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Pretty Bones PDF

Pretty Bones PDF

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Published by elrondandmutt
Her dream was to be the prettiest fashion model in the world. All she needed was a little magic.
Her dream was to be the prettiest fashion model in the world. All she needed was a little magic.

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Published by: elrondandmutt on Oct 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Becky had always wanted to be a fashion model. Be able to wear theabsolute latest French or Italian designs and walk down that runway,everyone staring and applauding, a hundred cameras flashing, network videos zooming in. On her.Oh, of course it wouldn’t be her. It would be on what she waswearing. But the design industry knew the way the model paced the runwayfor that one minute made all the difference whether it would sell or berelegated to the trash bin. Becky knew how to make the crappiest scrap of cloth shine. She could make millionaires buy potato sacks.But they weren’t going to give her that chance at this year’s WorldFashion Show. The
 Big One
that was viewed worldwide. The auditionpanel said she was too fat.
 She stared at herself in the mirror.5’10” -- really 5’10” and a half, 125 pounds, totally firm. She’dworked toward this since she was ten years old, ever since her mom foldedback a page in Bazaar and said “That looks like you.” She’d torn out thephoto and gave it to Becky, who, until that point, had no idea of what shewanted to be except maybe a cowgirl like Dale Evans. That day changedeverything. She was going to be a fashion model. A
fashion model.The best fashion model in the world.
They said if she’d lose another fifteen pounds they’d consider her.But final auditions were only three days away. They knew that too, andBecky caught the grins that passed between them.“Damn!”The doorbell rang and Becky opened it to see Maria standing there.“Becky? You’ve been crying!”“Yeah,” Becky waved her inside and grabbed up a Kleenex. “Theywouldn’t accept me. They said I was too fat!”“Ha! You’ve got to be kidding! I would kill to have a figure likeyours! Kill my husband for sure. I mean, if I had your figure who needsJose? Hell, I could have Brad Pitt!” Maria was what some might call atypical thirty-something Hispanic. Too much beans and rice and everythingcooked in that pig’s fat they call
. She used to have an hourglass
figure. Now she just looked like a gallon of Jell-O.“You don’t understand!” Becky cried. “This is all I’ve ever wanted!And modeling for the World Fashion Show is the very tops! The
tops!”Maria flopped down on the sofa. “So what you gonna do? Starveyourself some more? God, you eat like a little bird as it is.”“No time,” Becky shook he head and sniffled. “Final auditions are just three days from now.”Maria looked at her a long moment. “It means that much to you?”“It means
!” Becky threw up her hands in despair.“Magdalena.”Becky turned. “What?”“Magdalena. My aunt -- the
.”Becky frowned.
-- that means ‘witch,’ right?”“Well, I guess in English that’s about as close as you can come.Maybe she can do something.”“Oh God!” Becky gasped.
Magdalena? She’s your aunt? I hadno idea you two were related!”“Well, I guess among us Hispanics everybody’s related to somebodysomewhere down the line. We make a lot of babies, you know. Hey. losethe look, okay? You come with me, I’ll make the proper introductions andwe’ll see, okay? What you got to lose?”Becky remembered the dark thing, but she pushed the thought away.Magdalena couldn’t know. No way. She nodded.“Like now?”“Yes! Yes,” Becky said, “like now!”Magdalena del Carmen Espinoza lived by herself in a tiny one-bedroom house wedged between two freshly-painted double-deckers in themiddle of the block. Maria filled Becky in on the walk over. She’d livedthere for like a million years and no amount of money from any buildercould convince her to sell. This was her home. She spent her days secludedin the place with her cat Blackie. Occasionally a person would come to buya remedy or a potion or maybe have their fortune read. Most people stayedaway.Maria knocked. “Doorbell don’t work,” she said. “I don’t think she’sgot electricity anymore.”It was almost a full minute before the lock clicked back and the dooropened. Becky looked down. Magdalena was in a wheelchair.“Hi,
 “Maria! My sweet!” The two hugged and then the old lady wheeled

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