Between Zones and Domains
DNS Domain Names and Subdomain Names
Why Zone Replication and Zone Transfers Are Needed
Domain Delegation
Example: Delegating a subdomain to a new zone
Delegating a Subdomain
Incremental Zone Transfers
Example: Zone Transfer
Root Hints
ENDS0 UDP responses
EDNS0 UDP queries
Identifying and caching EDNS0 support
EDNS0 Failure Code Values
Name Value Description
Server support for DNSSEC
Client support for DNSSEC
Active Directory Integration
Benefits of Integrating DNS with Active Directory
How DNS Integrates with Active Directory
Replication Model
Active Directory-integrated Zones
Active Directory–integrated Zone
Active Directory Replication and Zone Transfer
From Active Directory and Registry
Read server and zones parameters from: Boot file and the
Write server and zones parameters to: Boot file and the
Directory-integrated Zone Storage Location
Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Storage Options
Active Directory Storage Option Description
Active Directory DNS Objects
DNS Objects Stored in Active Directory
Object Description
DNS Objects in Active Directory
How DNS Queries Work
Part 1: DNS Client Service Resolver
Overview of DNS Query Process
Part 2: Querying a DNS Server
Querying the DNS Server, Part 1
Querying the DNS Server, Part 2
Querying the DNS Server, Part 3
Multihomed Name Resolution
Alternate Query Responses
How Iteration Works
How Caching Works
Reverse Lookup
Example: Reverse Query (for IPv4 networks)
Reverse Query
Directing Name Queries Using Forwarders
External Name Queries Directed Using Forwarders
Behavior of a DNS Server Configured to Use Forwarding
Forwarding Sequence
Forwarders and Delegation
Forwarders and Root Servers
Conditional Forwarders
Intranet Name Resolution
Internet Name Resolution
Dynamic Update
Protocol Description
How client and server computers update their DNS names
Example: How dynamic update works
DNS and DHCP Clients and Servers
Dynamic Update Process for Network Connections Configured by DHCP
Fields in the FQDN Option of the DHCPREQUEST Packet
Field Explanation
Dynamic Update Process for Statically Configured and Remote Access Clients
Dynamic Update Process for Multihomed Clients
Time to Live
Resolving Name Conflicts
Secure Dynamic Update
How secure dynamic update works
Secure dynamic update process
Security for DHCP Clients That Do Not Support the FQDN Option
Securing records when using the DnsUpdateProxy group
Controlling Update Access to Zones and Names
DNSAdmins group
Reserving names
Understanding Aging and Scavenging
Prerequisites for Aging and Scavenging
Aging and Scavenging Terminology
When Scavenging Can Start
Example of the aging and scavenging process for a sample record
Unicode Character Support
What is UTF-8?
How the DNS Service Implements UTF-8
Considerations for Interoperability With UTF-8
WINS Lookup Integration
WINS Resource Record
How WINS Lookup Works
WINS Lookup
How WINS Reverse Lookup Works
UDP and TCP Port Assignments for DNS Servers
Transmission Destination Port
RFCs for the DNS Server Service
Internet Drafts for DNS
Other Specifications for DNS
Obtaining DNS RFCs and Other Internet Draft Specifications
DNS Resource Records Reference
Format of DNS Resource Records
DNS Resource Records (Alphabetical List) A
DNS Server Log Reference
Some Events Recorded in the DNS Server Log
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What is DNS

What is DNS

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