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Published by Latisha Walker
carpenters union
carpenters union

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Published by: Latisha Walker on Oct 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our aim shall be to promote and protect the interest of our membership, to elevate themoral, intellectual and social conditions of all working men and women, to assist each otherin sickness and distress
To discourage piecework to encourage apprenticeship and a higher standard of skill, tocultivate a feeling of friendship, and to assist each other to secure employment.
To aid and to assist all organizations to uphold the dignity of labor and resist oppression byhonorable means.
To hold it as a sacred principle, that union members, above all others, should set a goodexample as good and faithful workers, performing their duties to their employer with honorto themselves and to their organization.
We resent the principle of open shop association, and will continually strive for theenactment of legislation, which will enable us to achieve our objectives.
Realizing that a blow to one organization is a blow to all, therefore, it shall be our duty asunion members to purchase union-made goods and patronize union shops andestablishments whenever possible to do so.
So with these aims and principles in mind, the Local Unions in the vicinity of New York Cityaffiliate ourselves into an organization that shall be known as the District Council for NewYork City and Vicinity of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, AFL-CIO in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution of the United Brotherhood
This body is chartered and known as the District Council for New York City and Vicinity of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, AFL- CIO. This Council isorganized in conformity with the Constitution of the United Brotherhood and shall exercisethe powers and privileges of a Council under the Constitution of the United Brotherhood.
OBJECTS Section 2.
The primary objects of this council shall be to promote and protect the interest of ourmembership through broadly democratic institutions free from corrupt influence, todiscourage piecework, to encourage the apprenticeship system and higher standards of skill,to reduce the hours of labor, to secure adequate pay for our work, to elevate the standardof our craft, to cultivate a feeling of friendship among the members of this Brotherhood, toassist our members in procuring employment and to protect our members by legal andproper means against any injustice that may be done to them, and to improve the moral,social and intellectual conditions of our members and all working people.
POWERS Section 3.
This Council, through a democratically elected governing body of delegates chosen by therank and file, shall be the central governing body and have legislative and executive poweron all matters relating to the general interest and welfare of affiliated Local Unions and theirmembers The Council shall establish working dues or monthly dues that are sufficient tooperate the Council payable to the Council and initiation fees. It shall have the power tocollect and retain all fines levied by the Council for violations of the laws, trade rules, andother rules of the Council. The Council shall have the power to issue the quarterly workcard. It shall have the power to make agreements with kindred bodies or centralorganizations and send Delegates to the same whenever deemed necessary. The Councilshall have the authority to review and approve, in its discretion, all personnel decisions andto establish personnel and other policies. Except for clerical employees of Local Unions, allpersons employed on matters within the jurisdiction of the Council, including BusinessRepresentatives and Organizers, shall be employees of the Council. No Council officer orExecutive Committee Delegate shall receive salary or other compensation or hold elected orappointed position as an officer of an affiliated Local Union. The affiliated Local Unions mayemploy and pay salaries to clerical employees
These By-Laws, Trade Rules and any other rules, resolutions and directives adopted by theCouncil shall govern and be binding on each Local Union affiliated with the Council. Anysubject not covered by these By-laws and Trade Rules shall be governed by the Constitutionof the United Brotherhood and nothing in these By-laws shall in any way be construed toconflict with the Constitution of the United Brotherhood.
Each Local Union shall elect Delegates to the Council in accordance with the Constitution of the United Brotherhood governing nomination and elections in subordinate bodies The ratioof representation from each Local Union to the Council shall be determined by the Council. Amember who meets the qualifications of Section 3 1D of the Constitution of the UnitedBrotherhood shall not be ineligible to be a Delegate because he or she is a BusinessRepresentative of the Council, nor shall an otherwise qualified Delegate be ineligible forappointment as a Business representative because he or she is a Delegate Each Local Unionshall submit the correct number of members on their rolls month to month on and after thefirst meeting of each month
The ratio of representation from each Local Union to the Council shall be as follows:
1 to 500 members = 5 delegates501 to 1,000 members = 6 delegates
1,001 to l,500 members = 7 delegates
1,501 to 2,000 members = 8 delegates
2,001 to 2,500 members = 9 delegates
2,501 to 3,000 members = 10 delegates
3,001 to 3,500 members = 11 delegates
3,501 to 4,000 members = 12 delegates
4,001 to 4,500 members = 13 delegates
For each additional 500 members thereafter = one delegate
The Delegate Body shall have the exclusive authority to consider, vote upon and finallyapprove decisions on all matters which are expressly delegated by the Delegate Body.Without limiting the generality of this grant of authority, the Delegate Body shall have theexclusive authority to: finally approve the budget and all expenditures of the Council, finallyapprove the overall organizing plan of the Council, finally approve all recommendations of the Executive Committee, finally approve all contracts of the Council, including, but notlimited to, those relating to the employment of service providers, outside legal advice orother professional advice, finally approve collective bargaining agreements, finally approvethe appointment and removal of Trustees to the Trust Funds, and appoint the Council's TrialCommittee, Rules and Resolutions Committee, District Council Grievance Committee andElection Committee and such other committees it deems necessary. The Delegate Body shallalso have unlimited authority to raise and finally resolve any matter within the jurisdictionof this Council on its own initiative.
The Council by majority vote of the Delegates present, either in regular or special session,shall have the authority to adopt Operating Procedures to govern the Council and all LocalUnions, and to enact all measures, resolutions, trade rules, instruction to members andLocal Unions and all other actions that may be necessary to further the objectives andpurposes of the Council
Council Delegates shall be elected in accordance with the Constitution of The UnitedBrotherhood and the approved New York City District Council of Carpenters Election RulesCouncil Delegates shall be elected for a term of not more than three years or until theirsuccessors are elected, qualified and installed.
Recording Secretaries of Local Unions must forward credentials of the Delegates from theirLocal Union to the Council properly signed by the Local Union President and RecordingSecretary with the seal of the Local Union affixed. They shall be referred to the Executive
Committee who shall investigate the same and report their findings to the Council withrecommendations thereof 
All Delegates must sign in at all meetings of the General Delegate Body. Any Delegate tothis Council failing to attend its meetings shall upon the third (3 rd) offense, provided theyare successive and no reasonable excuse is presented and accepted by a majority vote of the Council, stand suspended and his Local Union shall be so notified. No meeting of theDelegate body shall be held without a majority of delegates present Forty five (45)Delegates shall constitute a majority.
The Executive Committee shall be a subcommittee of the Delegate Body and shall consist of one member of each Local Union nominated and elected by secret ballot of the membershipdirectly, and the President, Vice-President and Executive Secretary-Treasurer. The ExecutiveCommittee shall prepare an annual budget for the Council to be considered, voted upon andfinally approved by the Delegate Body. The Executive Committee shall review and makerecommendations to the Delegates on all major purchases by the Council such asautomobiles, computers and all personnel decisions, including salaries. The ExecutiveCommittee shall serve as the collective bargaining committee for conducting negotiationswith employers. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint additionalmembers to serve on any negotiating committee. The Executive Committee shall makerecommendations to the Delegates on the appointment and removal of Trustees to the TrustFunds. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to conduct public and memberrelations including the publishing of "The Carpenter". All changes or proposed changes tothe By-Laws or Trade Rules of this Council or any of the Local Unions affiliated therewithshall be first referred to the Executive Committee for consideration and recommendationpending final approval of the delegate body. Furthermore, in accordance with Section 11 Bof the Constitution of the United Brotherhood the same must be submitted to the FirstGeneral Vice-President for approval. The Executive Committee shall regularly review theDistrict Council's referral records to determine that job referrals and the appointment of stewards are being conducted fairly and properly in accordance with the job referral rulesand shall report their findings to the Delegates The Executive Committee shall submit areport on Council operations to each meeting of the Delegate Body
There shall be a President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary-Treasurer. Warden,Conductor, and three (3) Trustees. The term of these offices shall be four (4) years.
The nomination, election and installation of members for such offices shall be governed bythe Constitution of the United Brotherhood, the approved Election Rules of this DistrictCouncil and in accordance with the following provisions
(A) Candidates for President, Vice-President, and Executive Secretary- Treasurer shall benominated and elected by secret ballot of the membership directly. Candidates for Warden,Conductor and the Three (3) Trustees shall be nominated' and elected by the Delegate bodyCandidates for all such offices must be working within the bargaining unit represented bytheir Local Union, or employed full time within the framework of the United Brotherhood tobe eligible.
(B) Candidates duly nominated and elected, by virtue of their office, shall be deemed aDelegate from their Local Union for the ensuing election of Local Union Delegates to theCouncil
1. In the case of a vacancy in the office of Executive Secretary- Treasurer. due to death,retirement, or removal, the President shall become Executive Secretary- Treasurer Protemuntil such time as an election may be held. In the case that there is one (1) year or less left

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